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How Daily Fantasy Sports is Different Than Traditional Fantasy Sports

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Many Season-long fantasy sports players have come over to start playing daily fantasy over the last few years but sometimes struggle in the early goings. So if you are new to daily fantasy, after being a long-time season-long player, or if you have struggled with daily fantasy in the past here are some things to keep in mind to help you get to success as fast as possible.

One of the biggest mistakes that season-long players make when starting to do DFS is looking at how well a player has done for the entire season to that point, instead of looking at how they have performed most recently. In DFS, it is entirely about what have you done for me lately. You should be more concerned about how well a player has performed in the last few games, than what they did two months before. The best players in any sport have stretches where they don’t play their best. The inverse is true as well, the worst players can have a few games where they have a good performance. 

Another difference you will find is that the matchups matter. You wouldn’t’ worry about a single game in the week for a player’s performance too much in season long, but a great matchup means everything in DFS. Being able to find a player who hits left-handed pitching well in baseball, getting players who are facing a team that has been giving up a lot of points in Basketball or Football is going to determine a lot of how you make up your lineups in a DFS game. You will want to try and understand the smaller parts of the game that help create points in the daily game.

Understanding the points structure and the bonus structure if there is one, is another important part of DFS. When trying to find players of value in the daily game, understanding the bonus structure is a key factor. Most daily games will provide you with a rate bonus. In baseball pitchers get a bonus for saves, quality starts and wins, in football, you get bonuses for exceeding a certain number of yards passing, rushing and receiving. Hockey will give you a bonus for getting a certain number of shots, blocks or goals in a game. Basketball gives bonuses for double-doubles and triple-doubles. Understanding the likelihood of a player reaching those bonuses plays a big factor in their ceiling and their floor. 

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