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PGA Golf DFS Advice

DFS Picks for the PGA Championship: August 6 – 10, 2020

Harding Park host of PGA

The first sign of golf back on television, even without fans, felt like a Major, but this week we actually get the real thing, complete with a juicy field of players to choose from. Picking just the right ones isn’t going to be easy, but that’s what we are here for.

The DFS Field and the Course at the PGA Championship
Much like Majors at Bethpage Black in Long Island, Harding Park brings a muni-gem into play for the best players in the world. While not nearly as brutal as Bethpage in terms of difficulty, Harding Park will have golfers all over the world looking to play there on their next trip to the Bay Area (that is, if they can’t get an invite to play the nearby Olympic Club, the Cal Club or the uber-exclusive San Francisco Golf Club).

There is a long history of Bay Area golfers playing well on their home courses, which might factor in here a bit. Tony Lima, Johnny Miller, and many others not only lived near San Francisco, but also historically played well there.

Our free pick of the week is a player who lives in Orange County, California, which isn’t exactly the Bay Area, but who cares, because he’s relatively cheap, and he’s been consistently not just making cuts, but also cranking out good finishes and lots of DFS points. Brandon Steele ($6,900), who made the cut last week, had a respectable 68 FPG. He has made 11 of 17 total cuts for the year, which is key for any successful ticket – especially my favorites, which are 50/50 double downs. Expect good things from Brandon.

A-List DFS Picks at the PGA Championship: 2020

If you aren’t back in love with Brooks Koepka ($11,100), then perhaps you  will never be in love with him ever again. The two-time PGA champion is a 100 percent pure stud, and the conjecture is that he only really gets to 100 percent focus when it is major time. Yes, he’s expensive this week, but can you say no? I can’t. I am spending my Brandon Steele savings on Brooks. 9/13 cuts made this year. It’s a Major. Last week he rocked 106.5 FPS. What’s not to like?

Another love-hate pick would be Dustin Johnson ($9,000). This Gumby-like (damn it) former Number One in the world player can’t simply go off for DFS, and his price is much more reasonable than Brooks Koepka. My concern is that of health. He’s missed Majors before and has had issues recently. but he is getting a mention for the week, without question.

Again, my don’t pick him is Tiger Woods ($9,200). He has a five for five record of making cuts, but with his health, his relatively high price, and his age, I am just not feeling Major No. 16 this week. He is “from California,” but he doesn’t putt well on the Poa Annua greens he will see this week, and on most courses in the state. I think making the cut this week would be a reasonable expectation in DFS for this past champion.

B-List DFS Picks at The PGA Championship: 2020
How is it possible that Tony Finau ($7,900) is on the B-List at a Major? I guess he hasn’t won one yet. and the field is packed, but how can you not like this slick shooter from Utah? 14 of 17 cuts made, and six Top Tens. His  finish at the St. Jude was pretty poor at +6 over the last 36 holes, but that might just be what is driving his price down. I am looking at Tony Finau as an amazing buy-low opportunity for the PGA this week.

Another jaw-dropper for me is Golf Jesus and Euro stud Tommy Fleetwood ($7,700) at such a low price. Perhaps he’s getting less love because of the same reason why Tiger is getting so much at $9,200 but Fleetwood’s 8/10 cuts and smoking 65 on Sunday last week at the St. Jude’s has caught my attention. At this price, he just isn’t that hard to fit into the lineup.

Who to avoid in the B-List this week? How about a fave of mine, Matt Kuchar ($7,500)? I could be very wrong with KOOOOCH this week, but I just see the youth movement in play, and he’s not that. His even-tempered outlook about the game and 11/14 could prove me wrong. We will see.

C-List DFS Value Picks at the PGA Championship: 2020

We gotta get some value picks in to allow for big-ticket shopping, so how about Byeong-hun An ($7,300) for starters. He’s not a lock to make cuts at 13/19, but he did come in at a very, very respectable T-12 at the St. Jude last week for 89.5 FPS.

Slick-swinging Euro stud Henrik Stenson ($7,300) is a safe bet, as he’s got the resume, the ball-striking and the temperament to add another Major to his credit. He’s 5/7 in cuts when playing in the United States. but perhaps his lack of starts here keeps him from getting mainstream love?

A sneaky pick that I am seeing my buddies dropping on me every week is Joel Dahmen ($6,900). You can’t beat the price, and he’s a cut-making machine, with 16/19 for the year. He’s a bit of a long shot, but then again, just making the cut can help if you are pairing him with one of the big boys at the top of the pay scale.

I don’t know why Jim Furyk ($6,600) comes to mind this week, other than his notably strong (until the end) performance at the U.S. Open at the nearby Olympic Club, but I think we should avoid him. I tend to like older players in other sports, specifically NH, for DFS, but I think too much time has passed, and at $6,600, he’s not going to be able to keep up with the kids at Harding Park.

Good luck with your lineups. Send us any fodder for the “Wall of Fame,” including screenshots. We will put them up on social and proclaim you the DFS champion of the world.

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