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NBA Basketball DFS Advice

NBA DFS Picks For January 21, 2021

DraftKings vs. Fan Duel NBA DFS
March 10, 2020, Los Angeles, California, U.S: Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James (23) passes the ball during an NBA basketball game between Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets, Tuesday, March 10, 2020, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Ringo Chiu/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire)

Today’s three game NBA slate can easily be overlooked given that it is sandwiched between 10 and 13 game slates. However, there are a surprising number of exciting plays on today’s small slate. The key to cracking this slate is going to be finding value plays to fill in the surprising number of heavy hitters. I plan on going stars and scrubs today, given that a lot of the studs on this slate are underpriced.

Here’s a stars and scrubs lineup For DFS Basketball 1/21/21 (using DraftKings Values)

        G      A. Caruso                                    $3,200 (DK) 

        G      __________                                 $3,100 (DK)

        SF     L. James                                   $9,200 (DK)

        PF     J. Randle                                  $8,800 (DK) 

         C        __________                              $4,500 (DK) 

         F        A. Davis                                  $9,400 (DK) 

         G         __________                             $6,600 (DK) 

        Util          __________                         $5,100 (DK)

Alex Caruso is not the most glamorous play. We need some value plays in order to fit in all the talent today, Caruso is the in a great spot to do that. Caruso has been averaging 20 minutes over his last four games, a big improvement from earlier this season. Caruso is averaging 17.6 FPTS over the last 10 days. If Caruso can get you 17 or 18 FPTS at his price tag, he really helps to shape the rest of your lineup.

If you have watched the NBA at any point since the mid 2000’s you probably know $9,200 is not enough DFS money for Lebron James. James is averaging 47.3 FPTS this season, given his past production there is no reason to think he will fail to cover value at this tag. Ownership on James may be lower then usual given that he had a disappointing game in his last outing. However, I am very encouraged as James played 38 minutes last game. In a close game against Milwaukee, I expect LeBron to continue to play massive minutes tonight. If Lebron plays high 30’s minutes, he should have no trouble blowing through value. 

Julius Randle has emerged as a fantasy titan early this DFS season. Priced at $8,800, today is the first slate in over 10 games Randle is priced under $9,000. There is no real reason for the drop as Randle scored 46.25 FPTS in his last game and hasn’t scored under 45 in four games. Other then one outlier against Charlotte, Randle is blowing away this tag in his last ten games. Randle is a lock for me today because of the dream match up that he has against the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors play at the third highest pace out of any team in the league, with subpar defense. With a great matchup and an underpriced tag, I have no reason to doubt Randle today. 

Anthony Davis is another superstar with a price tag much lower than we are used to at $9,400. This is somewhat surprising considering Davis is coming off a monster performance, scoring 59.75 FPTS in his last outing. Like Lebron James, Davis saw a massive minute’s boost last game and has a competitive matchup today. Davis has some of the best upside of anyone in the league and he showed it last game, there is no reason he should be underpriced given his minutes and production last game. I plan on playing a lot of Davis at this price tonight.

What more do you get if you sign up now?
• We’ve got a cheap value guard and center.

• An underpriced star.
• Midrange options to finish the lineup.

Brad Wanamaker – PG ($3,100 DK) Wanamaker is not a player you are expecting to ever have a massive game. However, it is essential today to find some way to fit all of the explosive stars on the slate. At $3,100 rostering Wanamaker opens a lot of options paying up for more exciting plays. Over his last three games, Wanamaker has played an increased number of minutes averaging 18. Coming off of a 18.25 FPT performance, if Wanamaker can repeat that today he becomes a perfect fit in a winning lineup. 

James Wiseman C ($4,500 DK) Wiseman is one of my favorite plays on today’s slate. Coming off a 33.5 FPT performance, in which he played 25 minutes. Wiseman has really showed his floor against teams that are strong at defending centers. That is not the case today, as Wiseman has an easy matchup against the Knicks. Playing Wiseman as a cheap center allows you to pay up at other spots for some of the bigger names on the slate.

Jrue Holiday G ($6,600 DK) – Holiday is one of my favorite options to get Bucks exposure. Holiday is averaging 34.9 FPTS in his last 10 days and scored 37 FPTS in his last game, yet he is priced well under $7,000. The only poor games for Holiday in his last ten outings came in Milwaukee favored blowups. Matched up against the Lakers, I am not at all concerned about that this game.

Brook Lopez – C ($5,100 DK) The main reason why I am on the Lopez bandwagon tonight is his price. Lopez has passed 30 FPTS in his last three games, yet his price has hardly surpassed $5,000. Lopez gives you great flexibility to pay up for some guys with bigger upside, while still likely hitting great value himself. Lopez has played 34 minutes in each of his last two games and 30 minutes the game before. If Lopez continues to play north of 30 minutes, he really does not even need to shoot well to hit value tonight.

Alternative Moves…

Rudy Gobert C ($7,200 DK) Gobert scored 46.5 FPTS in his last game against the same Pelicans team. Yet for some reason he got a $400 price drop. At this price all you need is for Gobert to come near his production last game and he should easily hit value. The only reason I would fade Gobert today is center is one of the only positions with good value plays for this slate.

Giannis Antetokounmpo PF/C ($10,500 DK) Giannis is probably the heaviest hitter on this slate. Coming off a 40 minute 65.5 FPT performance, Giannis has massive upside today. Giannis has a tough defensive matchup against the Lakers, but he should play more minutes then usual if the game stays close. If you can find the salary for him, Giannis is a great play. 

Kelly Oubre Jr. F ($5,700 DK) Yesterday I pointed out that Oubre had begun to hit his shots. As that trend continues, he should have no problem hitting value at under $6,000. Oubre has scored well over 30 FPTS in his last two outings and over 28 in his last four. He is a super solid play today with a good matchup against the Knicks. Oubre is averaging 31 FPTS in his last ten. He should have no problem reaching 30 FPTS, making him one of my favorite plays for Cash games.

Zion Williamson PF ($7,700 DK) There is no reason why Zion is priced under $8,000 today. Williamson has scored over 40 FPTS in his last three games, including 43.75 FPTS last game against the Jazz. Zion has showed massive upside and relatively good consistency this year. It is worth remembering this Jazz team is still a bad matchup regardless of a good game in the last outing. 

Pat Connaughton SF ($3,400 DK) Connaughton is another one of the plays that helps to fit more exciting studs. Priced at only $3,400, he opens tons of pay up options. Connaughton is averaging 19.4 FPTS in his last ten games, scoring 20.5 FPTs in his last outing. If Connaughton can continue to score around 20 FPTS, he is exactly what you are looking for today.

Make sure you check the news before lock today, last minute adjustments are key this season.

Go win your lineup and tell us how you did. Twitter (@FantasyDFSX) is a good place for that. 

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