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NHL Hockey DFS Advice

NHL DFS Picks For February 24, 2021

Nate Mackinnon DFS
DENVER, CO - JANUARY 13: Colorado Avalanche center Nathan MacKinnon (29) skates during a game between the St. Louis Blues and the Colorado Avalanche at Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado on January 13, 2021. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire)

We are swinging for the fences tonight and making some big names and big prices work for you. Our free cheap pick is a nice start towards affording the big dogs and will hopefully be a good introduction to someone whose price will be skyrocketing over the rest of the season. This guy just got called up from the minors and we doubt we will see him get sent back down. 

The most obvious choice of game to focus on will be the Colorado Avalanche vs the Minnesota Wild. Colorado’s top line is back in full swing and they will be looking to do some damage together. We also like our other top centers matchup. The Toronto Maple Leafs vs the Calgary Flames will be another test for the rising Leafs and falling Flames.

Here’s a monster lineup For DFS Hockey 2/24/21 (using DraftKings Values)

CenterMatthews $9,000
CenterN. MacKinnon $8,800
Wing                           $5,000
Wing  $4,000
Wing  $2,500
Defense  $5,400
Defense  $4,000
GoalieP. Grubauer $8,500
UtilityT. Zegras $2,500

Auston Matthews is a must play. We did not mind his goose egg the other day. It was just a blip on the radar. His game is growing on all fronts not just the offensive side of things. His two way play is finally getting the attention it deserves. He is a blast to watch.

Nathan MacKinnon is another guy we try to watch whenever we can. It is so remarkable how these two make all the difficult work look so easy. MacKinnon finally has Landeskog and Rantanen healthy which should worry every other team in their division. 

Philip Grubauer is probably the happiest about the powerhouse offense clicking in top form. He is already a great netminder with an awesome defense in front of him. The added confidence from the goal scorers makes him a solid play.

Trevor Zegras had himself quite a World Juniors. The 19 year old had 18 points in just 7 games and is the hero the struggling Anaheim Ducks need. He already had his first game and got his feet wet. Even if he does not pop off tonight consider yourself informed that he exists and that great things are coming down the pipeline. 


Now what do you get if you sign up now?
An older star coming off IR whose team needs him desperately.
High floor defensemen
A couple sleeper wingers.

Claude Giroux – W ($5,000 DK). The Flyers have had a rough go of it and part of that is missing Claude Giroux. He has not played in a couple weeks but was close to a point per game before his break. Philly will be happy to have him back as they look to stem the bleeding. 

Brandon Saad – W ($4,000 DK) is a not so deep science pick today. With the top line fully healthy that means opposing teams have to spend extra energy trying to shut that down. That leaves talented second lines like Colorado has to flourish. Saad fits in nicely next to Nazem Kadri and we are curious to see what they do tonight. 

Trevor Moore – W ($2,500 DK). We were watching the Kings play the other day and Moore scored. We swore we had put him in our list but it turns out he had just missed the cut. We are not making that mistake again. His game lacks some refinement but he is giving it his all every shift. He is a worthwhile depth pick.

Justin Faulk – D ($5,400 DK). There is a fine line to walk when a team is struggling like the Blues but Faulk gives them some hope. He is top pairing and gets some power play time. It has been a couple games since he has gotten a point and he is due. Enjoy his peripherals in the meantime. 

Ryan Graves – D ($4,000 DK). Speaking of peripherals, have you met Ryan Graves? The hulking blueliner eats shots for breakfasts and lays out hits like it is his day job. Wait, it is his day job. Let him help lift your team from below.

Alternative Moves…

Sean Couturier – C ($5,700 DK) is showing why he is a Selke contender every year. Even though he missed some time he has come back with a vengeance and is trying to drag the Flyers team back into relevance. Their losses recently have not been at his feet and with the reemergence of Giroux there are some interesting opportunities. Swap out one of our other high price centers to save for a big winger.

John Tavares – W ($6,800 DK) is still listed and priced as a winger for the one game he played there. He should be back as second line center and offer up some sneaky value. Swap out Giroux for him.

Cale Makar – D ($6,300 DK). Those moves should allow you to afford Makar who would complete the trifecta with MacKinnon and Grubauer. It may feel weird to say  the 22 year old is due for a point after not having scored in the last two but that is how good he is. Enjoy!

That should wrap up our two main slates for you today. Choose wisely. If you hit it big go preach it on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). The weekend is on the horizon and we are already planning some fun. Have a great rest of your week and stay safe out there.

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