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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL World Championship 2021 Semifinal Picks for October 31, 2021

League of Legends Worlds 2021

After the quarterfinals EDG versus GenG is shaping up to be a much more interesting matcup. With the LPL struggling and the LCK making a resurgence many wouldn’t have thought that the number one LPL seed are potentially underdogs to the LCK third seed. The LPL is normally a force to be reckoned with in recent memory at worlds, but they only managed to get two teams out of the group stage and unfortunately drew each other in the quarterfinals. The LCK on the other hand had all four teams get out of groups and three of them made the semifinals. 

Here’s a core lineup of two players who performed better than expected during the quarterfinals on FanDuel for October 31

UTILITYFlandre$8,400 DK, $9,500 FD
UTILITYLife$6,600 DK, $8,500 FD

Top lane should have been the role where RNG had a guaranteed advantage with Xiaohu at the top of his game. However, Flandre ($8,400 DK, $9,500 FD) had a much better quarterfinal performance compared to group stage. He was able to limit Xiaohu in lane phase which minimized his overall impact on the game. Going up against GenG, Flandre has a massive advantage over the GenG topside of Rascal/Burdol. Top lane has been the weak point for GenG over the course of the entire world championship which was clear in their quarterfinal match. The only success Cloud9 found during the series was Fudge going up against Rascal. Additionally, GenG have shown a willingness to sub out Rascal in favor of Burdol if he can’t match up to his opponent individually so Flandre could see himself up against two opponents during the series.

Life ($6,600 DK, $8,500 FD) has quietly put together a fantastic tournament over eleven games so far. He has a combined scoreline of 14/28/112 putting him fourth in KDA, second in kills per game, seventh in deaths per game, and third in assists per game. If not for his one eight death game against MAD Lions, Life would be second best in deaths per game. The support meta over the course of worlds has shifted away from tank/engage to enchanter/peel with the likes of Rakan, Nami, Yuumi, and Lulu a playstyle which Life has been very successful on presently and in the past.

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MVP and STAR Picks

Bdd ($14,700 [MVP] DK, $13,500 FD) is making his mark at Worlds 2021 seemingly dominating every opponent he’s gone up against. He destroyed Perkz in their quarterfinal match against Cloud9 winning every lane phase with relative ease. Constantly forcing Perkz to utilize his teleport to return to lane whereas Bdd would use his to influence the map elsewhere. We’ve seen the importance of the laning phase, specifically mid lane, this tournament so Bdd’s ability to consistently get advantages by himself gives GenG a massive advantage. While Scout is a very difficult opponent on paper, so have all Bdd’s previous opponents before he’s gotten in game against him.

Viper ($16,800 [MVP] DK, $15,500 FD) has been one of the strongest AD carries during lane at Worlds 2021. Viper got the better of MSI MVP GALA on multiple occasions during lane phase and performed very well on Ezreal, a champion who has fallen off in priority due to the rise in Miss Fortune, Jihn, and Lucian. During the knockout stage AD carries have become the go to role to target in champion select with many phase one bans thrown at the role, squeezing the available champions. He’s played six unique champions in eleven games and Viper’s ability to perform on off meta picks can give EDG that extra boost in draft.

Utility Picks

Jiejie ($9,400 DK, $12,500 FD) really shined in EDG’s quarterfinal match against RNG. We saw how destructive his Olaf can be in the early game in games two and three. Despite the series going five games it felt like Jiejie was clearly the better jungler over Wei who was unable to accomplish anything once Jiejie took control of the game. Jiejie’s opponent Clid is a by the book jungler who will protect his laners and follow wave management. It will be up to Jiejie to once again take control of the early game so we should see more Olaf and Jarvan IV from him.

However, if Jiejie can’t dominant the early game like he did against RNG, Clid ($9,000 DK, $11,500 FD) will have a field day. The brilliance of Clid was displayed during their series against Cloud9. Clid was living in the topside of Cloud9’s jungle for the majority of all three early games. He consistently found gank angles onto Perkz and GenG’s mid control quickly spilled over into topside where we saw multiple tower dives at level three. Clid has primarily stuck to the consistent meta picks of Lee Sin and Xin Zhao which have a much more stable mid to late game in comparison to Jiejie’s preferred Olaf or Jarvan IV.

It’s difficult to justify Scout ($10,400 DK, $14,500 FD) as an MVP pick because of the matchup dynamic against GenG. Scout will be across from Bdd who is been right behind ShowMaker as the best mid laner at Worlds 2021. GenG’s successes have come from Bdd’s strong laning with either solo kills or utilizing lane priority and teleport advantage to gank other lanes at early levels. Scout is still a very strong mid laner who has all the tools to lead EDG to their first ever worlds final, but Scout will either have to overcome Bdd’s lane dominance or find creative ways to help out his team in the early game.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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