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How To Win DFS GPPs Events

GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) Events, are typically DFS games, where you have

How To Win DFS GPP Events
  1. A Guaranteed Prize Pool
  2. A Large top prize compared to the cost of the buy-in
  3. A Large number of competitors

GPP games, typically have a higher risk factor, to go along with their higher reward. In a cash game, you would typically have a 40-50 percent chance of winning, however in a GPP game, you are looking at something closer to 20 percent in most cases. The prize for top spot typically varies base on the number of entries into the contest. For example, DraftKings has an NFL contest with a five-dollar buy-in, the top prize is $15,000, but there are up to 47, 500 entries. You can win more money, but your odds of winning will be much less. If you look an eSport like LoL (League of Legends) though, you see the same $5 buy-in, and the top prize is $2,000, but there are only 1,902 entries. Meaning you should have better odds at winning the LoL GPP, than the NFL, but you can win a lot more money at a time playing in an NFL contest so you should weigh your preference between taking the better odds of winning or the bigger prize. Many people refer to GPP games as lottery tickets, due to this nature. Your odds of winning the top prize are often quite small, but if it’s your lucky day, and you built a good lineup, you can win. 

When creating GPP lineups, you should try to take more calculated chances, and avoid the players that will be popular in the game on that day. If we use the NFL as an analogy, you would expect the top quarterbacks, like Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson to be highly owned. If you choose Wilson and the has a great day, but 45 percent of the field did the same, you didn’t gain that much of an advantage over the rest of the field. However, if you chose Justin Herbert, and he had a great game, but was only owned by 5 percent of the field, you have created a much better chance to win. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore Seattle all together that week if you feel like they will score a lot of points, you just might want to use one of their receivers instead so that you can still get a share of their points. The other thing you will want to look at when creating your lineup is stacking players on the same team. The idea in the stack is that if you pick a quarterback who you think is going to have a big day, you should try to get a couple of the receivers on the same team so that you collect not just the passing yards, but the receiving yards, and the touchdowns too.

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