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How To Manage Your DFS Bankroll

Manage your DFS Bankroll

One of the most important things about playing in DFS is managing your bankroll, especially when you are first getting started. If you start by making a deposit. Let’s say its $50. First, you should never risk more than 10% of your bankroll on a given night. So in this scenario, if you really like your lineups, you could either play one five-dollar game, or you could play five one-dollar games. Playing in more games does increase your opportunity to win. The payout might not be as high, but your likely hood of achieving the higher payout is significantly better. 

Knowing the Game Types

Another thing you should consider is the type of game you are playing in. When you have a relatively low bankroll, you will want to avoid multi-entry contests. Multi-entry contests while winnable, they are often filled by players who are playing similar line-ups and that makes getting into the money more difficult. Once you have a more established bank-roll you can use those same advantages of being able to enter multiple lineups as well. The other factor to consider is how much risk you want to take on in a given night. GPP games are high-risk/high-reward games, however, you could play in 50/50 or double-ups and go about building your bankroll that way as well. You might not win as much money, but your chances of winning are considerably higher. If you played four 50/50’s and a double-up and won all five you would have made $4.20, after winning $9,20. Those winnings don’t look sexy, and you’re not going to brag to your friends about winning $4, but you nearly doubled your entry, and you have added nearly 10 percent to your bankroll in the process, while not taking on an average risk of just 52 percent of losing. If you can do that one a week for a month and you will of added nearly 50 percent to your bankroll. Meaning, you are adding at least one more contest to your entry each month and incrementally building up your bankroll.

Knowing When to Play

When playing DFS in team-based games (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Soccer, etc) understanding when to play is important. The biggest factor in understanding when you should play is the number of teams playing in a contest. As a rule, you will want to typically have at least either games occurring in a contest for it to be worth playing in. The reason for this is variance. You greater the number of teams, the more variance there will be in lineups. This is advantageous, especially in GPP, because you are less likely to have duplicated lineups, so when you are in the money, you are less likely to be splitting your prize with other players who had the same lineup. 

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