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What Is A DraftKings Showdown Slates and How To Win

If you’re not familiar, DraftKings has a game type that is called a Showdown. The Showdown is where you pick players in just one game, with the catch being you pick a captain who gets their point total multiplied by fifty percent, however, the captain’s salary is 50 percent higher as well. You can pick any player from either team in the matchup, as long as you stay within the salary threshold.

As you might expect picking your captain should be the first thing you do when entering these contents. However, don’t get caught up in the multiplier being there for the player, start by looking at the salary for each player. As an example, the Chiefs are playing the Bills this weekend, and it is expected to be a high scoring game, if you play Josh Allen as a captain, you likely will find yourself having to use a kicker or a player who may end up getting you a zero in your lineup, but if you take a player like Mecole Hardman, who is capable of big plays, you will be able to play both Allen, and Patrick Mahomes and your choice of one of the star receivers. This will help you ensure that your salary is spread around, and you’re not taking any zeros in your lineup which is key to getting you across the money line, while also giving you a shot to win the contest if your captain has a big game. The same concepts apply in all of the other sports as well. If you play Colorado against Anaheim in the showdown, you can use Nathan MacKinnon as your captain, but you may have to fill in much of the rest of your roster with third and fourth line players, and need some not only a great performance from MacKinnon but also get some points from a lot of unexpected locations as well. Instead, you can pick someone off of the second line, like Brandan Saad, who could score a couple of goals, and ensure you get MacKinnon, Mikko RantanenCale Makar, and a couple of other players into your lineup.

If you apply this concept across all of the sports you should consistently find yourself in a great position to cash out in your contests. As always try to have fun playing the games, and we will try to help you make money from them too.