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NHL Hockey DFS Advice

NHL DFS Picks For June 16, 2021 (Showdown)

Fluerry + Pacioretty DFS
LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 26: Vegas Golden Knights left wing Max Pacioretty (67) and goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury (29) celebrate after defeating the Edmonton Oilers 3-0 during a regular season game Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020, in Las Vegas. (Marc Sanchez/Icon Sportswire)

How they keep the ice in any sort of usable condition in Vegas is beyond us. With temperatures outside rising over 110 degrees, it is a miracle that ice hockey can be played. Some of the other sports we offer here at FantasyDFSExperts may rely on weather conditions to help advise you on picks but that does not matter here. If there is one thing in Vegas’ favor it is just being at home. 

Montreal is very far from the Bell Centre and are hoping to get at least one win out of the road trip. If they can get back to Quebec even they have a chance at pushing this series further. They are the clear underdog but they know it and thrive on it.

Here’s a sweaty lineup For DFS Hockey 6/16/21 (using DraftKings Values)

CaptainM. Fleury$17,100 

Marc-Andre Fleury is in his prime right now and that is saying something. The future hall of famer has taken back the starting spot from Robin Lehner and he does not appear to be letting go. Lehner is cool about it though and happy to ride the wins with the team as a whole. He will be ready if he needs to be, but do not expect to see him anytime soon.

The tough thing with picking Habs players is that their scoring comes from all over. Vegas has depth scoring but most of it still comes from the top down. We are torn between Mark Stone and Tyler Toffoli right now. Stone plays on the arguably better line but Toffoli is on a seven game point streak right now. We forget that Toffoli spent any time in Vancouver and it is in our heads that he still just came straight from LA. What a loss for Los Angeles. 

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Part of us is looking forward to the new season so that we can start picking new names again. We feel like a broken record pointing out the same guys over and over but hey they are scoring and we are winning so we will not complain too much.

In the middle of the lineup our big choice today is going to be between Nick Suzuki and William KarlssonThe second line centers from their respective teams have very different play styles but they are both so effective and fun to watch. Karlsson took a HUGE hit and still had the wherewithal to make a sweet pass which resulted in a goal. Suzuki has a lot more flair to his game and also gets to hang out with Goal Caufield. Oh, sorry, Cole Caufield.

In our pool of cheap players we are narrowing down to Mattias Janmark and sticking with Artturi LehkonenWe noted Lehkonen last game and he came up with four shots, not bad for filling out the bottom of your roster. Janmark is down on the third line but he and Alex Tuch keep surprising. He got a goal last game and keeps making his presence known. 

Just something we are noticing, we are not saying either way whether we are taking him or not but Alec Martinez’s FPPG stands out at his price range. You know we talk about him a lot and he did score us a goal last game. We will see if we can fit him in the budget. 

Stay chill and let us know if you need anything. We are on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX) as all the cool kids are. Hockey, hockey, hockey.

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