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How To Pick Winning Head to Head DFS Lineups

Head to Head DFS Battle

Playing in head to head games is a nice way to build on your bankroll. When you are playing in cash games, particularly against random people, you should approach these games just like you would a 50/50. You should try to play a safer lineup, and you shouldn’t worry about using players that could be popular on that day’s set of games. If the person you are playing against has played some of the same players you have, you haven’t lost anything, and if that player has a great day, it kept you from being at a deficit because of it. Playing a safer lineup will also aid you more often than not because people often feel like they need to be aggressive when they are playing one other person they don’t know, but playing it safe with players in games that are expected to be high scoring more often than not will pay off for you. When every point counts, you don’t want to be taking zeros, so avoid those boom or bust plays in this game type and try to stick to players with a high floor.

Where head to head strategy starts to change is when you are playing head to head versus a friend. When most people play fantasy sports their bias can come out. So if you know your friend likes to play their favorite players or players from their favorite team, you can use that information to your advantage. For example, if you know your friend is a big Seattle Seahawks fan, you would know when playing against them that you should likely use Russell Wilson, and then build your lineup up from there, and maybe also look to neutralize another player, and then take advantage of some other plays that look good that week from games that should have high scores. By taking away what might be 20 percent of their lineup with information that you knew, you have gained a significant advantage. This type of tactic might not work every time, but understanding the tendencies of your opponent is something that you should try to take advantage of whenever possible.

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