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NHL Hockey DFS Advice

NHL DFS Picks For April 27, 2021

Alex Barkov FLA DFS
ST. LOUIS, MO - MARCH 09: Florida Panthers centerAleksander Barkov (16) controls the puck on the boards during an NHL game between the Florida Panthers and the St. Louis Blues, on March 09, 2020, at Enterprise Center, St. Louis, MO. Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire)

You might think that Nurse’s performance last night was the one we were predicting, It was not. He is not done yet. The Edmonton Oilers do not play tonight so we are putting them on the shelf but they will be back soon enough. There is so much hockey left to play yet so little. The final push is on to make the playoffs and there are still contenders. Our job gets harder by the day as even the teams who have been eliminated still try and play spoiler.

Here’s a broad lineup For DFS Hockey picks 4/27/21 (using DraftKings Values)

CenterA. Barkov$8,300 
WingP. Kane$8,100 
DefenseV. Hedman$6,900 
GoalieT. Rask$7,900  
Utility $3,300 

Alexander Barkov and the Florida Panthers are serious contenders for the cup right now. They lost the last game but will be making it up tonight. Barkov has been producing regardless of his wingers and should be in more talks about adding some extra hardware to his case. 

Patrick Kane will be the main reason the Chicago Blackhawks make the playoffs if it were to happen. They are falling out of favor fast with both Nashville and Dallas having big surges but he is going to teach this young squad how not to quit. They will be showing up every game and he will be the driver of that bus.

Victor Hedman. Big man smash puck. Chicago’s chances are not great tonight and Hedman just got a late game goal to put them back on top. The Lightning would be a very different looking team without this Swede on their roster. He can be whatever position he wants in this league and he has chosen to patrol the blue line lining up big, booming shots.

Tuukka Rask got pulled last game and needs to figure himself out. Clearly he had not fully healed from whatever his injury was but the Bruins need to stop this skid and let the Penguins know they are going to do damage in the playoffs.

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Here’s a broad lineup For DFS Hockey 4/27/21 (using DraftKings Values)

CenterA. Barkov$8,300 
CenterJ. Hughes$5,500 
WingP. Kane$8,100 
WingJ. Bailey$3,200 
WingD. Sprong$3,000 
DefenseV. Hedman$6,900 
DefenseS. Mayfield$3,600 
GoalieT. Rask$7,900  
UtilityA. Lafreniere$3,300 

Jack Hughes – C has the most takeaways in the league which is a really interesting stat for this young gun. He is dogged in his pursuit of the puck and even though his team will not be going to the postseason, he is learning fast and will make the most of every minute on the ice.

Josh Bailey – W quietly took over Oliver Wahlstrom’s spot on the third line and while we are not sure why that is, he is producing. The last article that had the Islanders featured touted the prowess of the third line and we are sticking with that. We do not like the makeup of the top lines with the new additions and are holding on JGP and the third line crew.

Daniel Sprong – W is in a weird spot. The top left wing in Washington has been held by the Great Eight for a very long time and with few exceptions. Ovi is dealing with an injury and that is sort of painful to write. Russian machine never breaks, right? Sprong has been having a fantastic season and will make the most of this opportunity.

Scott Mayfield – D is a guy that plays hockey. He plays defense. He plays in Long Island. He will go out tonight and take some shots. He will go out tonight and block some shots. Scott Mayfield, everybody!

Alexis Lafreniere – U. Back to Lafrienere we go. He is finding his mojo and fast. The first overall pick last year has clawed his way up the lineup after having a rather terrible start to his season. We are still not going after Zibenjead after his last ridiculous performance but he will make the lineup soon enough. Go cheap and get Laf to get some of that goodness.

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