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NHL Hockey DFS Advice

NHL DFS Picks For June 14, 2021 (Showdown)

Fluerry + Pacioretty DFS
LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 26: Vegas Golden Knights left wing Max Pacioretty (67) and goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury (29) celebrate after defeating the Edmonton Oilers 3-0 during a regular season game Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020, in Las Vegas. (Marc Sanchez/Icon Sportswire)

With the first game in the conference finals down we already have an upset! The New York Islanders rolled over the Tampa Bay Lightning on their way to a 2-1 victory. It took the Lightning 59 minutes and a 6 on 4 to get their one goal. If you are a subscriber you know that we called out Semyon Varlamov as a dark horse pick yesterday behind the paywall. We were also strongly considering Barzal and Bailey who both had good nights. 

Tonight we will discuss the merits of the Vegas Golden Knights vs the Montreal Canadiens. At this stage in the game it is anyone’s guess who might win. Montreal keeps surprising everyone but Vegas is just…Vegas. Stick around to see who we are considering and where there may be some pitfalls to avoid.

Here’s a * lineup For DFS Hockey 6/14/21 (using DraftKings Values)

CaptainM. Pacioretty$15,600 
Flex $4,800 

Max Pacioretty feels unstoppable at this point. All due credit to Montreal and how they battled to get here, but this guy is on fire. He got on the scoresheet in every game against Colorado which is a monumental feat. If this is all just a numbers game, he gives you the best shot at glory.

The carousel of defenders in Vegas is always spinning. It is not so much depth that they have just an abundance of top level guys. We like Pietrangelo but to save a few bucks we are focused on whether we should take Alec Martinez or Shea Theodore. Both of these players rank highly in our peripherals category and always have a chance at getting on the board. Shea may be the play today with his two assists last game and consistent shots and blocks output.

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Do you go with a goalie today? The risk is so high but the rewards are priceless. It is expected that Marc-Andre Fleury will get the nod for the Golden Knights and we all know the Canadiens are starting. Carey Price is a game changer and we really want to put him in. Like Varlamov yesterday there is no way you can write him off. We will still give it one game and probably take Flower but it is a difficult decision.

So you want a middle winger to get you a goal. Are you going with Jonathan Marchessault or Cole Caufield? Caufield is much cheaper and is the sneakier play but Marchessault has been more consistent and his line feels more dangerous with William Karlsson. If you like the youth of Suzuki and Caufield get after it.

We may end up doing more of a pool with this section since you will probably be able to afford both of them and fill out your roster. Ross Colton is worth a swing at $2,000. Nick Leddy is worth a look as well. We can’t help but notice that his FPPG is a notch higher than his colleagues in the same price range. He has two assists in the past two games and is a viable threat.

Our last big decision is around another defenseman to take. Like our first pick it is confined to one team. The Montreal Canadiens have Ben Chiarot and Joel Edmunson who are physical dudes who put everything on the line. Chiarot has the higher floor but he will not be involved with any goals or assists. Edmunson occasionally helps out there so has a slightly higher ceiling but Chiarot’s blocks and shots seem to keep going up. This one will probably come down to a budgetary decision rather than a fantasy point one.

Our last pick for the day is Arturri LehkonenHe is a smart play since he moved up to the Habs top line and has been putting together a quietly nice season. He is a big dude and he changes how other teams have to play the game. If he, Danault and Gallagher can cause enough issues for Vegas’ top line that may open up Suzuki and Caufield to do some damage. Good luck.

The conference finals are going to be insane. Can they both go to seven games? The thought that hockey will be gone soon is something we may be in slight denial about. Check us out on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX) with any thoughts you have on the new format or requests for new features. Take care.

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