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MLB Baseball DFS Advice

Getting Started with MLB DFS – Draft Kings vs FanDuel


In Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), there are two major platforms that you can play on for Major League Baseball, Draft Kings (DK) and FanDuel (FD). They both have daily cash and GPP games as referenced in our previous article – so what is the difference between the two and which is the right one for you?

There are a few big differences that you will see between the two companies’ contests.

  1. Draft Kings uses two pitchers while FanDuel uses one. This is an important difference as pitching pitchers can be difficult at times. So Draft Kings favors players who are looking for more depth in their lineup or those players who are seeking greater variance between entries.
  2. FanDuel doesn’t use the catcher position on its own and combines it with first base. This also creates a shorter lineup, as you are only choosing 9 players on FanDuel, instead of 10 on DraftKings
  3. Scoring. Both scoring systems are similar, however, Draft Kings offers pitching bonuses for things like complete games, no-hitter, and a shutout.
Fanduel Screenshot
FanDuel Screenshot

What do these differences mean to you? If you are a person who enjoys researching their lineup, then you will likely prefer Draft Kings, as you are going to need to find a second starting pitcher each night, and you have one more position to choose a player for. If the part of DFS you enjoy most is picking players and watching your lineups perform, then FanDuel might be the right platform for you. You can pick your favorite starter each night, and avoid the often shallow catcher position and just get to the picking the best players for that slate of games.

Draftkings screenshot
DraftKings Screenshot

These differences will all lead to some different strategy decisions, which we will get into at a later date to get you ready for effectively building your lineups.

You should also keep in mind, especially if you are new to DFS, you can also find bonus offers for adding money to your account. You can access the Draft Kings promotion here and the FanDuel promotion here.

The last thing I would want you to keep in mind is there are other options out there as well. The prize pools won’t be as high, but that likely just means there will be competition won’t be as fierce either. These are the other options :

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