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NBA Basketball DFS Advice

NBA DFS Advice for December 7, 2021

Russell Westbrook DFS
LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 06: Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook (0) shoots over Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma (0) during the Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Lakers game on February 06, 2020, at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire)

We only have three games tonight, so we must get a little more creative with our lineups then when there are nine games of obvious value. The first thing that needs to be mentioned for today is two huge questionable tags in Luka Doncic and Jaylen Brown. Doncic is the top superstar option if he plays, and he creates a lot of value if he sits. For Brown, the entire Celtics look different in terms of value if he is out. With only three games tonight, questionable tags like these are huge for determining who we are going to play. In our free content today, we will focus on who we like for sure with the news that is out now. Our premium content will focus on how we are handling Doncic and Brown here.

Here’s Two Core Plays For DFS Basketball 12/7/21 (using DraftKings Values)

Point GuardD. Murray $9,500
Shooting GuardB. Brown $3.500
Small Forward   
Power Forward   

If we get the news that Doncic is going to play tonight he is going to be our favorite spend up option tonight. However, the guy who would be our cash core with the news we have now is Dejounte Murray. Murray is $700 cheaper than he was last time out, and right now $9,500 is too cheap for him. He went for 50 FPTS last game, and he has gone for over 47 FPTS in nine of his last ten games. Murray has been a triple double machine this year, which has led to some huge outings in DFS. The ceiling and floor both look good on Murray in this spot, so we are happy playing him tonight.

Bruce Brown has been dealing with some injury issues lately, as he sat out two games, and returned to action two games ago. He was limited his first game back, but he played 26 minutes last time out. We really do expect the minutes to start to come consistently for Brown, as the Nets have very little depth with all there issues right now. We don’t have a lot of value tonight, so the $3,500 tag on Brown is key for allowing us to spend up. He went for 23.5 FPTS last time out, and that kind of production is all we need here.

Here’s a Fade DFS Basketball 12/7/21 (using DraftKings Values)

The Los Angeles Lakers have had quite a few games this season without LeBron James on the floor, allowing inflated opportunities for the other Lakers. For that reason, a lot of Lakers are easy fades when James plays. Russell Westbrook is a top end option well be passing on tonight, as almost all his big games this season came in games when James sat. With the major exception being a game that went to triple overtime. Westbrook is a whopping $10,200 tonight, despite his low floor that he has been showing. Westbrook went for 28 FPTS last game and 38 FPTS in the game before. With some nice-looking studs tonight, we have no reason to get to Westbrook.

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Point Guard 

Jalen Brunson – PG ($5,200 DK) If we get the news that Doncic is out tonight, Brunson becomes the best play on the slate at this price. He is going to be a guy that you must play in Cash and will be a core for GPP’s as well. If Doncic plays, Brunson is nowhere near as strong a play, but he still looks good at this price. He is averaging 28.7 FPTS per game for the Mavericks, and there is room for him and Doncic to both have big games. 

Shooting Guard 

Evan Fournier ($4,700 DK) The Knicks are struggling to figure out the right units to run with the players they have, so we are seeing different rotations on a game-to-game basis. Fournier has been getting bigger opportunities since Kemba Walker got shut down a few weeks ago. He played 36 minutes last game and 32 minutes the game before. He is coming off back-to-back 6-14 shooting nights and has still been hitting nice value at this price. Fournier is going to get more expensive if his role for the Knicks sustains, and the upside at this price point is massive. 

Small Forward 

Luka Doncic  ($10,900 DK) We had to talk about the man of mystery himself, as if we find out Doncic is playing he is the guy tonight. With most of are favorite DFS studs not playing tonight, Doncic stands above the crowd. He will be the guy we build around for Cash games, and a key piece for Tournaments. The Mavericks have a fantastic matchup against the Nets tonight, so we would not be surprised with a big game. Doncic plays early in Brooklyn, so we will know if he is in our out before lock.

Power Forward 

Jayson Tatum ($9,400 DK) Unlike Doncic, it is very likely we do not get the Brown news before lock as he plays in the late game. If we don’t get the news, we are happy plugging Tatum in, as he looks solid either way. Tatum is coming off three straight outings over 50 FPTS, so he is a solid play here even if Brown plays. If Brown sits, Tatum is a guy we want to have at this price.  


Dwight Howard – ($3,800 DK) We are desperate to find budget options tonight, as the top end of the slate looks a lot better than the bottom. Howard looks solid here, as the Lakers have been experimenting giving him more run. He saw 35 minutes off the bench two games ago, and 21 minutes with the start last game. He is a good per minute producer, averaging over a FPT per minute so far this season. Howard looks like a solid value in this spot, and there is some nice minutes upside.

General strategy 

The big difference between the Doncic and Brown news here is we will for sure know the Doncic news before lock. If Doncic ends up in he looks good, while guys like Brunson and Kristaps Porzingis look solid. If Doncic ends up out, Brunson and Porzingis are both locks for us here. If we get the news that Brown is in, Tatum looks solid but that is all we would get to from Boston. If Brown ends up out, we love getting to Tatum and Josh Richardson, while Marcus Smart looks solid. Keep an eye on the news here, as that will determine our top options tonight.

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