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DFS Lol World Championship 2020 Picks for September 27, 2020

DFS League of Legends

After a crazy day of day two of the play-in tournament, group B is up for grabs. We got our fist look at the beloved Unicorn of Loves, going 2-0 with victories against V3 Esports and PSG Talon. As well as the first look at V3 Esports winning against Rainbow7 and a messy loss to the Unicorns of Love. LGD was upset once again this time by Rainbow7 and must win at least one of their two games tomorrow to stay in the tournament. Although there were 7 games this morning across both groups, tomorrow matches will come exclusively from group B. These final games will determine the top team in the group which automatically qualifies for the main stage and which three teams will advance to the knockout stage, with the last place team as the first team to be eliminated from worlds 2020.

Today’s free pick is Nomanz ($7,400 on DK, $8,900 on FD) from the Unicorns of Love in their early slate match against Rainbow7. He had two fantastic games against V3 and PSG Talon with a combined KDA of 13/4/12. He is up against Aloned, who has struggled in all three of his games so far at the play-in tournament. Aloned is in the bottom half for all major scoring categories (kill per game, assists per game, deaths per game, and CS per game), while Nomanz is in the top half.

Behind the paywall see what underrated bot lane duo you should have in your lineup, what solo laner is primed for a big game, and what two LGD players to take a risk on for their potential elimination games.

Top Lane DFS Picks for September 27, 2020

The other solo laner for the Unicorns of Love, BOSS ($6,400 on DK, $8,00 on FD), had an impressive performance in their two games with a combined KDA of 10/4/16. He had a great laning phase against Hanabi from PSG Talon with Renekton and a had outstanding engages with Camille against V3. His opponent Paz from V3 is among the highest deaths per game in the tournament, BOSS should be able to assert his dominance in the laning phase as well as teamfights.

Jungle DFS Picks for September 27, 2020

LGD have a must win game in the first match of the day against V3 Esports. LGD doesn’t want to be 0-3 going up against the Unicorns of Love who look like the top team in the group. Peanut ($7,200 on DK, $8,600 on FD) needs to make an early impact against V3 to get things rolling for LGD to get their confidence back moving into their matchup against UoL. If LGD comes out swinging in their early slate match, Peanut is a must pick for both of their matches. 

Mid Lane DFS Picks for September 27, 2020

With mid-jungle synergy being the most important aspect of the game, Xiye ($7,600 on DK, $9,300 on FD) in tandem with Peanut, need to have an early impact in both of their games. Xiye’s Twitsted Fate was the only tool keeping LGD afloat in their losing effort to Rainbow7. If you are confident that LGD can get their mojo back for their early and main slate games, Xiye as an MVP pick will net many points if LGD returns to form.

AD Carry DFS Picks for September 27, 2020

Unified ($7,600 on DK, $9,800 on FD) from PSG Talon will be making his worlds return tomorrow morning. His first worlds appearance came last year on Hong Kong Attitude with fellow support Kaiwing. After visa issues caused him to miss the first two days of the play-in tournament, Unified will be back in the starting roster for their final game against V3 Esports. He was first in KDA, second in kills per game, the least deaths per game, and second in assists per game for all starting AD carries in the PCS. Expect Unified to come out swinging now that he is back in the starting lineup. 

Support DFS Picks for September 27, 2020

Kaiwing ($5,800 on DK, $7,500 on FD) has flown under the radar at the play-in tournament. He is among the least deaths per game and the second most assists of all players in the tournament. His opponent Raina from V3 has the most deaths per game of all players at the play-in tournament. Now that Kaiwing has his normal botlane teammate in Unified back, expect the bot lane duo from PSG Talon to accumulate lots of kills and assists against V3.

Team DFS Picks for September 27, 2020

Unicorns of Love ($5,200 on DK, $7,800 on FD) look like the top team in group B after taking down PSG Talon. With LGD potentially collapsing right in front of our eyes, Unicorns of Love are the team to pick moving into the final games of group B. They are a must pick in their early slate match against Rainbow7 and if you aren’t high on LGD, take them in their main slate match as well.

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