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DFS LoL World Championship 2020 Picks for September 26, 2020

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With the first day of play-ins over, the landscape of the two groups look very different. Early this morning we saw two big upsets with PSG Talon taking down LGD in dominant fashion and MAD Lions falling against Team Liquid. MAD Lions almost started their first worlds appearance 0-2 by playing too over-aggressive against INTZ, however, they managed to pull out the win with their late-game teamfighting.

Today’s free pick is Impact ($6,400 on DK, $8,200 on FD) from Team Liquid who will be up against Topoon from Legacy Esports. Season three world champion Impact had a fantastic first game at worlds dominating MAD Lions from start to finish with his Mordekaiser, finishing with a KDA of 9/1/5. On the other hand, Topoon looked nervous in his first ever game on the world championship stage with many mechanical miss steps throughout the whole game. Although Legacy won their game, Topoon’s 3/4/4 KDA gave cause for concern as he will be going up against Impact as him and Team Liquid are looking to top group A with MAD Lions faltering.

Behind the paywall, see what players are on track for monster day two performances, what teams whose players you should stack up on, what players to consider for your MVP pick, one team whose players are heavily undervalued, and which player will bounce back after a tough day one of the play-in stage.

Top Lane DFS Picks for September 26, 2020

Although LGD struggled against PSG Talon in their first match back at the world championship, Langx ($6,600 on DK, $8,500 on FD) was a bright spot for LGD in the game. He had an impressive laning phase against Hanabi and did as much as he could in teamfights, however, his team fell behind everywhere else on the map and was at too large a deficit to recover from. LGD is taking on Rainbow7 one of the weakest teams at the tournament, look for Langx and the rest of the LGD squad to have a big bounce back game.

Jungle DFS Picks for September 26, 2020

PSG Talon was the biggest surprise of the first day of the play-in stage. Kongyue ($6,600 on DK, $7,100 on FD) got his pocket pick Ekko—which he is undefeated in all of summer with (5-0)—against Rainbow7 and look unstoppable finishing with a KDA of 13/1/8 and had a KDA of 3/0/7 in their upset win over LGD. It was unsure how PSG Talon was going to look playing with multiple substitutes and we will have to see if they can continue this success moving into day two. Rainbow7 looked like the weakest team in the play-in tournament after day one so Kongyue and PSG Talon will have to prove themselves once again against the Unicorns of Love, a team who almost advanced to the main stage of worlds last year, in the main slate. 

Mid Lane DFS Picks for September 26, 2020

Ace ($7,00 on DK, $8,300 on FD) from V3 Esports was the best performing mid laner from the LJL all summer long. He was first in KDA, second in kills per game, the least deaths per game, and first in assists per game among all starting mid laners in the LJL. Consider taking him in both of V3’s games against Rainbow7 and the Unicorns of Love and should be a high consideration for MVP pick in the early slate against Rainbow7.

Another MVP consideration is Jensen ($7,400 on DK, $9,00 on FD). He got his signature Twisted Fate against MAD Lions and was making plays around the map all game finishing with a KDA of 5/3/9. Jensen and Team Liquid are going up against a much easier opponent tomorrow in Legacy Esports in the main slate. If Legacy bans his Twisted Fate, expect Jensen to be put on a hard carry champion like Azir, Akali, or LeBlanc and pile up kills.

AD Carry DFS Picks for September 26, 2020

Twitch finally seems be back in the meta. Tactical ($7,400 on DK, $10,100 on FD) pulled out the Twitch against MAD Lions—had a KDA of 5/2/14—and in combination with mid and support, ten of the twenty-two kills that Team Liquid acquired came from the bot lane. With the AD carry meta starting to transition back to hard carry champions and away from supportive champions, which Tactical thrives with, expect big points for him in their matchup against Legacy and think about making him the MVP pick.

Support DFS Picks for September 26, 2020

Both CoreJJ ($5,800 on DK, $7,700 on FD) and Kaiwing ($5,200 on DK, $6,900 on FD) had very impressive Rakan games finishing with a KDA of 0/3/18 and 1/0/15 respectively. Additionally, Kaiwing had a monster Bard game earlier in the day with a KDA of 2/1/20. Team Liquid and CoreJJ are going up against a much easier opponent in Legacy Esports so CoreJJ should have another big game, but if PSG Talon can repeat their success from this morning against the Unicorns of Love expect Kaiwing to have another huge game.

Team DFS Picks for September 26, 2020

During the LCS summer season, Team Liquid ($5,600 on DK, $7,800 on FD) played a very slow and methodical game. They choke out their opponents through vision and objective control. Although, this style of play doesn’t result in the fastest of wins they end up pilling up towers, dragons, and barons. They are heavily favored in their matchup against Legacy in the main slate and will look to impose their will and follow the same game plan they used in the LCS.

DFS Teams to All-In on for September 26, 2020

There are some large miss matches in this second day of play-ins, V3 Esports against Rainbow7, LGD against Rainbow7, and Team Liquid against Legacy. V3, LDG, and TL are heavy favorites in these matchups, you should consider stacking players from one of these teams as these games could get out of control resulting in many kills.

All of V3 Esports’ players are price as the second cheapest in all of there roles for both of their early slate games. If you need a cheap but solid player to round out your roster, fill that final spot with a V3 player.

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