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DFS NHL Fantasy Hockey Picks For 8/23/20

Pouty looking David Krejci
PHILADELPHIA, PA - MARCH 10: Boston Bruins Center David Krejci (46) looks on in the third period during the game between the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers on March 10, 2020 at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

Another day, another upset. The Dallas Stars are firing on all cylinders right now and struck a massive blow to the favored Colorado Avalanche. Are we seeing the weaknesses of the Avalanche exposed? Are they too top heavy while the Stars have a more balanced and deeper squad? In our estimation this series is going to six or seven games and all of those questions will be tested. For now let’s take a look at tonight’s matchups and enjoy a greater selection than yesterday’s single game.

For our free pick today we are targeting the Boston Bruins second line center David Krejci ($4,400 DK, $5,800 FD). This guy lives for the playoffs. You will only see one block on his stat sheet from last game but if you watch it happen you will see he laid down in front of a sure goal. He will do whatever is necessary to score you those points and make you a champion.

Goalie DFS Pick For 8/23/20

The Vancouver Canucks have an arguably easier opponent in the second round when they face the Vegas Golden Knights. There has been some controversy surrounding the Knights goalies and while Lehner played very well to eliminate his old team we are going to give the nod to Jacob Markstrom ($7,500 DK, $7,500 FD). He is cheaper and we think he is more reliable for this first game. Take that savings and put it towards some of our other hot forwards. 

Center DFS Picks For 8/23/20

The Canucks are not going to let up any time soon and Elias Pettersson ($6,800 DK, $7,200 FD) is putting up elite numbers in his first time in the playoffs. This will be a statement game and he will be making some remarks. He scored four points in the previous two games and is going to be trying to extend that streak.

If there is a weakness in Vancouver’s game it is their defense. From a fantasy standpoint they are gold. But they are more offensively gifted than they are defensively. William Karlsson ($5,500 DK, $5,700 FD) is an all around center who doesn’t just get goals and assists. Like Krejci he is out there putting himself in front of shots and is a solid choice to round out your squad.

Winger DFS Picks For 8/23/20

What greater show of summer is there than an amazing fireworks display? Put all your chips into wingers tonight as they may be the grand finale in making you a winner. Nikita Kucherov ($7,800 DK, $8,300 FD) usually has a bare minimum of four shots on goal. If he gets a fifth one it’s all bonuses for you. Top that off with those shots being lethal and Kucherov stands at the top of our list for scoring wingers.

Depending on how you put your picks together you may not get both of these guys but David Pastrnak ($7,500 DK, $8,600 FD) is a must target. He put five shots on goal last game and only ended up with two assists. He is looking to produce wherever he can and has not scored nearly as many goals as he is capable of. When the puck is on his stick expect it to be behind Vasilevski not long after.

We have an extra winger this week because we haven’t had the chance yet to talk about much we love Blake Coleman’s ($4,100 DK, $3,600 FD) game. Coleman is a trade deadline acquisition from the New Jersey Devils. He is a physical player that is maturing into more of a skilled role. Coleman is indispensable on any line he plays on and should not be discounted.

Defenseman DFS Picks For 8/23/20

With all we are spending on wingers we are going to look to save on defencemen that will still produce for us. Quinn Hughes ($4,700 DK, $5,500 FD) hasn’t jumped on the scoresheet too much recently and so his cost has dropped a bit to match. We see that as extra value to be had as the kid can drop a contest winning amount of points on you out of nowhere. 

In the same vein we are also liking the savings that Torey Krug ($4,400 DK, $5,300 FD) is offering us right now. He has been a little too quiet lately and with the impact he can have this is too cheap to pass up. His average fantasy points per game is actually higher than Hughes because he brings his floor up with more blocked shots. You can’t go wrong picking Torey.

Avoid DFS Picks For 8/23/20

The Lightning have an amazing offense and most of it runs through Brayden Point. He will be the Bruins focus when it comes to shutting people down. Kucherov still holds value and Point may burst out but we are going to wait a game or two and see how Bruce Cassidy’s system handles him and if he can produce in that environment. 

The stakes keep getting higher and so does our excitement. We hope you are enjoying this as much as we are. Get those picks in and stay tuned for more awesome content.

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