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NBA Basketball DFS Advice

NBA DFS Advice for November 10, 2021

Steph Curry DFS
190530 Warriors Stephen Curry in action against Raptors Kawhi Leonard during game 1 of the 2019 NBA Finals between Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors on May 30, 2019 in Toronto (Photo by Bildbyran/Imago/Icon Sportswire) ****NO AGENTS---NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA SALES ONLY****

After last night’s three game NBA DFS slate, we are following up with a thirteen game behemoth for tonight. Get some snacks, make a coffee and lock in because we have a lot to look at for a slate this big. Only four teams in the NBA don’t play tonight, so we have an overwhelming number of options to choose from. Slates o this size are not easy, as we must find some way to select which of many strong plays stand out. We have a ton of injury news for tonight’s slate, which is the first thing we must discuss for DFS. The team we are locked in on here is the Denver Nuggets who seem likely to be playing without any of there big names tonight. We already know that Jamal Murray has been out for a while, and Michael Porter Jr. will remain out tonight as well, The news has also come out that Nikola Jokic which we expect to see played out here. The Nuggets are going to have a colossal usage hole in this spot, and everyone stands to see a massive boost. Even though we have thirteen games tonight, we expect to be drafting three or four Nuggets in a lot of lineups. We also have a lot of value from the Boston Celtics tonight, who remain without one of there stars in Jaylen Brown. We will cover two core plays with all the injuries, as well as one star who we are getting off for tonight’s slate. Then in our premium content, we will go into more picks from the Nuggets who stand out, as well as some high upside studs.

Here’s Two Core Plays For DFS Basketball 11/10/21 (using DraftKings Values)

Point Guard   
Shooting GuardJ. Richardson $3,400
Small ForwardW. Barton $6,300
Power Forward   

Josh Richardson is one of favorite value options for tonight, as there is a lot to like about him here. Richardson is coming in at his cheapest price tag of the season so far at $3,400, and he is in position to take on a huge role tonight. All the Celtics wings are going to be playing more minutes with Brown out here, starting with Richardson who saw 31 minutes last time out. Richardson went for 22.5 FPTS, which is great for his price tag. However, we would expect him to be even more productive given all the floor time and the 12 field goal attempts he got up. The Celtics have a depth problem on there best day, so with Brown out the value is wild.

As we mentioned in our introduction, it is going to be all about the Denver Nuggets tonight. The Nuggets missing all their stars tonight in Jokic, Murray and Porter. We have already seen a lot of Nuggets taking on a big role with Murray and Porter out, so we expect things to get crazy with the Joker suspended tonight. The most expensive guy for the Nuggets here is going to be Will Barton who is a lock for us tonight. Barton is the clear cut number one guy with all the absences for Denver, as he is already too cheap at $6,300 for how good he has been. Barton has scored 47.25, 36.75 and 45.75 FPTS respectively in his last three games as he has seen a huge role with Porter out of the lineup. We expect Barton plays somewhere in the 40 minutes range, and he shot easily get up over 20 shot attempts. This is a smash play, as you don’t want to be the person not playing Barton tonight.

Here’s a Fade DFS Basketball 11/7/21 (using DraftKings Values)

It is a little bit bold to fade Steph Curry with a good matchup with the way he has been playing, but with a slate this size we must make some tough fades. Curry was ridiculous last time out with almost 90 FPTS, however that has led him to a $11,700 price tag. This is about as expensive as you are going to find Curry, which makes him a pass for us given how much value is on this slate. There is always the chance Curry has a big game, but he would need to explode to be worth the price tonight.

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Point Guard

Ricky Rubio – PG ($5,200 DK) Rubio was the slate breaker last time out, as his career high 37 points led to over 61 FPTS. Rubio played 31 minutes last night and got up a season high 19 shot attempts. Collin Sexton leaving the game 12 minutes in with a torn meniscus allowed for Rubio to see such a big role. As Sexton remains out coming into tonight, we expect to see Rubio take on another nice opportunity. Rubio is already cheap for the upside he has shown with the Cavaliers, as he is averaging 31.3 FPTS per game so far. We expect his price to rise significantly while Sexton remains sidelined, so we want to roster him at this price while we still can.

Shooting Guard 

Zach Lavine  ($7,600 DK) It was a bit of a shock to see where Lavine was priced on DraftKings tonight. Lavine saw a drastic $1,000 price drop since his last outing, even though he has been productive lately. Lavine has scored over 40 FPTS for five straight games, and he is averaging 41.3 FPTS on the season. At this price Lavine gives us good value with a floor performance. Lavine is also a guy with a ton of upside, so at this price he could end up in a very strong lineup.

Small Forward 

Jeff Green  ($3,400 DK) People are going to be all over the Denver Nuggets tonight, and for good reason as cheap guys are going to be stepping into huge roles. Green is one of our priorities from the Nuggets tonight, as we expect him to play closer to 40 minutes at $3,400. The absence of Porter last time out led to a massive opportunity for Green, who saw 34 minutes on the floor. With Jokic out we expect him to share the center duties as well. There are a lot of ways Green can hit value with this much floor time, and with all the guys out for Denver he has some real upside here.

Power Forward 

Anthony Davis – ($11,100 DKWith all the amazing value plays on tonight’s slate, the real challenge is going to be figuring out which stars we want next to them. With thirteen games, it can be tough deciding which stars we expect to stand above the crowd. Davis is a priority for us tonight, as he has been taking on a monster role offensively with LeBron James out of the lineup. Davis has scored 65 and 68.5 FPTS in the last two games he played healthy. He has been taking a ton of shots since James got hurt, as the Lakers offense needs to go to Davis inside much more often. We love Davis here, and we know we have the value to easily get to his price tag.

JaMychal Green – ($3,200 DK) We are interested in hearing who ends up getting the start for Denver with all the injuries tonight, but as of now we expect the center nod to go to Green. If that is the case, he is going to be one of our favorite plays on the slate at this price. There is not much to say about Green here, he is not a very good DFS producer. However, if he starts at center with not much to back him up it is hard to say no at this price. 


Bobby Portis – ($5,500 DK) Portis has gotten the start at center for the Bucks over the past two games, and his production has been outstanding. Portis has scored 45.25 and 44 FPTS respectively in his last two games, as the start has led to a huge role. Portis has played 31 and 35 minutes in the last two, and he has been one of the highest Usage Bucks. If Portis continues to start at center for the Bucks tonight, he is a guy we want to get to given how dominant he has been. 

General strategy 

 There is a lot going on here, so we are going to use this space to try and unpack it. For Cash games tonight, we are going to four or five plays from the Denver Nuggets to clear up salary. Then we will throw in some stars we know have good floors such as Giannis Antetokounmpo or Kevin Durant. We also like Lavine for cash because of the price. There is a ton of directions to go with tournaments tonight. We are still going to be playing a ton of value from Denver, but we do not mind keeping it to two or three Nuggets to get a bit different. We like getting to Precious Achiuwa in tournaments, who should be in for close to 30 minutes, and no one is looking at tonight. This is a good slate for multiple lineups, as it is tough getting the perfect lineup with just one go here. It is going to be essential to keep an eye on the news tonight, as with thirteen games something interesting breaking is almost a guarantee. We also really need to know who starts for Denver here, as that will be our best value on the slate.

Go win your lineup and tell us how you did. Twitter (@FantasyDFSX) is a good place for that.

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