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NHL Hockey DFS Advice

NHL DFS Picks For May 25, 2021

Dougie Hammilton DFS

The Edmonton Oilers have been swept by the Winnipeg Jets in four games. This is an absolutely devastating end to the season and is unfortunate even for fans. We deserve to see McDavid and Draisaitl go further in the playoffs. We are happy for the Jets and they deserve to be proud of this epic upset, but where do the Oilers go from here?

Today only has two matchups and neither of them will end another team’s season. The Carolina Hurricanes have let the Nashville Predators get way too close and it feels like if Nashville wins tonight there is no coming back for the Canes. The Toronto Maple Leafs have come back strong after losing their captain and are just dialing it in right now. The Canadiens have a tough matchup but they do have Carey Price in net who will always give them a chance to come out with a win. Exciting stuff!

Here’s a zippy lineup For DFS Hockey 5/25/21 (using DraftKings Values)

CenterA. Matthews$9,200 
WingZ. Hyman$6,100 
DefenseD. Hamilton$6,600 
Utility $4,500 

Auston Matthews gets back to back top honors in our list which should surprise exactly zero of you. McDavid and Draisaitl have been eliminated leaving Matthews, MacKinnon, and Pastrnak as the top three players still playing in the playoffs. Matthews did not register a point but he did manage six assists which is nothing to sniff at. 

Zach HymanSince we are going expensive goalie and defenseman today we are saving a few bucks and going to Matthews left wing instead of right. We love Marner and if you need to move some funds around to get him, by all means do so. We love having Zachary on the Attackery back though and fully support his being on the top line. He is going to get into the dirty areas and make the Canadiens’ lives very difficult.

Dougie HamiltonWe will be the first to admit we do not go after elite defensemen a lot just because their offensive output can be so streaky. Dougie is a rarity in that he puts up shots no matter what. Coupled with an amazing Hurricane’s power play, he gets on the scoresheet more than a lot of forwards. 

Alex Nedeljkovic is not going to have an easy night. The Predators have a ton of confidence with Saaros in net and have been doing more offensive damage than we were going to give them credit for. The contest is back in Carolina, though, and home ice for the bunch of jerks may result in another storm surge. 

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Here’s a zippy lineup For DFS Hockey 5/25/21 (using DraftKings Values)

CenterA. Matthews$9,200 
WingZ. Hyman$6,100 
WingJ. Anderson$4,000 
WingW. Foegele$2,900 
DefenseD. Hamilton$6,600 
DefenseJ. Petry$5,600 
GoalieA. Nedeljkovic$8,300 
UtilityJ. Staal$4,500 

Alexander Kerfoot – C is filling in for John Tavares right now and a second line center on one of the best teams in the league for under three grand is a deal we take all day every day. William Nylander has been playing out of his mind and Alex Galchenyuk is playing like he knows games are not guaranteed. Kerfoot is an adaptable player and we look forward to seeing what he is capable of tonight.

Josh Anderson – W is in an odd situation right now. He is one of the Canadiens’ best players right now but has mostly been playing on the third line. He needs to be top line. It is looking like that will happen today so jump on board while the getting is still good. 

Warren Foegele – W. This is one of those picks that we can make confidently because we have been watching games. Foegele’s shots last night were all high quality and high danger chances. He is driving play and makes up part of our sneaky good stack today.  He is on the verge of popping off and we are ready.

Jeff Petry – D. As has happened before, we go for one expensive d-man and we end up with two. That was not on purpose but we will take it. Petry has been a little too quiet for our liking. This may be because Shea Weber has been back but he still needs to hit another level. The stats are looking good with shots and blocks happening every game. His floor is there. Where is his ceiling?

Jordan Staal – U is a fascinating player. He is the captain of the Carolina Hurricanes but plays third line center. He is also listed as a top power play. In the past that has meant that he comes out, wins the faceoff, then swaps out for a younger sniper but we have seen him spend more time on the man advantage. This veteran still brings net front presence and can change a teams fortune in the blink of an eye. 

There are no elimination games today so everyone will have at least one more game. The week is in full swing and we are hungry for some tacos. Follow us on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX) and have an awesome Tuesday.

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