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NBA Basketball DFS Advice

NBA DFS Picks for May 28 2021

Paul George DFS
LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 21: Brooklyn Nets Guard Bruce Brown (1) shot is blocked by Los Angeles Clippers Guard Paul George (13) during a NBA game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers on February 21, 2021 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA. The game was played without fans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire)

The three-game NBA playoff slates continue tonight, as we have a few crucial game threes playing out tonight. We are drawn to a few of the same studs we have been going to for the past few slates, as a few guys are still wildly underpriced. We are going back to the balanced strategy that we have been using a lot lately, so we are not looking at the most expensive studs on the top of the slate. That is because we have a few superstars available under $9,000 tonight, so we like going the direction of saving a bit of salary in our spend ups. We have a few value plays we really like tonight, so we are able to play five of our midrange studs. 

Here’s a balanced lineup For DFS Basketball 5/28/21 (using DraftKings Values)

Point GuardT. Young $8,600
Shooting GuardP. George $8,100
Small ForwardD. Hunter $4,000
Power ForwardT. Gibson $3,800
Forward $8,500

The Hawks-Knicks series is tied one to one, and it is heading to Atlanta for game three. We really like Trae Young here, as we are still able to roster him at a fantastic $8,600 price tag. As we have mentioned in past articles, Young averaged over 46 FPTS per game this season, so we are surprised at the price tags we have seen on Young for the playoffs. Young has seen a massive opportunity in the two playoffs game, in both floor time and usage. He went for 56.75 FPTS in game one and 41.25 FPTS in game two. However, in game two everything was there, he just didn’t land many peripheral stats. We are confident to see another huge opportunity tonight, as the Hawks try to take back the momentum at home. Young gives us superstar upside, with a $2,000 discount from guys at the top of the slate.

The Clippers are fighting vehemently to maintain their status as laughingstock of the NBA. With that said, the two Clippers studs are our two favorite plays on tonight’s DraftKings slate. The pricing on both these guys makes no sense, as they are literally still being priced for the games they were resting at the end of the season. Paul George gets a lot of slack from the media these days, but his $8,100 price tag tonight is a complete joke. George went for 55 FPTS last game and his price has barely moved. We expect Goerge to play around 40 minutes and put up around 20 shot attempts, here. He might do even more as this is an absolute must win for the Clippers. George would have to really drop the ball here to flop at this price, and he has so much upside for a big game.

De’Andre Hunter is one of our favorite value plays on the slate here, as his price remains unchanged at $4,000 despite an increasing role. Hunter suffered with some massive injuries this season, and he only played three games prior to the start of this playoff series. We have seen the minutes trend up for Hunter, and we expect to see a lot of run tonight. Hunter played 31.6 minutes last game, which was a nice jump from what we have seen before. Hunter went for 26.5 FPTS last game, on subpar shooting with no defensive stats. Hunter is the only strong wing defender for the Hawks, so we expect to see his minutes continue to rise. Hunter can go for a much bigger game tonight, and he is clearly underpriced in this spot.

The Knicks center rotation is interesting here as we have seen some confusion about who the go to guy will be for this series. Taj Gibson was clearly coach Thibodeau’s favorite option last game, and we love getting to him tonight. Gibson is only $3,800 here, but he has scored 24.25 and 23.25 FPTS in the two games this series. Gibson played 30 minutes last game and it seems likely that he is to see that kind of floor time again. If Gibson starts here he is an easy lock for us, but we like him a lot regardless.

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Maxi Kleber – C ($3,700 DK)Kleber is once again questionable going into the slate, but we really like him if he is good to go. Kleber is dealing with some injuries right now, but for the past few slates we have seen him play massive minutes through the pain. We expect Kleber to play tonight, which would make him one of our favorite value plays. Kleber has played over 34 minutes in both the games this series, which is fantastic for a sub $4,000 price tag. We have seen low 20’s FPT performances from Kleber, which is the type of production we are chasing with these budget plays.

Derrick Rose – G ($6,400 DK) It may seem like the value has been priced out of Derrick Rose, but that could not be less true. Rose has taken a phenomenal role for the playoffs, as he is the first option for New York right now. Rose is leading the Knicks in both minutes and shot attempts this series, and he should be a lot more expensive for DFS. We saw Rose play 38 minutes off the bench last game, and it seems likely he just starts tonight. If that is the case he could be in for even more run, and he is taking a ton of usage. If you are watching these games you will see the Knicks offense completely runs through Rose 

Kawhi Leonard – F ($8.500 DK) Honestly who at DraftKings approved the prices on these Clippers stars? Leonard is our favorite play on this slate, with only George being in the same stratosphere. Leonard is a guy we would be interest in at $10,000 given how he has been producing. Leonard has played over 40 minutes in both playoffs games, scoring 56 and 59.5 FPTS. Leonard is egregiously cheap for this level of production, and he is close to a lock for us. This is a huge game for the Clippers, so we expect to see Leonard play almost the full thing. He has a ton of upside to go for well over 50 FPTS again, and it is so unlikely he busts at this price.

Bogdan Bogdanovic – Util ($6,900 DK) Bogdanovic does have a low floor as he is somewhat reliant on scoring for his production. However, we like his upside for this price, and he looks good for tournaments. We are really enticed by the role Bogdanovic played for the Hawks last game, as he played 35.3 minutes and shot the ball 21 times. Bogdanovic scored 35 FPTS while shooting two for thirteen for three. If he has a better shooting night tonight, he could be a money maker.

Here’s a balance lineup For DFS Basketball 5/28/21 (using FanDuel Values)

Point GuardT. Young $9,000
Point GuardD. Rose $6,500
Shooting GuardP. George $8,800
Shooting GuardM. Smart $6,000
Small ForwardB. Bogdanovic $7,600
Small ForwardD. Hunter $4,700
Power ForwardM. Kleber $4,800
Power ForwardK. Porzingis $7,500
CenterT. Gibson $5,000

Marcus Smart – SG (6,000 FD) Smart fits a tough shooting guard position tonight and we like getting to him as the Celtics have a must win game. The Celtics need to win to keep this series close, so we expect to see massive minutes from smart. Smart went for 36.6 FPTS last game, and he has good upside with high usage and defensive stats.

Kristaps Porzingis – PF (7,500 FD) We do not have a lot of strong power forward options on FanDuel tonight, so we are interested in taking the shot on Porzingis. Porzingis is not a great cash game play as there is a lot of variance in his production. However, we like him for tournaments as he has a lot of upside between scoring, rebounding and defensive stats.

Go win your lineup and tell us how you did. Twitter (@FantasyDFSX) is a good place for that.

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