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NHL Hockey DFS Advice

NHL DFS Picks For June 2, 2021

Nate Mackinnon DFS
DENVER, CO - JANUARY 13: Colorado Avalanche center Nathan MacKinnon (29) skates during a game between the St. Louis Blues and the Colorado Avalanche at Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado on January 13, 2021. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire)

Most of the matchups in round two could easily be third round tickets. The talent on display is magnificent and every game is worth watching. No one is sure how to look at the Winnipeg Jets vs Montreal Canadiens series as both were bigtime underdogs who outperformed themselves. We are leaning towards Winnipeg who have the better offense but Montreal just knocked out one of the most potent offenses in Toronto, so who knows. Out west we would be hard pressed to put Vegas over Colorado. They may steal a game or two but the Avalanche look unstoppable right now. 

Here’s a frosty lineup For DFS Hockey 6/2/21 (using DraftKings Values)

CenterN. MacKinnon$9,000 
WingM. Pacioretty$6,900 
DefenseC. Makar$5,800 
GoalieC. Hellebuyck$7,900 
Utility $4,900 

Nathan MacKinnon is going to steamroll his way to the next round. We are not really sure how you shut his line down. World class talent is surrounded by world class talent. He has twelve points in his last five games and one of those games he did not score a point. He is a maniac.

Max Pacioretty is the Golden Knights X factor and not just because his name has one. They are a very different team when he is not on the ice. He brings a mojo and a swagger that they can find a way even when losing. If they can jump ahead early, they have a small chance.

Cale MakarThe hype train has long left the station and in a few years time we may be talking about Makar like we do MacKinnon. He is a phenomenal talent and you can tell he feels comfortable in the playoffs. Quick history reminder, he started his career in the postseason and that seems to have helped acclimate him to the level needed to succeed.

Connor HellebuyckThis is a double coin flip on who to take. Marc Andre Fleury is probably back in net, but he faces the Avalanche. Grubauer is a great grab except Vegas will be pressing hard. Carey Price is Carey Price, but we need to wait and see how the Jets offense clicks against the Habs. The Canadiens game planned a lot to beat Toronto and they may not be able to do the same here. Vezina nominations everywhere and Connor is who we landed on. Good luck. 

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Here’s a frosty lineup For DFS Hockey 6/2/21 (using DraftKings Values)

CenterN. MacKinnon$9,000 
CenterT. Jost$2,800 
WingM. Pacioretty$6,900 
WingN. Ehlers$5,500 
WingB. Saad$3,100 
DefenseC. Makar$5,800 
DefenseR. Graves$4,100 
GoalieC. Hellebuyck$7,900 
UtilityJ. Morrissey$4,900 

Tyson Jost – C is locked into the second line center spot while Nazem Kadri is suspended. The league upheld the eight game ban and so Jost has some time to settle in and make the most of this time. We have a small stack with one of his linemates to give some depth from Colorado.

Nik Ehlers – W. Double check that Ehlers is playing before you submit your card because he has been dealing with some injuries. It does look like he will be back though and he can be a gamebreaker. Upon his return from his last difficulties he came in and scored two goals. You do not need him to be 100% to score you enough fantasy points. 

Brandon Saad – W is our stack with Jost. He has been scoring goals in the playoffs and is underrated due to all the big names ahead of him. The 28 year old is some solid depth for the Avalanche and will help propel them to the next round over the Golden Knights.

Ryan Graves – D appears to be no worse for wear after Ryan Reaves put a knee on his head and supposedly ripped out a chunk of hair. Reaves will also be missing from this contest which gives the Avs yet another leg up. Graves is a big boy and can handle some punishment. He will be on fire tonight showing them why he should not be messed with.

Josh Morrissey – U. With ample opportunity to get shots, blocks and score we are happy to fill our utility spot with Morrissey. He is the top power play blue liner in Winnipeg right now and will be tasked with shutting down probably the weakest offense left in the playoffs. This series was the least likely to happen but here we are. RIP Edmonton and Toronto. 

The middle of the week is upon us and everything is in full swing. Look us up onTwitter (@FantasyDFSX) if that catches your fancy and take it easy.

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