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NBA DFS Picks for April 4 2021

Steph Curry DFS
190530 Warriors Stephen Curry in action against Raptors Kawhi Leonard during game 1 of the 2019 NBA Finals between Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors on May 30, 2019 in Toronto (Photo by Bildbyran/Imago/Icon Sportswire) ****NO AGENTS---NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA SALES ONLY****

We only have four games to breakdown tonight and it is easily the ugliest slate we have seen in a little while. At first glance, there are not many enticing options on this one that scream value. A lot of teams on tonight’s slate have had injuries for a while so we are getting jacked up price tags on what are now healthy rosters. However, we still have some value to go after and as always we are sharing our favorite targets on the night with you guys. Our favorite team to target tonight is the Atlanta Hawks, as they are still missing multiple guys tonight and we should have some solid value plays there. We have gone with a balanced lineup for tonight, as we must take the best values on the slate regardless of the price range they are in.

Here’s a balanced lineup For DFS Basketball 4/4/21 (using DraftKings Values)

Point GuardS. Curry $9,800
Shooting GuardK. Huerter $5,000
Small ForwardB. Bogdanovic $6,600
Power Forward  $5,700
Center  $8,800
Guard  $4,700
Forward  $3,500
UtilityW. Carter Jr. $5,800

This is a very ugly slate from the top down. In the way that we cannot count on a lot of the value plays on this slate, the spend up options are also looking a lot less promising tonight as a lot of the superstars have lower floors then we often see. On a small slate like this, we really like paying the $9,800 to roster Steph Curry. If you know literally anything about NBA DFS you know Curry has as good upside as anyone due to his shooting prowess. Tonight, the Warriors have a great matchup against the Hawks which means a few extra possessions for the Chef. Curry is hot right now as he is averaging over 54 FPTS across the past ten days. We are happy getting the hot hand here and it feels like Curry can easily be the top guy on tonight’s slate.

The hawks are still going to be missing multiple players tonight, specifically forwards and wings. The minutes should be very solid for Kevin Huerter tonight and we are looking to roster players right around $5,000 where Huerter is priced. Huerter went for 29.8 FPTS last game and we have seen him have his big games all season. The Warriors are a great matchup for the Atlanta and this whole game should be a fast-paced shootout. Huerter played 34 minutes last game and we expect something similar tonight with all the injuries. At this price, Huerter should be able to hit value if the minutes are there.

An interesting option on the Atlanta Hawks is Bogdan BogdanovicBogdanovic is priced at $6,600 tonight, which is way too much for the production we saw from him earlier in the season. However, Bogdanovic ahs been on an absolute tear and we still do not want to get away from him on a slate this small. Bogdanovic has scored over 45 FPTS in each of past three games. Of course, this production is not a given for Bogdanovic, but he will be one of the best plays on this ugly slate if his recent streak continues. Bogdanovic will surely get another massive opportunity with the injuries tonight and he has amazing upside to go after.

Wendell Carter Jr. was traded to the Magic at the deadline. His minutes were not great his first game with Orlando, but they have been trending upwards and are looking really good right now. We get a nice price for Carter Jr. tonight at $5,800, as he has scored over 40 FPTS in both of his last two contests. Carter Jr. has played over 30 minutes the past two games and we expect that to be the case moving forward as Orlando clearly does not have any better options at the five. Wendell Carter Jr. should have a nice role on this rag tag Orlando squad, and we may see his price rise a bit in the near future.

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Chuma Okeke – PF (5,700 DK) As we mentioned the Magic are running a very strange roster right now and there seems to be a big role for Okeke. The Magic have a ton of questionable tags as of now that obviously will affect how strong a play this is. However, Okeke should be starting and in for some solid minutes regardless. Okeke has went for over 30 FPTS in each of the past three games and he has played solid minutes in each outing. Okeke feels like he has a solid floor here as he has been seeing a ton of usage lately. Okeke has some decent upside but more so just looks like a solid median value play.

Clint Capela – C ($8,800 DK) like a few of the other Hawks players we have highlighted. This is a little pricier than we like to pay for Capela. However, if the massive upside is realized the price wont matter. Capela has been great lately and looks like a strong play with John Collins still outCapela showed us 60 FPT upside in this spot just two games ago and the matchup with the Warriors can lead to another monster night. 

Seth Curry – G ($4.700 DK) We just got the news that Joel Embiid is going to be out for tonight’s slate which makes the 76ers guys a lot more viable. Curry is a shooter and will always have a low floor with an off-shooting night, be we expect him to chuck up a solid number of shots in this spot. Curry has showed us some real upside in the past and the variance in his production makes him a phenomenal target for tournaments. Curry is not a smash in cash games as he has a low floor you always want to avoid in those contests.

Solomon Hill – F ($3,500 DK) The Hill is alive with the sound of minutes tonight. Hill is not a fantastic DFS producer, and he is not a guy who usually hits value. However, we do not have many options for budget plays tonight and Hill has been getting great floor time. Hill has been getting a lot of Collins minutes and he played a whopping 30-minute last game. If Hill is to start and get this kind of minutes again, he is a guy we must look at on a slate like this.

Here’s a balanced lineup For DFS Basketball 4/4/21 (using FanDuel Values)

Point GuardS. Curry $9,000
Point GuardJ. Morant $6,800
Shooting GuardK. Huerter $5,000
Shooting GuardS. Curry $4,800
Small ForwardB. Bogdanovic $7,200
Small ForwardS. Hill $3,500
Power ForwardC. Okeke $6,300
Power ForwardT. Harris  $7,900
CenterC. Capela $9,000

Ja Morant – PG (6,800 FD) Morant is way to cheap whenever his price falls below $7,000. We know that he has some real monster upside and if he has a good game he makes your lineup so much better because of the price. Morant is averaging about 35 FPTS per game this season and he has upside for much more. On a slate like this the upside from Morant at this price is hard to pass up on.

Tobias Harris – PF ($7.900 FD) With Embiid out Harris is the clear first scoring option for the Sixers. Harris comes at a great price on FanDuel, and he has some of the best upside on the slate at this price. Harris went for 48 FPTS last game and we have seen some great usage from him in games without Embiid in the past.

Good luck tonight. keep an eye on the news, especially what is happening with the New Orleans Pelicans as all their starters are currently questionable.

Go win your lineup and tell us how you did. Twitter (@FantasyDFSX) is a good place for that.


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