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NBA Basketball DFS Advice

NBA DFS Advice for November 7, 2021

Giannis Antetokounmpo DFS Pick
Devonte Graham (Charlotte Hornets) vs Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks) during the Bucks v Hornets game on January 24, 2020 in Paris, France. (Photo by JB Autissier/Panoramic/Icon Sportswire) ****NO AGENTS---NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA SALES ONLY****

We have seven NBA games to talk about tonight, with a lot of high priority stars taking the floor. At first glance this slate challenges us to decide which stars we are going to take, and which ones we will have to pass on. We have some solid value right now, but with seven games it is likely more news breaks closer to lock. We will two core plays we are using for Cash games, who look good with the news that we have now. We will also discuss one star who are passing on for tonight’s slate. In our premium content for this slate, we will get to all our favorite plays by position. As well as some general strategy on how to handle the slate, and potential injuries we have an eye on.

Here’s Two Core Plays For DFS Basketball 11/7/21 (using DraftKings Values)

Point Guard   
Shooting GuardC. Martin $3,600
Small Forward   
Power Forward   
GuardG. Antetokounmpo $11,400

As of now we don’t have a ton of cheap value that really stands out on this slate, which is problematic as we have a few stars we know we want to get to. One budget player we like is Cody Martin at $3,600, who is too cheap here for the production he has shown so far. Martin has been seeing decent floor time for the Charlotte Hornets, averaging over 24 minutes per game this season. Martin is averaging 21.6 FPTS so far, and the floor he shows is good for this price. If Martin can go for 20 or more FPTS tonight, that is all we need from him as he allows us to pay up for our studs.

For Cash games tonight there is no doubt that we are getting to Giannis Antetokounmpo, and we will be using a ton of him for tournament lineups as well. Antetokounmpo looks fantastic tonight, and he is too cheap at $11,400. The Bucks have a fantastic matchup tonight against the Washington Wizards, who have no hope of stopping the Freak inside. We also know that Khris Middleton remains sideline for the Milwaukee Bucks. Antetokounmpo should have to take on a big scoring role for the Bucks, especially if this stays close. Antetokounmpo has an amazing floor as well as some of the best upside on the slate.

Here’s a Fade DFS Basketball 11/7/21 (using DraftKings Values)

Julius Randle showed out with a huge performance last time out going for 58.5 FPTS. However, his big performance led him to a $10,000 price tag for tonight’s slate. On the other hand, we have a player like Steph Curry who was somewhat underwhelming in his last few games priced at $10,700. Randle is way to expensive for us and a fade for tonight, as we know the price gap between him and guys like Steph Curry or Paul George should be much larger. We have a ton of stars we want exposure tonight, so Randle is one guy we will be passing on.


Now what do you get if you sign up now for $99?
• Priorities at every position
• Some general strategy for the night, with potential injury news
• A Contrarian star who we are looking to for Big GPP’s
• Our favorite plays from every price range

Point Guard

Steph Curry – PG ($10,700 DK) Curry’s price has come down $700 since last slate, and he is a lot easier to justify paying up for in this spot. Curry is averaging over 50 FPTS per game on the season, as the Warriors need him to do everything offensively. Curry has massive upside from huge scoring nights, as he could go for a crazy amount of three pointers. With an easy matchup against the Houston Rockets, we are betting on Curry to show a bit of upside in this spot.

Shooting Guard 

Collin Sexton – ($5,800 DK) Sexton has not gotten off to the best start this season, as he is only averaging 25 FPTS per game so far. However, we really want to talk about how unproductive he is compared to the first three years of his career. Right now, Sextons points per game is within 0.1 PTS of what he averaged as a rookie, and almost 8 FPTS lower then what he averaged last season. Given that Sexton is 23 years old, we really doubt that we see this decline hold up. We expected Sexton be about $2,000 more then where he is priced now, which means there is a lot of opportunity here for him to start outperforming this price.

Small Forward 

Paul George  ($10,400 DK) Playing on the Clippers without Kawhi Leonard, George is taking on more scoring responsibility then anyone else in the NBA so far. What we have seen recently is either the George scores a ton of points, or the Clippers lose the game. In consequence, George has been one of the best DFS producers in the NBA this season, averaging 52.6 FPTS per game so far. George is leading the NBA in real points, which gives him some of the best upside we are going to find. With an easy matchup against the Hornets tonight, we really like getting to George at this price. 

Power Forward 

Keldon Johnson – ($5,500 DKJohnson was one of the guys we had our eyes on coming into the season, as we expected him to take a step up with all the veteran leadership leaving the Spurs. Johnson has been good so far, averaging 27.8 FPTS per game on the season. However, we still think there is room for that number to continue growing. Johnson scored 35.3 FPTS in over 33 minutes last game, which is the kind of role we expect to see from him coming into the season. We like betting on Johnson here, as we think his price rises past $6,000 this season.


Jarrett Allen – ($7,100 DK) Allen is expensive right now, but that is warranted as he has been one of the best producers in the NBA over his past three games. Allen has scored 56, 55.75 and 41.25 FPTS respectively across his last three outings, as we have seen him take a huge role for Cleveland. Both Kevin Love and Lauri Markkanen remain out, and there absences has led to massive minutes for Allen. Allen has been playing between 35 and 40 minutes a night, and we have no problem paying this much for him if that is going to be the case.    

General strategy 

As always the first thing we need to address is the questionable tags for this slate, as we usually see a lot of value from teams where guys get ruled out. Malcolm Brogdon has been dealing with injury issues early this season, and we have seen the Pacers play a few games without him. If Brogodon is good to go tonight, we don’t like much from the Pacers as guys have had the chance to play without Brogdon. However, if we get the news that Brogdon is ruled out here there are a few Pacers we like. Starting with Domantas Sabonis as a spend up option, we also like going after Chris Duarte andT.J. McConnell for value. 

Another guy with the Q tag for this one is Cole Anthony who has been doing a ton for the Orlando Magic during his second year in the league. Anthony is playing over 34 minutes a game, averaging 39 FPTS. If he sits there is going to be a huge hole to fill for the rest of the Magic guys, especially the guard rotation. Jalen Suggs and RJ Hampton will be absolute priorities, and guys like Terrence Ross and Gary Harris have a lot of upside as well. Keep an eye the guys we mentioned and whatever other news may break tonight, and good luck.

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