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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL World Championship 2020 Picks for October 8, 2020

Bet on BIN for DFS League of Legends

The landscape of group A is up in the air with G2 losing to Team Liquid in the final game of the first phase of the group stage at worlds 2020. G2 and Suning are tied for first at 2-1 with G2 beating Suning in what most people would say was the best game so far at the world championship. With Team Liquid and Machi Esports sitting at 1-2 with Machi upsetting Team Liquid earlier.

Today’s free pick is Bin ($6,400 DK, $8,500 FD) from Suning. Bin has done a great job playing weakside with limited resources all three games. His KDA across those three games is 8/6/16 with two Jax games and a Renekton game. Suning heavily plays towards their botside of the map around their primary carries in huanfeng and SofM. After the first phase of group stage, teams now recognize the strength of Suning with their botside, this should heavily benefit Bin if he is put even more on an island with zero jungle influence. Bin should be able to play is own game with both teams putting a larger focus on bot lane.

Subscribers additionally get to find out which teams whose players you should stack, what mid laner will bounce back, which bot lane duo to take, who you should pick as MVP, and what player will continue their standout group stage run.

As we are entering the second phase of group stage the matches on each day will be exclusively from one group, group A. Similar to the best-of-five format, you want to stack players from the two teams you think will make it out of groups. Both G2 and Suning are the favorite to get out of group A, but with Team Liquid beating G2 in the final game of the first phase they are still alive.

Top Lane DFS Picks for October 8, 2020

Wunder ($6,600 DK, $8,200 FD) has been the most consistent player on G2 in their summer split in the LEC and so far at worlds 2020. In their sole lose to Team Liquid, Wunder was able to stay ahead in top lane the entire game after a level one play from G2 went amiss. Wunder’s diverse champion pool gives them a huge draft advantage being able to flex champions in top lane, mid lane, and bot lane. G2 should look to pivot their draft strategy after a heavy focus on early game with aggressive jungle picks and early game focused solo laners. Wunder is one of the best weakside players in the world and with a strong late game champion paired with proper vision set up and teamplay, he should rack up points in the second phase of group A.

Jungle DFS Picks for October 8, 2020

SofM ($7,000 DK, $8,600 FD) has been the shining star of group A and has look like one of the best players at worlds 2020. He was able to bully both Broxah and Jankos in the early game creating large advantages for Suning in all their games. Suning ultimately failed in the game against G2, but SofM was almost able to keep Suning in the game with his tank Lee Sin build. Moving into the second phase of group A, SofM will be the catalyst for Suning in their hopes to get out of this group as the first seed.

Mid Lane DFS Picks for October 8, 2020

Although G2 and Caps ($7,600 DK, $8,800 FD) lost to Team Liquid in the final match of phase one they implemented a different draft than usual. G2 chose to go with an early game focused draft with Renekton, Nidalee, and Jayce. They failed to get ahead early and couldn’t compete against Team Liquid composition once the game went late. Expect G2 to draft much differently in their repeat matches against Suning and Team Liquid with a heavier focus on solo lanes which should favor Caps.

If you have faith in Team Liquid to improve and make it out of this group and favor them over G2 in the rematch, take Jensen ($7,000 DK, $8,300 FD). Along with CoreJJ, Jensen is the main carry for Team Liquid end up with most of the kills on then team in wins and losses.

AD Carry DFS Picks for October 8, 2020

Suning’s bot lane has proven themselves as the best botlane in this group. In his three games huanfeng ($7,600 DK, $10,400 FD) has shown three different styles of champions with a supportive Ashe, early game carry in Draven, and late game carry with Ezreal. huanfeng is looking like the best AD carry in group A, and with G2’s loss to Team Liquid, the matchup between Suning and G2 should determine who makes it out of group A as the first seed. In the previous game between G2 and Suning it seemed like the game was over once Suning got the ocean soul. However, G2 like always, managed to find a fight right as the elder drake was spawning to pick of Suning members and even out the game. G2 won the game on a backdoor teleport after both teams had just wiped each other in their respective bases while trying to end the game. Suning won’t give G2 the same respect after their game and seeing them lose to Team Liquid.

Support DFS Picks for October 8, 2020

Pairing huanfeng with fellow Suning laner in SwordArt ($5,400 DK, $7,900 FD) would maximize your points with Suning either going 2-1 or 3-0. So far at worlds SwordArt has a KDA of 3/8/31 with seven of his eight deaths coming in one game. After leaving Flash Wolves and the LMS—before the league disbanded—SwordArt has made his return to the worlds stage and is looking great. He had fantastic games on Bard and Leona but couldn’t do much on Nautilus against G2 once the game went so late. huanfeng and SwordArt look like the best bot lane in this group and Suning will look to play around them in their remaining group stage matches. 

Team DFS Picks for October 8, 2020

Both G2 ($5,400 DK, $7,500 FD) and Suning ($5,000 DK, $7,800 FD) are the favorites to escape this group. Whichever team you favor in the rematch between them is who you should choose. Both teams were 2-1 in the first phase of group stage, and one of them could have easily been 3-0. 

MVP DFS Picks for October 8, 2020

The primary carries for G2 and Suning should all be possible choices: Caps, Perkz, huanfeng, and SofM. If you have faith in Team Liquid, consider Jensen as well.

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