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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL World Championship 2020 Picks for October 6, 2020

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Today’s free pick is JackeyLove ($8,400 DK, $10,500 FD) from Top Esports. Top Esports is taking on the Unicorns of Love, a team whose games often result in tons of kills on both sides. In the play-in tournament, the Unicorns of Love averaged 17.3 kills per game and 13.3 deaths per game. This team like to fight early and often, therefore, JackeyLove and Top Esports should look to take advantage of the Unicorns thirst for blood. Of all starting AD carries in the LPL JackeyLove was first in kills per game and third in assists per game. JackeyLove is always able to get involved in fights across the map and is constantly picking up kills. 

Subscribers additionally get to find out which top and jungle duo to pair, what players’ history will doom them again, who you should pick for MVP, which support you should chose from group A, and what player whose name you might not know is primed for a big game.

Top Lane DFS Picks for October 6, 2020

Doran’s ($6,600 DK, $8,200 FD) opponent Solo is averaging 7.5 deaths per game and is Flyquest’s biggest worry at the world championship. In the summer 2020 LCS season, Solo was exclusively a weak side player constantly having to fend for his own with limited resources. Additionally, Solo is forced to blind pick his champion and often gets countered. In DragonX versus Top Esports, Doran had a great counter pick Quinn into 369’s Renekton. Expect Doran to abuse Solo through a counter pick and Flyquest’s lack of topside pressure.

Jungle DFS Picks for October 6, 2020

Pyosik ($7,200 DK, $8,400 FD) was one of the biggest surprises of the LCK in 2020. As a rookie he helped DragonX finish third and second in the spring and summer seasons respectively. In DragonX’s loss to Top Esports Pyosik () had a great Lee Sin game finishing with a KDA 3/2/5. DRX failed when it came to objective control and late game teamfighting a problem that they often had in the LCK. However, Pyosik always manages to find early game leads. If DRX snowballs their lead properly, Pyosik will have big points.

Mid Lane DFS Picks for October 6, 2020

Caps’ ($7,800 DK, $9,100 FD) all-time record in competitive matches against Jensen is 7-1. Caps has consistently dominated Jensen both in the laning phase and in teamfights. Jensen’s small champion pool has plagued him at international competitions specifically against Caps. With G2’s ability to flex champions across top lane, mid lane, and bot lane it can create difficulties for Jensen in the draft phase. If Caps is able to get a favorable matchup, it should be rough for Jensen. 

AD Carry DFS Picks for October 6, 2020

People weren’t sure where to rank Suning in group A as the majority of their players are somewhat unknown at large, but huanfeng ($8,000 DK, $10,400 FD) was on the trainee team for Invictus Gaming and then moved up to substitute in the middle of 2019. huanfeng learned under JackeyLove and has now helped lead Suning to there first ever worlds appearance with former LMS legend in SwordArt. Suning’s bot lane has been one of the most underrated bot lanes in the world and should be heavy favorites against Machi Esports. Machi’s bot lane massively struggled against G2 and should be equally as worried against huanfeng and SwordArt.

Support DFS Picks for October 6, 2020

Mikyx ($6,000 DK, $7,500 FD) versus CoreJJ should be one of the best support matchups at the world championship this year. Both supports have been top-tier in the world for the better part of four years and have some of the largest champion pools among all supports in the world. With CoreJJ’s signature champion being Rakan—he does a worlds skin with this champion—Mikyx has the perfect champion pool with his counter picks of Leona and Gragas. G2 often likes to counter pick support for laning strength or put Mikyx on a roaming champion looking to impact the game early and often. Look for Mikyx to be on a roaming champion or have a favorable support matchup through the draft.

Team DFS Picks for October 6, 2020

The last time G2 Esports ($5,200 DK ,$7,700 FD) played against Team Liquid was in the finals for the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational. That series was the fastest best-of-five series in League of Legends history. Comparing the two teams today, G2 is slightly weaker than their form in the middle of 2019, whereas Team Liquid is much worse than their form in the middle of 2019 after losing Doublelift and Xmithie. Team Liquid has always struggled against fast paced, high kill teams and G2 is one of the fastest and bloodiest teams in the world averaging 21.5 kills per game. 

MVP DFS Picks for October 6, 2020

Consider JackeyLove, Caps, haunfeng, and knight for MVP for this set of matches. Both JackeyLove and knight from Top Esports are up against the Unicorns of Love, a team who loves to scrap early and doesn’t rollover when losing. Individually, UoL is outclassed in every role against Top Esports, therefore, they will look to fight early and often to try and get an early game lead. Both Caps and huanfeng are against much weaker opponents comparatively and should be up for big points as well.

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