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DFS LoL World Championship 2020 Picks for September 25, 2020

DFS League of Legends

The wait is finally over, Worlds 2020 is finally here. All the best teams in the world face off in China for the tenth world championship, looking to hoist the summoners cup as the last team standing. The tournament kicks off with play-ins starting tomorrow and the main stage starting next Saturday. Tomorrow there will be two games in the early slate and three in the main slate.

Today’s free pick is Kaiser from the MAD Lions as the MVP pick in the early slate of games. Kaiser ($5,600 on DK, $7,600 on FD) found himself on the first all-pro team as well as placing first in the LEC in both kills and assists per game, second best for deaths per game and KDA for all starting supports in summer. As the MVP earns 1.5x fantasy points Kaiser perfectly aligns with the MVP scoring system.

Behind the paywall you’ll see what players are must-haves for your roster, sleeper picks that are cheap to help round out your team, and one team to completely stay away from.

Top Lane PFS Picks for September 25, 2020

For both the early and main slate of games, Orome ($6,600 on DK, $8,400 on FD) has relatively easy matchups against Team Liquid and INTZ. He was first in KDA and kills per game, third in assists per game, and averaged the least deaths of all top laners in the LEC for summer. Both Impact and Tay, top laners for Team Liquid and INTZ respectively, are fourth (out of ten and eight) or below in all major scoring categories except one for their regional play. He should be a must pick for the early slate of games. 

Jungle DFS Picks for September 25t, 2020

Broxah ($6,000 on DK, $7,800 on FD) is a great sleeper pick for these first set of games. Ever since week four of the LCS summer season his play has been improving rapidly, he went from having many questions about his play to one of the top statistical junglers by the end of the season. He was first in KDA, the least deaths per game, and second in assists per game. 

Mid Lane DFS Picks for September 25, 2020

Xiye ($7,800 on DK, $9,300 on FD) from LGD wasn’t necessarily the best performing mid in China during the summer season, however, he will be facing a much lower level of competition in their main slate game against PSG Talon. China has been viewed as the best region in the world for the last two years and has always been considered a top two region all-time, Xiye has been playing in China for seven years and has faced much stiffer competition his entire career. Going up a against a much weaker team in PSG Talon, who is playing with a substitute mid laner, Xiye should have a field day racking up kills and assists.

Bot Lane DFS Picks for September 25, 2020

LGD finally returns to worlds having qualified by taking down former world champions Invictus Gaming through the regional qualifier. Although they are entering as China’s lowest seed, Kramer ($8,000 on DK, $10,400 on FD), was a top AD carry in the LPL and the primary carry on this LGD squad. Keeping in mind the LPL has seventeen teams in its league—all other leagues have ten or less—he was second in KDA, sixth in kills per game, the least deaths per game, and seventh in assists per game. LGD has a very easy matchup against a depleted PSG Talon, and Kramer should rack up points. 

Support DFS Picks for September 25, 2020

Another great sleeper pick is Isles ($5,000 on DK, $7,000 on FD) from Legacy Esports. He is first in KDA, fourth in kills per game, the least deaths per game, and third in assists per game in the OPL for summer. Every year at least one emerging region team makes a run to get out of groups. Legacy being in the easier group A has a real chance of finishing top three in their group then being one best-of-5 away from the main stage.

Team DFS Picks for September 25, 2020

Both LGD ($6,000 on DK, $7,900 on FD) in the main slate and MAD Lions ($5,200 on DK, $7,700 on FD) in the early slate have very easy matchups. Both teams have the highest percent chance to win these specific games. However, MAD Lions are the better choice. They are second in turrets per game, third in dragons per game, fifth in barons per game, and second in first blood rate for LEC teams in summer. They also have a thirty-one-minute average game time very close to the win in under thirty-minute win bonus on DK.

DFS Picks to Avoid for September 25, 2020

Although PSG Talon was one of the top seeds entering the play-in tournament and were expected to make it out of their group to advance to the main stage, visa issues have potentially ruined their chances before the tournament has even commenced. Their starting jungler and mid laner, River and Tank, will not be able to compete in the play-in tournament due to visa requirements and travel restrictions entering China. PSG Talon will be playing with two substitute players at the jungle and mid positions, Kongyue and Uniboy respectively from AHQ esports. With jungle mid synergy being the most important aspect of the game, having substitute players greatly hurts their chances. Stay away from all PSG Talon players as their team cohesion will be off going into the first games of the tournament. 

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