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NHL Hockey DFS Advice

NHL DFS Picks For May 7, 2021

Cale Makar DFS
DENVER, CO - JANUARY 26: Colorado Avalanche defenseman Cale Makar (8) skates during a game between the San Jose Sharks and the Colorado Avalanche at Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado on January 26, 2021. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire)

Three more points for Connor McDavid last night. He is so close and we all want it. It certainly helps that we are betting on him day in and day out but this is truly a special milestone. One hundred points in fifty six games hearkens back to an era of hockey only spoken of in whispers. Most teams only have two games remaining but luckily the Edmonton Oilers have four left. They are not playing tonight so let’s focus on what we have in front of us.

The Colorado Avalanche, Minnesota Wild, and Vegas Golden Knights are going to put together a spirited first couple rounds in the west. St. Louis probably does not stand a chance and it is a little bit of a bummer that one of them will not make it past the first round but it will be exciting to watch either way. All three of them play weaker opponents tonight so stay in this division.

Here’s a westerly lineup For DFS Hockey 5/7/21 (using DraftKings Values)

CenterN. MacKinnon$9,200 
WingM. Stone$7,400 
DefenseC. Makar$6,700 
GoalieK. Kahkonen$8,400 
Utility $3,500 

Nathan MacKinnon will have his work cut out for him in the first round as they look to be facing the Minnesota Wild who are on fire right now. Luckily they can tune it up against Los Angeles tonight and get ready for some big boy hockey. There are no big milestones for this season’s stats but he sits at a cozy 65 in 47 which is just elite.

Mark Stone is in a similar boat as MacKinnon and has earned himself 59 points in 51 games. That is one the border of eye popping and our eyes are wide every time we see him set foot on the ice. His skill aside he is one of the greatest leaders in the league and we wish he would captain any sports team we were playing on because we would immediately get better.

Cale Makar started his career in the playoffs and he is in full form as he approaches his next go around. He is at a cool point per game, which for a young defenseman is outstanding. We cannot wait to see what he can do when the pressure is on because that is where he thrives.

Kaapo Kahkonen will be unheralded going into the post-season. No one knows who he is or why he is a big reason for the Wild’s success this year. Sure they have Kirill the Thrill but Kaapo has been solid in net. He has three in a row and a matchup against the Ducks is likely to extend that.

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Here’s a westerly lineup For DFS Hockey 5/7/21 (using DraftKings Values)

CenterN. MacKinnon$9,200 
CenterP. Krebs$2,500 
WingM. Stone$7,400 
WingV. Nichushkin$3,100 
DefenseC. Makar$6,700 
DefenseR. Graves$3,700 
GoalieK. Kahkonen$8,400 
UtilityM. Foligno$3,500 

Peyton Krebs – C was a highly touted prospect who fell in the draft because of an injury. The Knights gladly scooped him up because his ceiling was just too high. He is finally getting his debut and will be playing in his third game on the third line tonight. He does have a point already but it is just an assist and he is looking for goal number one.  

Alex Tuch – W is on Krebs wing and if you have been around for any amount of time you know we love this playmaker. He is good enough that if he wants to set up Krebs for that score he can probably do that. These two will be on a mission tonight.

Valeri Nichushkin – W is another third liner that we have had our eye on for awhile but have not gotten around to putting in our lineup. There are just so many good players to choose from! We know his stats are not the most sexy but he passes the eye test and the matchup is a juicy one. If you want to use some of the extra $500 we left you, this is the guy to upgrade.

Ryan Graves – D towers over the competition which is hilarious because of his baby face. He is tough as nails though and will get you all the peripherals in the world. Occasionally he shows his offensive chops but he does not need to with all the other talent on Colorado’s blueline. 

Marcus Foligno – U is a critical piece of the Wild and they are happy to have him back. He is a prototypical power winger which means he shoots, he hits and he scores. He adds a physicality to this team that they will need if they want to go far. Eriksson Ek should be thrilled to have Foligno and Greenway on his wings because they will mess people up protecting him.

The weekend is here! Get your work done, then go have some fun. If you are into that whole Twitter thing we can be found (@FantasyDFSX). Enjoy the weekend and we will see you tomorrow some of the last bits of regular season goodness. 

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