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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL World Championship 2021 Play-In Stage Day 2 Picks for October 6, 2021

League of Legends is back

We got the first peak of the Worlds 2021 meta, and it seems it’s wide open. We saw carries in the top lane, assassins in the jungle, 11 unique mid lane picks, insane priority on Miss Fortune, and Amumu support. LNG seems like the only surefire pick to make it out of play-ins but Cloud9 can easily lock up their spot with games against Beyond Gaming and Galatasaray.

Here’s a core lineup of players who performed well on day one for DraftKings and FanDuel on October 6

Top LaneFudge (C9)$6,600 DK, $7,900 FD
JungleMojito (GS)$6,400 DK, $7,800 FD
Mid Lane  
AD CarryDeft (HLE)$8,000 DK, $10,200 FD

Fudge’s ($6,600 DK, $7,900 FD) Iceland buff seems to be continuing from MSI. Cloud9 got their revenge against Detonation FocusMe in their first game of play-ins giving Fudge the counter pick Irelia into Evi’s Gnar. Cloud9 have shown a willingness to give Fudge counter pick when they are on red side, and he took full advantage. While his scoreline of 1/2/4 wasn’t the greatest, DFM needed to send over three members multiple times in order to shut Fudge down in the game allowing the rest of C9 to benefit from all the attention he was getting. 

Mojito ($6,400 DK, $7,800 FD) has looked great on the new look assassin jungle meta. He shined on Talon and Qiyana against Beyond Gaming and the Unicorns of Love. Carry junglers were his specialty in the TCL and he seems to be taking full advantage of the additional carries in the pool. Mojito is the fourth cheapest jungler on both DraftKings and FanDuel and should be a must for most rosters.

Despite Hanwha Life’s struggles against LNG and a not so convincing win over Infinity Esports, Deft ($8,000 DK, $10,200 FD) still managed to impress. Hanwha ran a full AD composition with minimal crowd control against LNG which doomed them from the start and their game against Infinity was just a mess. For DraftKings he’ll be facing the RED Canids and for FanDuel he’ll be facing Peace which gives him two games to run up his KDA against weaker teams.

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Another eight games on Wednesday morning with matches from both groups. Out of those eight games, DraftKings and FanDuel’s daily games include only four out of the eight. For Wednesday’s matches DraftKings’ set of four game is: INF vs PCE, RED vs HLE, C9 vs BYG, DFM vs GS and FanDuel’s set of four games is: HLE vs PCE, RED vs LNG, C9 vs BYG, DFM vs GS.


After the first day of play-ins we’ve gotten a slight understanding of where teams are at but the meta is still up in the air. There are two crucial games in group B between Cloud9 and Beyond Gaming plus Galatasaray versus Detonation FocusMe. These two games will likely decide who finishes number one and two in group B, therefore, players from all these teams have the potential to score big as wins are necessary. Over in group A the match between Infinity Esports and Peace holds plenty of cheap picks to help fill out your roster if you chose to spend big on the top players.

MVP Picks

Crazy ($9,000 [MVP] DK) has crazy (Yes, pun intended) MVP value for their matchup against Detonation FocusMe. A win over DFM would almost guarantee them a top two finish in their group, greatly improving their chances to escape play-ins. Which would make them the first Turkish team to advance to the group stage since 2017. Crazy had two impressive performances on day one dominating his lane from start to finish even getting his Kennen counter picked in their game against Beyond Gaming. He did a great job of separating the enemy team by diving the backline, creating as much chaos as possible to allow the rest of Galatasaray to deal damage uninterrupted. His impressive scoreline of 9/4/17 should have DFM worried as their top laner Evi didn’t look good during their first two games.

Making his return to worlds on a new team, Perkz ($8,900 FD) put up a very impressive performance on Sylas going up against Aria’s LeBlanc. Perkz struggled towards the end of the LCS season giving cause for concern going into worlds. However, Perkz handed Aria his first loss and first deaths on LeBlanc for all of 2021. Whenever worlds come around Perkz seems to kick it up a notch and out of the gate it doesn’t seem to be any different. His opponent Maoan felt sluggish in his first game, often arriving late to teamfights with poor teleport usage. Perkz’s much more aggressive playstyle should give him control of the lane in Cloud9’s upcoming match against Beyond Gaming.

Tier One Picks

It was difficult for Chovy ($7,800 DK) to get involved in both games for Hanwha Life because of their draft limitations. An early Tyrndamere pick against LNG allowed them to draft around it with hard counters in mid lane, top lane, and support. Plus, a conservative Azir pick against Infinity Esports saw Chovy not involved in the gameplan early on. During both games Chovy display his fantastic laning while his team struggled to get rolling having the tenth best gold difference at 15 mintues. It’s only a matter of time until we see Chovy completely take over a game and Hanwha Life has an easy matchup against the RED Canids on DraftKings.

Iwandy ($7,400 FD) was the key to success for LNG against Hanwha Life and stopped the new look Amumu support in its tracks against Peace. Iwandy played Rakan to perfection against Hanwha Life in peeling the team when Chovy and Morgan would jump on top of the carries. It was a masterclass on darting in and out of the frontline while being available for peel on a moments notice. LNG’s bot lane has flown under the radar due to the dominance on the topside of the map but don’t confuse that with weakness. 

Tier Two Picks

Whitelotus ($7,400 DK) looked solid for Infinity Esports in two loses against RED Canids and Hanwha Life. He held his own against Deft and Vsta in lane and soley accrued the early game advantage for Infinity against RED, roaming mid lane to pick up kills which resulted in early dragons. Whitelotus and Infinity are going up against Peace who look like the weakest team in the play-in stage who have a much different read on the meta than the rest of the teams. Whitelotus is a cheaper option compared to the more expensive Zven and Deft if you need some wiggle room with your salary to finish your roster.

Alive ($9,300 FD) is another AD carry who has great value for Galatasaray’s matchup against Detonation FocusMe being the third cheapest AD carry on FanDuel. DFM AD carry Yutapon is a very safe and conservative player who will play passive in lane to scale. Through Galatasaray’s first two games they’ve done a great job of getting out of lane quickly to create teamfights around vision and objectives. GS has the highest total kills per game over the first eight games and while Alive might not accomplish a lot through lane phase, GS should look to roam elsewhere and take advantage of their aggressive playstyle.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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