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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL World Championship 2021 Group Stage Picks for October 12, 2021

League of Legends Worlds 2021

The first match of the group stage saw 2020 World Champions Damwon KIA destroy 2019 World Champions FPX from start to finish with immaculate vision control. Team Liquid picked up North America’s first win in an upset over MAD Lions. Tuesday’s games have some big matchups which could see some favorites drop to 0-2 with Team Liquid versus LNG and MAD Lions versus GenG. However, the biggest match will once again be the first one when T1 takes on EDG to likely determine who will finish as the first seed in group B.

Here’s a core lineup of three players who have great matchups for Tuesday’s matches on DraftKings and FanDuel for October 12

Top Lane  
JungleWiller (HLE)$6,800 DK, $8,800 FD
Mid Lane  
AD CarryFBI (100T)$7,200 DK, $9,700 FD
SupportKeria (T1)$4,400 DK, $6,900 FD

Willer ($6,800 DK, $8,800 FD) showed great composure against Fnatic after falling extremely far behind in the early game, getting starved of resources. He was late invaded level one and lost his entire topside which resulted him down almost two levels and 30 cs which would destroy any junglers ability to influence the game. Willer was able to quickly bounce back with great Lee Sin kicks on priority targets to enable Chovy’s Yasuo. Willer has benefitted from the multiple playmaking champions currently in the jungle meta which as allowed him to get his solo lanes ahead while protecting bot lane.

FBI ($7,200 DK, $9,700 FD) and 100 Thieves seemed lost against EDG after falling behind early with a very early game oriented draft. This time around they have a much easier matchup against Detonation FocusMe whose gameplan is clear, get Evi on a playmaker and get him ahead. In the LCS, FBI and Huhi were the best laning bot lane with the goal of vacuuming up more gold than their opponent. Yutapon does the same without the aggressiveness during the lane phase. This should give FBI a safe and free lane for the first 15 minutes, freely scaling into the late game where he does his best work.

Keria ($4,400 DK, $6,900 FD) has been the best support in the LCK for almost two years now and since joining T1 has been a crucial person for their strong early games. Whether it’s Teddy or Gumayusi playing AD carry for T1, Keria’s performance doesn’t dip. He smartly paired up with Oner on Yuumi to take over against Detonation FocusMe. Should Yuumi continue to be a highly contested pick, Keria will be able to enhance whoever is playing AD and the rest of T1. 

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MVP Picks

GALA ($12,300 [MVP] DK, $ FD) led the way for RNG in their dominant victory over PSG Talon. The game seemed much closer than it was after an overextension from RNG at the tier two bot lane tower led to a quadra kill for Maple stopping the RNG snowball. GALA is going up against a Fnatic bot lane who have a late substitute plus Hylissang. While Hylissang is one of the best supports in the world he’s also the most aggressive support. He often overextends for plays or is ahead of his team which racks up deaths. Across all players in all major regions in 2021, Hylissang had the most deaths per game for players who started more than 25 games. Like Hylissang, Adam racks up deaths due to his aggressive playstyle and willingness to die for his team. He has the most deaths per game among all major region top laners attending worlds 2021. Xiaohu ($10,800 [MVP] DK, $8,100 FD)should be able to take Adam into deep water with his LPL playstyle and capitalize on Adam’s aggressiveness.

Tier One Picks

Tian ($7,200 DK, $8,700 FD) had a rough first game for FPX’s return to worlds. He struggled to have an impact in the early game on a very early game centric pick, Jarvan IV. Luckily, he’s up against Blaber who continues to make the same mistakes that plagued him at MSI and during the LCS summer split. Let’s not forget than Tian was the MVP of the 2019 World’s Final and has worked so perfectly with Doinb and Nurugi to bring FPX back to the top. Expect a bounce back game from Tian and FPX against the mistake-prone Cloud9.

Bdd ($6,800 DK, $8,800 FD) being the nineth and tenth most expensive mid laner does a disservice to his performance against LNG. While it was a very one-sided and low kill game, Bdd took control of the whole game with two solo kills against Icon transitioning into perfect fog-of-war control with Zoe. Bdd is at his best in mage versus mage matchups which is the bulk of what Humanoid has played in MAD Lions’ rise to the top of Europe.

Tier Two Picks

It’s crazy to put Faker ($5,800 DK, $8,500 FD) as a tier two pick after T1’s smashing of Detonation FocusMe and because it’s Faker. However, many consider EDG to be one of the best teams at the 2021 World Championship after winning the LPL over FPX 3-1, who at the time was consider the best team in the world. Faker had a quiet game against DFM, simply just following Oner across the map has he killed everyone. For those of you who don’t know EDG mid laner Scout was once Faker’s backup and since leaving has never won a single game against Faker. Faker is the second and sixth cheapest mid on DraftKings and FanDuel respectively and will be the reason T1 takes down EDG. 

Morgan ($ DK, $ FD) has put together a much improved world’s run when compared to the majority of his 2021 in the LCK. Morgan struggled for almost all of 2021 constantly being subbed in and out due to poor performances constantly being forced to play weakside. When Hanwha Life started winning towards the end of the regular season and the regional gauntlet HLE started putting more resources into top lane and carrying games through Morgan. He’s looked great so far at worlds and is only the sixth and eighth most expensive top laners on DraftKings and FanDuel respectively.

TEAM Picks

I really like 100 Thieves ($6,000 DK, $7,500 FD) and Hanwha Life ($5,600 DK, $7,500 FD) as TEAM picks looking at tomorrow’s matches. They are cheaper than the obvious favorites in Damwon, FPX, RNG, and LNG while still having very favorable matchups. 100 Thieves is up against Detonation FocusMe who couldn’t create any resistance against T1 and should at least be on the same level that Cloud9 was when facing DFM. Hanwha Life is facing PSG Talon who looked worse than what the gold graph and scorelines showed against RNG.


Be wary picking of Teddy or Gumayusi as T1 has shown a willingness to put whichever AD carry will give them the best chance to win regardless of previous performance. There was no announcement made about who was starting T1’s first game against DFM so don’t expect to find out who’s starting until it’s too late. Please note that new Fnatic AD carry Bean is still not in the FanDuel player database, so if you are going with Fnatic’s AD carry make sure to select Bean and not Upset.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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