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NHL Hockey DFS Advice

NHL DFS Picks For March 4, 2022

Dougie Hammilton DFS

There were some big upsets last night. The Chicago Blackhawks turned the tables on the Edmonton Oilers, the Pittsburgh Penguins demolished the Tampa Bay Lightning and cementing themselves as the team to beat in the East, and while it was not a huge upset per se, the Boston Bruins beating up on the Vegas Golden Knights in their own barn was not what we expected at all. What a night.

Here’s a zippy lineup For DFS Hockey 3/4/22 (using DraftKings Values)

CenterS. Stamkos$6,700
DefenseD. Hamilton$6,000
GoalieB. Elliott$8,500

We have grumbled in the past about goalies prices being more of a reflection of their team than their own abilities and today is no different. We are still taking Brian Elliott but under protest. He is having a decent enough year and will do well enough for you tonight, but in no world should he be the same price as Andrei Vasilevskiy.

Way out in front to make sure Elliott gets the W is Steven Stamkos. It is really a toss up between him and Brayden Point. Point is crushing it and apparently got into a fight with Kris Letang last night? We still have yet to see the footage but that is amazing. Stamkos is honestly still what we feel in our guts as the right pick today. His numbers overall look better than Points and he costs $300 less.

Dougie Hamilton is not Victor Hedman. He is a big chunk cheaper though and has hit the ground running after the jaw injury. Three points in three games and 14 shots in his last four. We will be talking about his linemate later who is on the up and up.

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Let’s get the big swing out of the way and finish up the talk about Dougie. We have had our eye on Jonas Siegenthaler for a few years now. It has been frustrating watching him languish in Washington where he was just never given the right opportunities. Since coming to New Jersey he has found his way to the top line and is backing it all up with some real pretty advanced analytics. He and Dougie make a formidable duo.

If you were not convinced to take Elliott we understand. We did not exactly hype him up. Save several hundred bucks and take Casey DeSmithTristan Jarry got a huge win over Tampa last night and DeSmith has been solid in relief. He did not have a great start to his season but he has won his last three and the Penguins have been unstoppable.

We took Ryan Hartman at exactly the right time. Hours after we put him on our roster he scored two goals. What a night. He is still fairly cheap and the guys he is playing with are over the top good. We are also looking at Ryan Strome here. He is a modestly consistent player. It does always feel like there’s a few more points he should be eking out every year, but when all is said and done he will have amassed some impressive stats and should be proud of his career.

There should be plenty of funds left to go nuts on wingers. We are going to start at the bottom and work our way up to the cream of the crop. Your bottom feeders for the day are Jamie Benn and Alexis Lafreniere. You can take the grizzled veteran of an offensively promising team or you can take the much hyped first overall pick who has been kicking it into gear after hitting his 100th game played. 

Something weird seems to be going on in Vegas. They have been dropping games and we are not sure why. The one thing to do is start betting against them or at least bet against their goalie. Lehner got smoked by the Bruins last night and Broissoit has to deal with an Anaheim team that smells blood in the water. Troy Terry is coming within striking distance of 30 goals and Mats Zuccarello’sresurgence at 34 years of age has been nothing short of wondrous. Mats would be a good stack with Hartman if you went that way.

We really did not plan on suggesting all of Minnesota’s top line when we started this, we swear. We tuned into their last game very briefly and immediately Kirill Kaprizov drove straight down the center of the ice to put a shot on net, it did not go in but we forget how electric he can be even when he does not make the highlight reels. You could make Nikita Kucherov work here given all the other low cost options we provided today. This is what it is all about for us. Give you the power and the information on how to wield it.

A guest is coming in for the weekend so it is now time to get ready for that mess. We are on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX) and retweets help us a ton. Have yourselves a great weekend. 

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