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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL World Championship 2021 Play-In Stage Day 3 Picks for October 7, 2021

League of Legends Worlds 2021

Moving into the last day of groups it’s looking like Cloud9 and LNG will advance to the group stage of Worlds 2021 with both teams holding a 3-0 record at the top of their group. Both teams are set to play the weakest team in their respective group likely advancing with a 4-0 record. Hanwha life have already locked up the second seed in group A only losing to LNG. The second seed is up for grabs in group B between Galatasary, Detonation FocusMe, and Beyond Gaming. All options are on the table as any team can finish second through fourth with a three way tie possible with one game remaining.

Here’s a core LOL DFS lineup of three players who’ve been the highest impact players on their team for DraftKings and FanDuel on October 7

Top Lane  
JungleBlaber (C9)$7,000 DK, $8,200 FD
Mid LaneGrevthar (RED)$7,200 DK, $9,200 FD
AD CarryYutapon (DFM)$7,000 DK, $9,600 FD

Any fears of Blaber’s ($7,000 DK, $8,200 FD) scuttle crab woes have quickly subsided after three strong games. His Taliyah game against Galatasaray showcased his more measured approach on the international stage with intelligent pathing and creative ganking. He was able to snowball mid and bot lane hard while keeping top lane in check after Fudge was counter picked. Many were worried that Blaber would struggle on the international stage after his rough MSI performance, but he’s taken a calculated approach with deliberate aggression.

RED Canids have put up respectable performances against group A favorites LNG and Hanwha Life. Mid laner Grevthar ($7,200 DK, $9,200 FD) has been a huge part of their success in the play-in stage so far. He’s been at the center of the RED Canids gameplan whether it’s coordinating plays around his lane or roaming elsewhere. He has the highest KDA on his team despite playing a much more supportive style with over 80 percent kill participation. His Sett and Twisted Fate showcased excellent roam timings while maintaining solid laning stats.

Surprisingly Yutapon ($7,000 DK, $9,600 FD) leads all players in KDA through the first two days of play-ins at 29. His safe and conservated laning minimizes his deaths while scooping up gold to complete items as fast as possible. Yutapon’s only sub-par game came against Cloud9 in which he was forced onto Jhin against a full dive composition. Their opponents in Beyond Gaming play very aggressive botside so Yutapon’s safety should help neutralize BYG’s only threat, Doggo.

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There are only four games on Thursday morning as two teams have already played all four games (HLE and GS) and the remaining six have only one more to play. Therefore, DraftKings and FanDuel share the same set of four games which are: INF vs LNG, PCE vs RED, DFM vs BYG, and C9 vs UOL.

MVP Picks

C9 Zven ($11,400 [MVP] DK, $9,900 FD)? More like OG Niles. Zven made his return to worlds for the first time since 2017 when he was on G2. The last time he performed this well on the worlds stage was in 2015 on Origen when he was formerly known as Niles. Zven has been improving week over week dating back to week four of the LCS summer season since coming back from his surprise benching. He’s stuck to the basics with the two strongest AD carry champions in the meta right now Ezreal and Miss Fortune. He’s put together a combined scoreline of 18/2/23 which places him second in KDA, kills per game, deaths per game, and assists per game (excluding supports) among all players in the play-in stage.

Ale ($10,500 [MVP] DK, $8,200 FD) seems to be the best individual player at the play-in stage. His high pressure, fast paced style from competing in the LPL has him running over the competition. He leads all top laners in major scoring categories (kills per game, deaths per game, CS per minute) except for assists per game where he’s second. His opponent Buggax is second in kills per game among top laners which should lead to a very bloody topside against Infinity Esports. 

Tier One Picks

Icon ($7,800 DK, $9,300 FD) made his mark on the worlds stage in the opening game against Hanwha Life by completely nullifying Chovy’s Tryndamere with Gragas. The perfect counter to the newest mid lane power pick. While the LPL has many standout mid laners above Icon none work has perfectly as he does with his team. He flexible in draft, willing to sacrifice his needs in game for the betterment of the team while still performing at a high level. Infinity mid laner Cody has the most deaths per game for mid, making Icon a power pick for Thursday’s matches.

Vulcan ($6,000 DK, $7,200 FD) continues to be the unsung hero of Cloud9. His quite persona and by the book gameplay has many overlooking him as the best support in the play-in stage. He perfectly compliments the aggression of Perkz and Blaber to serve as the primary engager while also protecting Zven in the early game. Cloud9’s bot lane is right up there with LNG and Hanwha Life in terms of strength and reliability. Their opposing bot lane in Argonavt and SaNTaS lead their role in most deaths per game, expect Vulcan to take full advantage of their mistakes in lane. 

Tier Two Picks

Apart from Doggo, Husha ($6,800 DK, $8,000 FD) has been Beyond Gaming’s most consistent player. Beyond Gaming’s solo lanes have struggled to have an impact in play-ins which would traditionally limit the junglers impact on the game. However, Husha has been solid for BYG with great games on Xin Zhao against Galatasaray and the Unicorns of Love. Beyond Gaming must pick up a win on Thursday to play a tie-breaker for the second seed in group B, to greatly improve their chances at making it out of play-ins. Look for Husha to get Doggo rolling in the early game like he did against UOL.

Peace haven’t looked like the most coordinated team, but Aladoric ($5,200 DK, $6,600 FD) has made some key plays for them to keep them afloat in group A. Peace have a key matchup against RED Canids to secure a spot in the knockout stage of play-ins and he could be the X-factor to get them there. Aladoric leads his team in kill participation meaning he’s the one setting up the plays and engages for his team. If Peace wants to make their mark on group A and advance to the knockout stage, Aladoric will be leading the way.


Two key matchups between Peace versus RED Canids and Detonation FocusMe versus Beyond Gaming have huge implications on group seeding going into the knockout stage. Finding the correct balance of inexpensive players from these teams with LNG and Cloud9 as huge favorites will give you the best chance. Important to note that Red Canids and Beyond Gaming will be on redside for their important matches meaning they’re likely to utilize counter picks for their solo lanes. Potentially stay away from Evi and Vizicsacsi as they have struggled when getting counter picked needing to blind pick their own champions.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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