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NHL Hockey DFS Advice

NHL DFS Picks For January 19, 2021

Nate Mackinnon DFS
DENVER, CO - JANUARY 13: Colorado Avalanche center Nathan MacKinnon (29) skates during a game between the St. Louis Blues and the Colorado Avalanche at Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado on January 13, 2021. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire)

With the condensed schedule we have an embarrassment of riches to sort through. What we are going to try to do as we guide you through thinking about your picks is let you know the lay of the land and which matchups will provide the juiciest value for you. 

The biggest mismatch today is going to be between the Colorado Avalanche and the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings prospect future is bright but right now they are likely to be buried. On the other side of the country we are looking at the Florida Panthers versus Chicago Blackhawks matchup and sliding our chips over to Florida. We gave Chicago a chance in Florida’s first game but now the Panthers have their legs under them and will make quick work of the Hawks.

Here’s a Tilted Lineup For DFS Hockey 1/19/21 (using DraftKings Values)

         C       N. MacKinnon                      $8,500 (DK)

         C       __________                             $7,700 (DK)

         W      __________                             $3,300 (DK)

         W      __________                            $2,900 (DK)

         W      __________                            $2,600 (DK)

         D       __________                            $6,000 (DK)

         D       __________                            $5,800 (DK)

         G       A. Georgiev                          $7,800 (DK)

         U       T. Konecny                           $5,200 (DK)

We are going a little lighter on the freebies today as there are just so many deals to be had. It may look like we are skimping on our wingers and Travis Konecny may seem out of place in our utility spot but that is where he belongs. This is the perfect article to try your free month with us. We are all about giving you options and have a full slate of alternates ready to make the team of your dreams. What are you waiting for?

Konecny is a hot hand to play right now because of his hat trick four days ago but we have to pump the brakes and let you know he is slightly overvalued. We still love him but if it were not for the absolute steals we got earlier we would wait for his price to come back down.

MacKinnon is MacKinnon. Even though McDavid did not live up to the hype yesterday it is players like this that offer knockout opportunities. Do not hate on them when they do not score you points it is bound to happen occasionally. His matchup against a weak team has us drooling and hitting that add button as quick as the site loads.

We still love giving out the goods to you guys and Alexander Georgiev is great. Most people are talking about Shesterkin as the number one guy in New York but forget that Georgiev is still starter material and not just a lowly backup. He has started the year strong and will be ready for a matchup against New Jersey in what should be a statement game setting the tone for the season against their regional rival.

Now what do you get if you sign up for $99 now?
• Top line guys that are tied to superstars for little money.

• Defensive studs that we always rely on.
• Another Russian rookie making waves.

Jack Eichel – C ($7,700 DK) was a frustrated player last year and for good reason. But the Buffalo Sabres went out and got Taylor Hall which has given Jack new life. They are tearing it up together and all of us rooting for him are overjoyed with the potential. Sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

Cale Makar – D ($6,000 DK) is enjoying the lap of luxury being on Colorado’s top power play line. He earned it and continues to earn it. He counted three power play assists last game and will be looking to score his first goal of the season. 

Aaron Ekblad – D ($5,800 DK) is another guy who is gaining extra time on the man advantage as the Panthers reduce Keith Yandle’s role. It is crazy that he is already in his seventh season at 24 years old and we still feel like there is room for him to grow.

Patric Hornqvist – W ($3,300 DK) is a stalwart veteran and has found himself on Florida’s second line and first power play. He picked up a goal an assist and three shots to get things going and for that price we would take three of him if we could. He is an absolute steal that makes it easier to get the top centers that we did.

C. Verhaege – W ($2,900 DK). We are putting a lot of eggs in the Panther’s basket today but a winger on Alexander Barkov’s wing for under three grand is a no brainer. Verhaege was buried on a sick Tampa team and has a lot more to offer than fourth line minutes. If he can make the most of this opportunity he will make his one million dollar salary look like the best deal in the league next to MacKinnons.

M. Grigorenko – W ($2,600) is our sleeper agent from Russia today. Even he surprised us with how quickly he rose the ranks in Columbus and has found himself on the top line there. We are not even going to talk him up. Put him in your lineup and see what happens.

Alternative Moves…

• Sergei Bobrovski ($8,200 DK) is a little overpriced as well given how rough last year was for him but the matchup should even that out. He seems to be an on year and off year guy and he is back to his on year. Give him his gun and badge because he is back on the case. 

• Seth Jones ($4,900 DK) has started the year somewhat quietly and not found himself on the scoresheet but it is not for a lack of trying. His floor from shots alone is worth his low price. 

• Pavel Buchnevich ($5,600 DK) was most of the offense when the Rangers obliterated the Islanders. Two goals and an assist are not happening again tonight but he has an extra gear that the league as a whole has not seen yet.

• Blake Wheeler ($5,500 DK). The Jets captain has not made a splash yet this year but when he gets going he is getting assist after assist and enjoys top power play time with a great unit. He will work his way up in price over the year so get in while the getting is good.

• Andre Burakovsky ($4,900 DK) is a breakout candidate this year and even though he is on the second power play he already has three power play points. Colorado is using cheat codes and Andre is one of them.

• Miles Wood ($4,600 DK) is an electric player and we have pointed him out already this season. Think Matthew Tkachuk lite. Hard worker, fast and has a nose for the net. He is a key part of the Devil’s rebuild and just a straight up fun player to watch.

• Victor Olofsson ($4,200 DK). We just can not stop giving out the great picks today. Can you guess what Victor brings to the table? You guessed it top power play time with Eichel and Hall. Do we need to repeat ourselves?

Phew. That is it for the day. Good luck out there putting together your squad and watching them dominate. There is enough juicy goodness here today to put together a couple lineups and clean house.

Let us know how much you love our content over on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX)! See you tomorrow.

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