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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL World Championship 2020 Picks for October 9, 2020

League of Legends World Championships DFS

This mornings games saw Suning and G2 escape from group A with an amazing final tiebreaker game. Suning ended up beating G2 twice to finish as the first seed from group A. Suning is peaking at the right time and should be a feared quarter final matchup. While G2 stumbled against Suning in the first game, which had they won would have automatically been the first seed, they shouldn’t be underestimated going into the quarterfinals as a second seed.

Today’s free pick is ShowMaker ($7,600 DK, $9,300 FD) from Damwon Gaming. Coming into the tournament he was touted as the best mid laner in the LCK by being voted first team all-pro and winning MVP for the summer 2020 season, therefore, solidifying himself as one of the best players in the world. He leads the entire tournament in KDA at twenty-nine with a scoreline of 12/1/17. Damwon is the clear favorite to get out of group B with a perfect 6-0 record if they continue this same form.

Subscribers additionally get to see which players to pick for MVP, which top tier players will keep rolling, what players from weaker teams can have great value, which jungler is in for a bounce back game, and which AD carry and support have been overshadowed their teammates. 

Exactly as yesterday all the matches tomorrow morning will be exclusively from one group, group B. Stacking players from the teams you think will make it out of the group is the best option. Damwon Gaming is sitting atop the group at 3-0, who dominated each of there opponents and are looking like the team to beat at the tournament. JD Gaming is right under them at 2-1, followed by Rogue at 1-2, and PSG Talon dead last 0-3. 

Top Lane DFS Picks for October 9, 2020

Similar to ShowMaker, Nuguri ($6,800 DK, $8,500 FD) is the top player in his role in the LCK and one of the top players at the tournament. History has not repeated with his performances this year compared to last year. At last year’s world championship, Nuguri was in a similar situation with fans and players recognizing him as one of the top players in the world. However, he had a lackluster group stage performance and poor quarterfinals play that lead Damwon to an early exit at worlds 2019. This year seems much different, he has been completely dominating his opponents in lane phase and in teamfights and even debuted Lulu top as an aggressive laner into a scaling Gangplank. Nuguri looks to be in top form and should have a similar performance as in phase one of group stage.

Finn ($6,000 DK, $7,400 FD) has excellent value if you need a cheaper player. Rogue is in a tough spot being 1-2 in the group but Finn in fourth in KDA, second least deaths, and sixth in assists among all sixteen starting top laners for the group stage. If Rogue can manage to get a win over either Damwon or JDG and force a tiebreaker, Finn could perform as well as either Nuguri or Zoom.

Jungle DFS Picks for October 9, 2020

Kanavi ($6,800 DK, $8,100 FD) is the young superstar of JDG and should have a better showing against Damwon in their rematch for a potential tiebreaker for first. Kanavi was shutdown super early in their game against Damwon though early deaths in all lanes. The next game between JDG and Damwon should be much more interesting if it stays competitive through the early and mid-game.

Mid Lane DFS Picks for October 9, 2020

Yagao ($7,400 DK, $8,800 FD) has been playing a different style of mid compared to other mid laners. With picks like Zoe, Jayce, and Ekko he has strayed away from the current mid lane meta. Remember the last time a Chinese mid laner was doing this, it was Doinb, who ended up wining worlds by straying away from the meta and playing his own unique style. Yagao seems to be doing the same thing, and we’ll have to see what he’ll pull out in the second phase of group stage.

AD Carry DFS Picks for October 9, 2020

Although Ghost ($7,800 DK, $10,400 FD) seems to be least important player on Damwon, his stats say otherwise. He is first in KDA with sixteen, fifth in kills, the least deaths, and fourth in assists among all AD carries at worlds 2020. He is playing a more supportive style with Senna, Ashe, and Jhin as opposed to Caitlyn, Ezreal, Twitch, or Kalista. His KDA across three games is 10/2/22 and his playstyle works well with the hyper-aggressive ShowMaker, Canyon, and Nuguri.

Support DFS Picks for October 9, 2020

Among top supports in the world, LvMao ($5,400 DK, $7,600 FD) seems to be in the shadow of players like yuyanjia, CoreJJ, Mikyx, Keria, and Hylissang. He has been one of the silent stars on JDG behind Zoom, Yagao, and Kanavi. He found himself on first team all-pro for the LPL summer 2020 season and has played very well in their two wins in group stage so far. He was masterful on the roaming supports in Bard and Pantheon and JDG should look to keep him on these roaming champions going into the second phase of group stage.

Another great value Rogue player is Vander ($5,000 DK, $6,800 FD). Despite having a 1-2 record Vander is fifth in KDA, seventh in kills per game, and least deaths per game across all supports at worlds. He serves as the primary engage for Rogue and is at the center of all the big plays.

Team DFS Picks for October 9, 2020

Damwon Gaming ($5,400 DK, $7,800 FD) lead the group with a record of 3-0 and is on pace to be 6-0 after dismantling all three opponents in Rogue, JDG, and PSG Talon. They rank fifth in kills per game at 15.7, least deaths per game at 6.0, third fastest game time at 28:50, first in towers per game at 10.0, 100% first blood rate, first in dragons per game at 3.67, and tied for second in barons per game with one for all teams at the world championship. Damwon is the favorite to get out of the group, the only team they can expect trouble from is JDG.

MVP Picks for October 9, 2020

Almost any player on either Damon or JDG can be picked as MVP for tomorrows matches. All of Nuguri, Canyon, ShowMaker, and Ghost from Damwon are very strong players and have the ability to be drafted around and given resources. The same goes for JDG with Zoom, Kanavi, Yagao, and Loken. Cheaper options would be JDG players, or top lane/jungle roles.

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