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DFS LoL World Championship 2020 Picks for September 29, 2020

LOL DFS Picks from the World's

With the groups stage for the play-in tournament now over, both Team Liquid and PSG Talon have advanced to the main stage of worlds 2020. What this play-in tournament has shown so far, is that no team is safe. Any team can beat any team, regardless of seed or region. We are now moving into the knockout phase of the play-in tournament. The third and fourth seed from groups A and B will play each other tomorrow, with the winners facing the second seed from the opposite group the day after. First, we have Rainbow7 versus LGD, the winner facing Legacy Esports. Then, Super Massive vs MAD Lions, the winner facing the Unicorns of Love.

Today’s free pick is Armut ($6,200 on DK, $7,700 on FD) from Super Massive. Out of all top laners in the play-in stage he is first in KDA, first in average kills per game, and least deaths per game. In all his games Armut, both wins and losses, has been the best performing player on his team. His use of vision pockets and flanks on Wukong have been a huge success for Super Massive. If not for their struggles in the bot lane, Super Massive could have beaten Legacy and faced Team Liquid in the tie-breaker for first in the group. 

Behind the paywall see which teams you should favor in the upcoming best-of-five knockout stage of the play-in tournament, which duo you should pair with Armut, and what teams plus supports you should stay away from.

Both LGD and MAD Lions are sitting in similar situations. Both teams were viewed as the favorites to get out of their group and advance to the main stage. However, they both finished fourth with their only wins coming from the two eliminated teams in INTZ and V3 Esports. Although they shared the same record, the team’s games have played out very different. In losses MAD Lions were getting dominated from start to finish where as LGD managed to stay competitive. Going into these best-of-fives, LGD and Super Massive are viewed as the favorites. When you are picking your roster, you want to stack players from the teams you think will win the best-of-five series.

Top Lane DFS Picks for September 29, 2020

Langx ($6,600 on DK, $8,300 on FD) has continued to look like the most consistent player on LGD. He had a great tank game on Ornn with a KDA of 2/1/12, and a split push carry game on Jax with a KDA of 6/2/5. LGD like to draft around Langx, where Rainbow7 leave Acce on an island and give him very limited resources. In a best-of-five format Langx should be able to show his large champion pool and bully Acce in the one-versus-one. It’s just a question if the rest of the map will hold up for LGD

Jungle DFS Picks for September 29, 2020

In the group stage match between Super Massive and MAD Lions, KaKAO ($6,600 on DK, $8,100 on FD) had a flawless performance on the support build Nidalee with a KDA of 1/0/15. He has really favored the AP junglers at this tournament and has done a great job supporting Armut to be the hard carry of Super Massive. Take both Armut and KaKAO as a pair in their best-of-five against MAD Lions.

Mid Lane DFS Picks for September 29, 2020

Similar to KaKAO, Bolulu ($7,00 on DK, $8,500 on FD) has shown he can play a more supportive style of mid utilizing the Lulu to empower his top laner Armut. While also playing carry champions like Azir and Akali. His opponent Humanoid has the second most deaths per game among mid laners at play-ins, and had the most deaths per game for mids in the LEC for the summer season. Expect Bolulu to either have loads of kills or assists depending on which style he plays in their best-of-five against MAD Lions.

AD Carry DFS Picks for September 29, 2020

Despit LGD disappointing, Kramer ($7,800 on DK, $10,300 on FD) has still managed to keep good scoring statistics. He is fourth in KDA, third in kills per game, and the third least deaths per game among all AD carries at the play-in tournament. Kramer has very high pop-off potential if LGD can get it right over the five-game series against Rainbow7 and should be an MVP consideration.

Support DFS Picks for September 29, 2020

If you aren’t high on Rainbow7, then pairing Kramer with Mark ($5,800 on DK, $8,000 on FD) is really the only option here. Both Kaiser from MAD Lions and SnowFlower from Super Massive have been two of the worst statistical supports during play-ins. They both are at least fourth worst in every scoring category and have been constantly getting caught through miss positioning or flubbed engages. Mark will highly benefit from Kramer and the rest of LGD if they take down Rainbow7 in convincing fashion.

Team DFS Picks for September 29, 2020

LGD ($5,600 on DK, $7,900 on FD) over Super Massive or MAD Lions is the safest pick as they have the highest percentage chance to win their series over Rainbow7. The Super Massive versus MAD Lions series is much closer in terms of team play and individual skill. LGD should be much more comfortable in a best-of-five format where they are able to switch up styles and adapt their champions as the series goes on. Not having to endure the pressure of a best-of-one, where one single play or champion counter pick can derail the game from the start should be a relief for them.

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