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NFL DFS Week 10 Losers

Everyone busts in a season, but how concerned should you be? Here are four guys who had a hard time in week 10 of the NFL, read my evaluation to see if these players had a bad game or if they’re having a bad season.

AJ Brown-

Brown finally had a terrible game with the Eagles, both fantasy-wise and team-wise. Phili was due for a loss, no one want’s to talk about how easy their first eight games were. Brown, on the other hand, seemed unstoppable this year, comfortably a top 12 WR in the fantasy game. Despite that, he only mustered one catch for seven yards against an underrated Commanders team. I’m not concerned about this game, everyone busts but Brown hasn’t gave us a reason to doubt his ability to bounce back. If Brown were to put up less than five points next week I would start to feel panic, but for now I think this guy is a good play against most matchups for DFS.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire-

If you read my previous articles, you know I’m an all-time CHE hater. I think he’s a great player, but I also think he is incredibly overvalued after a hot start to the year. Through six weeks, CHE was a top 5 fantasy running back. Now let’s look at some other numbers:

-0 Top ten RB finishes since week 4

-4 straight games of getting less than 10 total touches

-0 total touches against *checks notes* the Jacksonville Jaguars

This guy, fantasy-wise, is a bum. Do not play him, the huge risk does not cover the mediocre reward. Kansas City rewards players who receive, not those who run.

Josh Allen-

Allen’s stat line from a thrilling 3-point loss to the Vikings wasn’t even that bad, throwing for 330 yards and a touchdown while adding 6 rushes for 84 yards on the ground. It was enough for a solid day, but Allen also added three turnovers on the day, extending his league lead. The young QB’s decision making this season has been, at times, sporadic. He has a tendency to force balls into small openings, but whats worst is Allens’ lack of awareness when he runs the ball. Allen has no desire to take a slide and protect hid health, and i respect that, but at the same time there comes a point where every QB needs to realize they are the most valuable player on their team. My takeaway from this is that Allen, while one of the best QB’s in the league, is also one of the risky in terms of play style and I do not think his high prices are going to justify putting him into hour DFS lineups going forward.

Derrick Henry-

I think we are officially out of the “Henry is a top 3 play week in and out” era. No RB has matched Henry’s peak level of play in the last few years, even Taylor, but this year we have seen a shift. Henry is not the sure fire 20 point or more lock he once was. The Titans are a weird team, but even against a team like Denver you would expect them to pound the rock w Henry at least 20 times, and here’s the catch, THEY DID. Henry took 21 touches for a measly 67 yards as he was shut down run after run. Henry, like Allen, is in this boat where the guy is able to produce league leading numbers every week but is also more than capable of busting hard. Henry will always have a high price tag in DFS, I don’t think I can justify it every week, can you?


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