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NBA Basketball DFS Advice

NBA DFS Night Picks for May 30, 2021

Steph Curry DFS
190530 Warriors Stephen Curry in action against Raptors Kawhi Leonard during game 1 of the 2019 NBA Finals between Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors on May 30, 2019 in Toronto (Photo by Bildbyran/Imago/Icon Sportswire) ****NO AGENTS---NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA SALES ONLY****

We have another two-game night slate to breakdown today, and we have a lot to talk about between these two games. A few important stars are questionable right now, so we may have an injury opportunity which we rarely see come playoff time. We are going to talk about some potential priorities if certain studs are ruled out, and some guys we will need to use for value if everyone is good to go. We are going with a stars and scrubs lineup here, as we have some solid value available, and we really want to get to some studs at the top of the slate. Furthermore, we do not have the underpriced stars we have been getting the past few slates which were causing us to go with a lot of balanced lineups. Both contests promise to be fantastic basketball games, and the DFS potential is equally enticing.

Here’s a balanced lineup For DFS Basketball 5/30/21 (using DraftKings Values)

Point GuardM. Smart $6,300
Shooting GuardR. Jackson $4,400
Small ForwardK. Leonard $9,200
Power ForwardM. Kleber $4,100
Forward $9,800

Kemba Walker is questionable for tonight, and we are watching intently for the news of whether he will play. If Walker ends up out, we are going to need to use a ton of Celtics players tonight, as Boston is already undermanned. Marcus Smart is an absolute lock tonight if Walker ends up out, but we like him a lot either way at $6,300. Walker has been fantastic the last few games and we have seen him playing some great playoff minutes. Smart has scored over 37 FPTS in both of his last two, and he has seen a nice opportunity for every playoff game. If Walker is out, Smart will have to do a ton for Boston’s offence and is way too cheap.

Things were starting to look quite grim for the Los Angeles Clippers, who were down in a 2 – 0 hole before winning last game. We saw the Clippers change up their guard rotation for last game, part of the change was starting Reggie Jackson and playing him a whopping 34 minutes. The Clippers won the game, so it stands to reason they try and run a similar rotation again tonight. If we get the news that Jackson is starting, he looks like a fantastic play here. Jackson scored 26.75 FPTS last game, which is good for his $4,400 price tag. However, he has upside for a much bigger performance with this kind of floor time, which is why we are really interested in him for tonight.

Kawhi Leonard has been priced up to $9,200 here, which is still way too cheap for his role in the playoffs. Leonard has been by far the best play on the first three playoff slates he was in, as he had a ridiculous $8,000 price tag. Leonard is still one of our favorite plays on the slate, as he should be at least $10,000 for what he is showing us in the playoffs. Leonard is playing 41.3 minutes per game this playoffs, while taking massive usage for the Clippers. We know that Leonard is one of the best performers in the league, and his production will be fantastic with opportunities like this. Leonard has scored over 56 FPTS every game so far this series, which raises a lot of questions why his price is rising so slowly. Leonard has been rocking a totally warranted five-digit price tag on FanDuel for a few slates now, and we still like him here. The Clippers need another win to take the momentum back, and they have showed us Leonard is going to have to personally make that happen.

We have been going to Maxi Kleber a lot lately, as he is giving us a ton of minutes at a cheap price. Kleber is $4,100 for tonight, and we expect him to continue playing mid 30’s minutes here. Kleber is not a good per minute fantasy producer, but with all this floor time we expect him to be able to score at least 20 FPTS again. We are desperate for value to get to some of our more interesting plays, and Kleber is giving us a decent floor for the price. If guys like Walker ends up out tonight, we could have stronger value options become available.

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Tristan Thompson – C ($5,200 DK) Thompson is our favorite play on this slate as of now. Thompson has been fantastic lately scoring 37.25 FPTS last game and 31.25 FPTS the game before that. Thompson is yet to be priced up for the great production he has been showing this series. Robert Williams only played six minutes last game due to injury, and we saw a huge 30 minutes for Thompson. As Williams is doubtful to take the floor tonight, we could see even more floor time for Thompson. Thompson has some great upside here, and he is the only option Boston has at center.

Tim Hardaway Jr. – G ($6,800 DK) Hardaway has been fantastic this series and we have seen him take a massive role for the Mavericks. Hardaway has taken 14 shot attempts in each of his past two games, and his floor time has been incredible. Hardaway went for 40.75 FPTS a few games ago, which is the upside we are chasing for tournaments tonight. Luka Doncic is questionable as of now, and we are going to stack the Mavericks if he is out. Hardaway is a priority if Doncic is out, along with Jalen Brunson and all the other core Dallas guys.

Jayson Tatum – F ($5,600 DK) Tatum is our favorite play on the slate if Walker ends up out. The Celtics are already undermanned and lacking offensive creators, if Walker is out here Tatum will have to do everything for the Celtics offense. We still like Tatum a lot if Walker is in, as he still has a massive role. Tatum is consistently playing north of 40 minutes with massive usage. We saw the upside come together last game as Tatum went for a gluttonous 76 FPTS. Tatum will have to keep up the monster performances for the Celtics to have any hope in the series, and he has been on a tear the past few months.

Joe Harris – Util ($4,200 DK) Harris is a play we would only recommend using for tournaments here, as he gives us a ton of variance in his production. Harris is a pure shooter, so he can be very disappointing or fantastic based on if his shot is falling. We saw Harris absolutely break the slate a few games ago, as he went for 43.5 FPTS in game two. However, as we saw with his 13 FPTS last game, he has a low floor if his three’s are not going down.

Here’s a balance lineup For DFS Basketball 5/30/21 (using FanDuel Values)

Point GuardR. Jackson $4,900
Point GuardK. Walker $6,500
Shooting GuardM. Smart $6,400
Shooting GuardT. Hardaway $5,400
Small ForwardK. Leonard $10,500
Small ForwardE. Fournier $5,500
Power ForwardM. Kleber $4,500
Power ForwardJ. Tatum $10,500
CenterT. Thompson $5,900

Kemba Walker – PG (6,500 FD) As we have mentioned we have no idea if Walker will be good to go tonight or not. However, if he can play we are interested on FanDuel given this price tag. Walker had been fantastic before this injury issue came up, as we saw him consistently scoring well over 40 FPTS. If walker manages to play a full load today, he will be an absolute must at this price. There is risk here, but we love chasing the upside for tournaments. 

Evan Fournier – SF (5,500 FD) We had to mention Fournier on FD because his price is fantastic. Fournier has some real upside, which we do not have to pay much for at all. Fournier went for 28 FPTS last game and has upside for much more. If Walker is out, Fournier is an easy lock at this price. We want to mention we went with more of a cash lineup here, we do not recommend playing 5 Celtics for big GPP’s. 

Go win your lineup and tell us how you did. Twitter (@FantasyDFSX) is a good place for that.

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