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NBA Basketball DFS Advice

NBA DFS Advice for October 28, 2021

DeMar Rozan DFS
LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 03: San Antonio Spurs forward DeMar DeRozan (10) against LA Clippers guard Paul George (13) during the NBA regular season basketball game on Monday, Feb. 3, 2020 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. (Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire)

We only have six games for tonight’s NBA DFS slate, so there is a lot less value screaming out at us then we saw on last night’s ten gamer. We have some fantastic options on this slate, but we are choosing between a lot less strong options. Our core lineup for tonight has quite a few familiar faces, as we are returning to a few of the guys we have been riding all season. Two of our favorite value plays are sophomore players who have not been priced up this season despite showing massive improvements so far. We are also really focused on one superstar who stands out above the crowd on this slate. We have a few big questionable tags, the most notable being Joel Embiid. In our premium content we will go over a few strong options as well as who we are looking at in the case that Embiid ends up out.

Here’s a balanced core For DFS Basketball 10/28/21 (using DraftKings Values)

Point GuardL. Doncic $11,000
Shooting GuardD. Melton $5,100
Small ForwardD. Bane $4,900
Power ForwardK. Johnson $5,400

It is hard to get away from Luka Doncic on this slate, and we expect him to be very high owned. Without a lot of our top end stars like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokic, Doncic really stands out in comparison to the spend up options available. Doncic averaged around 55 FPTS last season, which is significantly more the anyone else playing tonight. For Cash games Doncic is a first guy in type play for us, and we are happy getting to a lot of him in tournaments as well. The Mavericks have a solid matchup against the Spurs tonight, so we have no reason not to go to him here. If Doncic has one of his big games via scoring explosion or triple double, he is going to be a guy you need tonight.

We expect the ownership to be a lot lower on De’Anthony Melton tonight as he had his first disappointing game of the season last time out. However, we are still very interested in Melton as he is playing a huge role as the starting shooting guard for the Grizzlies at only $5,100. Melton did not score a single point last game, but he saw enough floor time to collect 15.75 FPTS from peripherals. Melton has been fantastic as a value option so far, and we really saw his floor last time out. We don’t have as many strong values today, so we are really intrigued in the idea of getting a lower owned Melton.

One value option from Memphis who is certainly not going to be low owned tonight is Desmond Bane at $4,900. Regardless, we want to get over the field on Bane as he stand out above the crowd as a value option tonight. The Sophomore has been incredible to start this season, as he is averaging 32.4 FPTS per game. Bane has consistently shown a big role every game, and his worst game of this season was still over 29 FPTS. We do not have many value plays that feel super safe tonight, so we are going to be using a lot of the one that does in Bane.

One guy who we have had our eyes on since before this season started is Keldon Johnson. The Spurs lost DeMar DeRozan as well as a few high usage veterans in the offseason, so this year there is room for some of the younger Spurs to take over the team. So far, Johnson has been getting up a lot more shots than we saw last season, and he is averaging 27 FPTS on the season. Johnson has missed every single shot from deep this year, and we are yet to see him put together many efficient scoring games. Johnson has fantastic upside if he can start shooting it a bit better and we expect his $5,400 price tag continues to rise significantly past this point.

Here’s a balanced core For DFS Basketball 10/28/21 (using FanDuel Values)

Point GuardL. Doncic $10,700
Point Guard   
Shooting GuardD. Bane $5,800
Shooting GuardD. Melton $5,500
Small Forward   
Small Forward   
Power ForwardK. Johnson $5,600
Power Forward   

Now what do you get if you sign up now for $99?
• Priorities at every position
• Some general strategy for the night
• Potential priorities if Embiid sits
• Strategy for navigating a tougher slate 

Point Guard

Steph Curry – PG ($10,900 DK) Curry is the only player on this slate whose upside stands up to Doncic. Curry has been great so far this season, as he has had to do everything offensively for Golden State to win games. Curry has shown massive upside this season, scoring around 60 FPTS in the first three outings. Curry does have a lower floor then Doncic due to all the peripherals that Doncic gets, so we are going to Doncic for Cash games. However, we really like trying to fit in Curry in tournaments, and he is the best alternative if you don’t want to roster Doncic. 

Shooting Guard 

Bradley Beal – ($9,200 DK) Beal has really struggled from the field this season, as he is yet to shoot 40 percent in any outing. However, the poor shooting has led to a fantastic price point for Beal. The Wizards have an easy matchup tonight against the Hawks, so we like gambling on Beal finally having a big game here. If Beal can get his shots to fall, there is a lot of upside in this situation.

Small Forward 

Kyle Kuzma  (6,200 DK) Kuzma looks a little bit ugly at this price point, but it is well warranted with the role he has taken on for the Wizards. Kuzma has been very productive since joining Washington, as he is averaging over 35 FPTS across four games. Kuzma has fantastic upside as he has gone for over 47 FPTS already this year, and we have seen him take high usage in every game. If Kuzma puts together an efficient shooting performance against the Hawks tonight, he will crush at this price point. 

Jae’Sean Tate – (4,800 Dk) Tate has shown a lot of upside across the first four games, as we expected him to take a big role this year. Tate has showed upside of over 44 FPTS so far, but he has also shown a concerning floor. We would stay away from Tate for cash games here, but we really like getting some exposure to him for tournaments.

Power Forward 

Kelly Olynyk – (5,800 DKJerami Grant is currently questionable for the Pistons. If he ends up playing, we don’t really like anything from Detroit here in a tough matchup against the Sixers. However, if Grant ends up out again we really like going to Olynyk. We saw him dominate with the starting opportunity last game, as he went for almost 40 FPTS. He is an extremely productive DFS producer with amazing upside. We want a lot of Olynyk if he winds up in the starting lineup.


Montrezl Harrell – (5,300 DK) It is interesting to see how this Washington team is rounding out after losing superstar Russell Westbrook. Harrell has been an absolute beast so far in the season, and his upside is what really interests us. Harrell has shown a few monster games so far, including over 45 FPTS in his last outing. We love getting to Harrell here for the upside, as another big game likely makes him a must play on a slate like this. Harrell has been playing massive minutes in competitive games, so he should be able to deliver if this stays close. 

General strategy 

There is not nearly as much screaming out at us as we saw last time around, however there are still some plays we really like. On a slate like this, we can confidently take much more exposure to the guys we like. For example, on a ten game slate there are always a ton of superstars we must choose between. While on a slate like this we are able to stick our flag in Doncic with a lot more confidence, as there are not as many superstars who could beat him out. The same goes for our value plays, specifically Bane. There are only so many guys Bane needs to beat out to be the top cheap guy here. We are using Doncic and Bane as our first guys in for Cash tonight, and they make a lot of sense for tournaments as well. In terms of injuries tonight’s, the Embiid news is the big thing we are waiting on. If Embiid is out tonight, we are looking to go heavy on Sixers. Andre Drummond would be a lock starting without Embiid, and Tobias Harris would be a priority for us.

Go win your lineup and tell us how you did. Twitter (@FantasyDFSX) is a good place for that.

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