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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL World Championship 2020 Picks for September 30, 2020

LoL world DFS picks

This morning we saw a dominant 3-0 from LGD over Rainbow7 and very close 3-2 series between Super Massive and MAD Lions. Both Rainbow7 and MAD Lions have now been eliminated from worlds 2020 and LGD and Super Massive face one more best-of-five against Legacy Esports and the Unicorns of Love to move on to the main stage of worlds 2020.

Today’s free pick is Xiye ($7,400 DK, $9,500 FD) from LGD against Tally from Legacy Esports. In Legacy’s group stage matches against Team Liquid, Tally painfully struggled against a top-tier mid laner in Jensen. Xiye should pose the same threat to Tally and Legacy in their best-of-five. Tally had a KDA of 1/11/1 against Team Liquid in two games with Jensen finishing with a 13/1/13 KDA. Tally struggled right from the beginning of the laning phase against Jensen and it should be the same story against Xiye another top-tier mid laner.

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Exactly like this mornings matches, you want to stack players from the two teams which you think will win the best-of-five series. LGD and the Unicorns of Love are the favorite for tomorrow mornings matches. However, Unicorns of Love versus Super Massive is a much closer series than LGD versus Legacy Esports.

Top Lane DFS Picks for September 30, 2020

Langx ($6,600 DK, $8,300 FD) has shown all kinds of different playstyles across LGD’s games at the play-in tournament. He’s shown split push with Jax and Camille, aggressive lane tanks with Gnar and Volibear, and scaling tanks with Ornn. Top lane should be another large miss match in terms of individual skill. Just like how Jensen bodied Tally and Impact bodied Topoon. The same should be for Langx versus Topoon.

Although Armut ($6,200 DK, $7,700 FD) played exclusively tanks in Super Massive’s best-of-five against MAD Lions, he is still the best player and carry for this team. Amrut statistically manages to perform well in losses, so consider taking a flyer on him if you think Super Massive can pull an upset.

Jungle DFS Picks for September 30, 2020

Peanut ($7,000 DK, $8,700 FD) had three fantastic Kindred games in LGD’s 3-0 against Rainbow7 this morning. Over all three games he finished with a KDA of 9/5/18 and had plenty of clutch Kindred ultimates in teamfights. Both LGD and Legacy have heavy priority on Nidalee, Kindred, and Lillia in draft. If LGD can get Peanut a favorable jungle matchup and move Babip off his priority and comfort picks we should see a similar result to the Rainbow7 series. Consider him for the MVP pick for tomorrows matches.

Mid Lane DFS Picks for September 30, 2020

As mentioned at the top, Xiye is the best mid here and has a massive advantage against Legacy. If you are in need of someone cheaper, take what mid laner for whichever team you favor between Super Massive and the Unicorns of Love. Nomanz ($7,200 DK, $8,800 FD) favors control mage champions, an even split between kills and assist. Whereas Bolulu ($6,800 DK, $8,300 FD) swaps between carry, more kill oriented, and supportive champions, more assist oriented.

AD Carry DFS Picks for September 30, 2020

Gadget ($7,400 DK, $9,800 FD) from the Unicorns for Love has played five unique champions in their five game, with two of them being a mage with Swain and Orianna. Gadget’s flexibility in his champion pool gives the Unicorns of Love a heavy draft advantage, which is very important in a best-of-five. With the weakest aspect of Super Massive being their botlane, and Zeitnot’s limited champion pool. Gadget’s use of different bot lane picks and playstyles will make it easier to play from ahead or behind in the series.

Support DFS Picks for September 30, 2020

If you are picking Gadget you should pair him with his bot lane duo in SaNTaS ($5,800 DK, $7,700 FD). In the Unicorns of Love three victories in the group stage of the play-in tournament SaNTaS had a KDA of 7/3/32. Unicorns of Love heavily play through their topside of the map (Top, Jungle, and Mid), therefore, the majority of their early kills and subsequent deaths are topside. With Gadget and SaNTaS picking up plenty of assists in the early game to get up for their late game carry.

Team DFS Picks for September 30, 2020

Like yesterday, LGD ($5,600 DK, $7,900 FD) are the bigger favorite over Legacy Esports than either Super Massive or the Unicorns of Love. LGD looked much more comfortable in the best-of-five format and were able to take down Rainbow7 in a quick 3-0. LGD’s drafting and gameplay was much improved from their group stage matches and look more like their regional qualifier matches back in the LPL. Hopefully this is the version of LGD we will see for the rest of the time at worlds 2020.

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