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NBA Basketball DFS Advice

NBA DFS Picks for April 12 2021

Ja Morant DFS
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 04: Memphis Grizzlies Guard Ja Morant (12) looks on from the bench before a NBA game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Clippers on January 4, 2020 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire)

This slate looks fantastic, we are all over a few teams tonight and we have some great value to go to. We have a ton of news to work with tonight, as we already know Mike Conley, Jordan Clarkson, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden will be sidelined for tonight’s contest. In consequence we are heavily targeting the Utah Jazz and the Brooklyn Nets tonight, as those two teams look great with all the extra usage. We have gone with a stars and scrubs lineup tonight, as we have some strong cheap plays to jam in as much as value as possible. Outside of the Jazz and Nets guys, we are looking for players who have strong matchups and underpriced tags.

Here’s a stars and scrubs lineup For DFS Basketball 4/12/21 (using DraftKings Values)

Point GuardJ. Morant $6,800
Shooting GuardD. Mitchell $9,200
Small ForwardJ. Ingles $5,700
Power Forward  $5,900
Center  $10,400
Guard  $3,000
Forward  $5,600
UtilityN. Claxton $3,100

$6,800 for Ja Morant, what is this? FanDuel? Jokes aside, this is one of the cheapest tags we have had on Morant all season and he is a phenomenal play at this price. Morant has been somewhat inconsistent this season, but he is totally priced for an underwhelming performance tonight. Morant has scored over 36 FPTS in each of his last three performances, and the bar is so low for great value at this price. Morant is playing a huge role for Memphis and he has great upside. If he has one of his big games at this price, he will be one of the best plays on the slate. The Grizzlies have a great matchup against Chicago tonight and there is no reason to overthink Morant at this price.

No doubt Donovan Mitchell is a bit more expensive than usual tonight at $9,200, but he is an absolute lock for us given the situation. Not only are the Jazz missing both their other primary guards in Conley and Clarkson, but they also have a dream matchup tonight. Mitchell should have to do everything on offense with those two off the floor, and Utah are facing the Washington Wizards. We talk about someone who is facing the Wizards almost every time they play, as they are playing at the fastest pace in the league by far right now. Mitchell is one fire as it is, as he has scored over 50 FPTS in each of his last three games. No doubt Mitchell will see a big opportunity here, and no one should be surprised if he goes for well over 50 FPTS tonight.

As we just mentioned, there is going to be a ton of extra opportunity on Utah with Clarkson and Conley out of the mix. These two typically are responsible for a huge portion of the teams scoring and playmaking duties. We expect Joe Ingles to see a huge scoring opportunity tonight, as he is one of the more refined offensive options the Jazz have available. Ingles is something of a pure shooter, which always comes with a low floor. However, tonight there should be so much run and usage for Ingles that we expect him to come up with decent value regardless of what happens. With a good shooting night tonight, Ingles is in position to blow up this slate. We would want exposure to a few guys in the Washington matchup anyway and paying $5,700 for ingles should give us a significant share of Utah’s usage tonight.

The Brooklyn nets are the second team we are stacking tonight as they are missing there three highest usage guys. We expect that Nicolas Claxton receives a solid boost tonight with all the injuries, and he should be getting solid run at center tonight. Claxton is near the bare minimum tonight at only $3,100 and should be able to crush value with a small boost. We have a ton of great options on this slate and buy taking a guy as cheap as Claxton we can do so much elsewhere. Claxton showed solid production when the minutes were there in the past and is a great play without LaMarcus Aldridge tonight.

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Kyle Anderson – PF (5,900 DK) It really makes no sense that Anderson is priced under $6,000 tonight, and it is about time we give Slow-Mo his respect. Anderson has scored over 30 FPTS in each of his last seven outings. In that span he has recorded three games north of 40 FPTS and is too cheap for his recent production. Anderson is averaging 29.3 FPTS and has been solid all year. The Grizzlies have a good matchup with Chicago tonight and we must imagine Anderson hits value in this spot.

Nikola Jokic – C ($10,400 DK) We are happy getting back to Jokic tonight as he has been back to his MVP production the last couple of slates. We were on Towns before he was ruled out, but Jokic has a lot less competition   now for the top producer on the slate. Jokic still has a solid lead on anyone else in the league in FPTS per game this season. Jokic has scored well over 50 FPTS in five straight and is a little too cheap tonight. The Nuggets have a fantastic matchup against the Warriors tonight, and it is funny to try and image the Golden-State big men trying to defend the Joker. 

Chris Chiozza – G ($3,000 DK) With both Harden and Irving out for Brooklyn tonight, we naturally want to draft a replacement guard. The Brooklyn guard rotation is going to be extremely thin tonight, and we expect significant run from Chiozza. Chiozza opens a ton of freedom for us at the minimum price, by rostering him we are able to take a lot of the studs we have talked about. Chiozza could be in for a massive role tonight as he is the only point guard left for Brooklyn. Chiozza should get enough run to hit value at the minimum price, but there is upside for him to absolutely crush in this spot.

Joe Harris – F ($5,600 DK) With Irving and Harden out, while Kevin Durant is on a minute’s limit, there will be a huge opportunity in Brooklyn tonight. All the go to offensive guys are either gone or on a minute’s restriction and Joe Harris is pretty clearly next in line for usage. Like Ingles, Harris is a shooter and can be in for a bad game. However, his raw usage should be enough to guarantee decent value tonight. Harris will play big minutes and no doubt he will shoot the ball a ton tonight, if he gets hot he could break the slate.

Here’s a stars and scrubs lineup For DFS Basketball 4/12/21 (using FanDuel Values)

Point GuardJ. Morant $7,100
Point GuardC. Chiozza $3,700
Shooting GuardD. Mitchell $9,000
Shooting GuardJ. Ingles $5,500
Small ForwardJ. Harris $5,300
Small ForwardK. Anderson $7,300
Power ForwardN. Claxton $4,000
Power ForwardD. Green $7,300
CenterN. Jokic $10,800

Draymond Green – PF (7,300 FD) The power forward position on FanDuel tonight is easily the weakest across the board. Green gives us some great upside as we have seen his big game triple double potential. Green will likely be relied on heavily to defend the Joker tonight and he should be forced on the floor for most of the game. Green has showed some nice upside in tougher matchups like this, and he could be in for a big game against this Denver squad. We are happy getting nice upside at this position tonight. 

Keep an eye on the news, as huge stuff has been constantly dropping right before lock this season.

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