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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL World Championship 2021 Group Stage Picks for October 13, 2021

League of Legends Worlds 2021

While the first day of groups saw many one-sided affairs, day two saw some very close and entertaining matches. With the last game of the first round-robin up next RNG, Damwon, and EDG could cement the first seed with wins putting them at 3-0. While group D is up for grabs with each team currently sitting at 1-1.

Here’s a core lineup of three players who have distinguished themselves in their role on DraftKings and FanDuel for October 13

Top LaneXiaohu (RNG)$6,800 DK, $7,900 FD
Mid LaneShowMaker (DK)$7,800 DK, $10,200 FD
AD Carry  
SupportIwandy (LNG)$5,000 DK, $7,100 FD

If I had to pick a non-mid laner as the best player in the world right now it would be Xiaohu ($6,800 DK, $7,900 FD). He’s the total package when it comes to laning mechanics, champion pool, and teamfight awareness. RNG is going up against Hanwha Life which will showcase the classic matchup of LCK versus LPL, slow and calculated against fast and aggressive. HLE’s top laner Morgan really struggled when left on an island against PSG Talon and Xiaohu is the best top laner when it comes to one versus one laning with limited jungle interaction.

Chovy and Doinb’s struggles should reaffirm to everyone that ShowMaker ($7,800 DK, $10,200 FD) is definitively the best mid laner in the world at present. He continues to be flawless in lane, pairing perfectly with Canyon to control vision in the early game to shut down the enemy jungler. He’s one of four players to have zero deaths and if you could calculate his KDA based on his scorelines with one death, it would be 12.5, placing second best in the tournament. Going up against Cloud9, Perkz singlehandedly threw the game against FPX getting caught multiple times while splitting and ShowMaker will capitalize on any mistakes from Perkz in or outside of lane.

Iwandy ($5,000 DK, $7,100 FD) continued to show is prowess on peeling supports with his Thresh against Team Liquid. He did his best to attempt to keep the perfect game alive by saving Ale and Icon multiple times with Thresh lantern whenever Team Liquid went for a Twisted Fate teleport. Iwandy has yet to pick up an enchanter support at Worlds 2021, but his mastery of peel supports like Rakan, Braum, and Thresh should give you confidence as champions like Nami and Yuumi serve a similar role.

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MVP Picks

Scout ($12,000 [MVP] DK, $9,200 FD) finally got his first win over Faker which probably will give him some extra confidence going into EDG’s match against Detonation FocusMe. Scout has been heralded for EDG’s rise to the top after punching through his perceived ceiling in 2021. The current mid lane meta is right in his wheelhouse with Sylas, LeBlanc, and Ryze as the three highest presence mid laners. DFM’s young mid laner in Aria has struggled against the top-tier veteran mid laners in Faker and Perkz so far at worlds and Scout should give him that same trouble.

Unified ($10,800 [MVP] DK, $9,800 FD) had a fantastic game against Hanwha Life after falling behind because of a level one bot lane tower dive. Unified was able to keep Deft’s Draven under control to prevent HLE from snowballing the game through bot lane. In the mid game he was able to find key snipes on Chovy and Deft to turn the game in PSG Talon’s favor getting them back on track after losing to RNG. Unified will seem himself opposite to Hylissang and if you cashed in on GALA’s monstrous performance against Fnatic on Tuesday, Unified could bring similar results.

Tier One Picks

Ale’s ($6,000 DK, $7,800 FD) mouth was probably watering when Team Liquid blind picked Gnar against him. Ale will always pick a carry into a tank/engage champion when available. His champion pool for 2021 in the LPL consisted of only six tank/engage champions over the course of 83 games meaning he was on a carry for the other 77 games. Ale looks to dominate his opponent in lane and use his lead/pressure to assist the team. He’s going up against Rascal whose whole identity is to be the tank/utility for Clid, Ruler, and Bdd. Ale should be able to take advantage of Rascal’s predictability in draft with a strong carry into whatever Rascal is playing.

River ($6,800 DK, $9,300 FD) showcased a new style of jungling against Hanwha Life with Smite, Teleport on Talon. Teleport combined with Talon’s E, Assassin’s Path, allowed for River to be in any place at any time. He saved the game by teleporting bot lane on a level one tower dive which resulted in only one kill going over to HLE and used his teleport later in the game to flank Hanwha’s backline of Chovy and Deft. Like Unified, River should be able to cash in on Fnatic’s over aggressiveness which result in very high kill games. The two previous jungler’s scorelines when facing Fnatic were 4/0/18 and 9/1/13.

Tier Two Picks

Inspired ($5,600 DK, $8,800 FD) has been Rogue’s best player during 2021. He captured the LEC MVP for summer split but was taken out of the game by Canyon against Damwon. Tian and Doinb have gotten out of the gate slow for FPX with lackluster early games, relying on Nurugi to carry. With FPX looking vulnerable, Rogue has a real chance to take them down should they come out fast like Damwon and Cloud9 did. Inspired is the fourth cheapest jungler on DraftKings and could hold immense value if Rogue pull off the upset. 

It’s known that Ghost ($8,000 DK, $8,300 FD) isn’t the number one option on Damwon and probably isn’t then second or third because of their strength on the topside of the map. However, Cloud9’s biggest weakness at Worlds 2021 has been their bot lane. Zven and Vulcan haven’t had the easiest time transitioning to the enchanter support meta and have struggled during the lane phase, dying many times two versus two to much weaker teams in the play-in stage and against Rogue. Even though Ghost struggled with Rogue’s aggression from Hans sama, Cloud9’s aggression has come with poor wave management relative to the enemy jungler which Damwon should be able to punish easily.

TEAM Picks

EDG ($6,000 DK, $8,000 FD) and PSG Talon ($5,200 DK, $7,300 FD) are the obvious TEAM picks as they are up against two of the weakest teams in the group stage. The rest of the games are fairly close with no clear favorite so best to play it safe for Wednesday’s matches.  


Pick up PSG Talon players wherever available. Fnatic have had two very bloody games against Hanwha Life and RNG due to their aggression no matter what playstyle. PSG bounced back against Hanwha after a tough game versus RNG and their game against FNC will have kills early and often. Be careful of the group A matches on Wednesday. Cloud9 have shown that they can compete with Damwon going 2-2 against them at MSI even when they were struggling just like they are now. Plus, FPX haven’t looked like themselves and should honestly be 0-2 after Perkz gifted them a win against C9. Please note that Fnatic AD carry Bean has now been properly updated into the FanDuel player database and is pickable for your roster. 

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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