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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL World Championship 2020 Picks for October 31, 2020

League of Legends World Championships DFS

The League of Legends 2020 World Championship will come to a close Saturday morning with either Suning completing their rapid rise to the top of the world, or Damwon getting revenge for their lackluster worlds 2019 appearance. Damwon came into the tournaments as one of the favorites to win it all, and their performances have been exactly to expectations. They’ve continued to stray away from the traditionally slow LCK style being aggressive in the early game with tower dives and early mid lane roams. They destroyed everyone in their group only dropping one game to JDG in which they had an experimental draft, swept DRX in the quarter-final by outplaying them at their own style, and cleanly disposed of G2 in which the nail in the coffin was the fastest game in worlds history, nineteen minutes. On the other hand, Suning came into worlds 2020 somewhat unknown. The one notable player on their teams was the former LMS legend SwordArt, but the rest of the Suning squad has shown they are forces to be reckoned with. Bin, SofM, and huanfeng have destroyed some of the best players in the world and now look complete their run at worlds 2020 against Damwon.

Today’s free pick is Canyon ($9,600 DK, $12,500 FD) from Damwon Gaming. After Damwon’s dominant performance against G2 in the semi-finals, Canyon now leads the tournament in KDA at 8.1. He is second in the tournament with 4.9 kills per game and third in least average deaths per game at 1.4. With teams more focused on banning out Nuguri and ShowMaker, Canyon has been able to play Graves—the best jungle champion on the worlds patch—for almost the entire tournament. Of Canyon’s thirteen games at worlds, nine of them have been on Graves holding a 7-2 record. In the semi-final series against G2 Canyon was able to show his intelligent early game pathing and skirmishing on different champions in Hecarim and Kindred. Even if Suning decides to put more pressure on Canyon in the draft phase, he has shown that he is able to perform at a high level regardless of what champion he is playing. 

Subscribers will additionally see which bot lane duo to take, which players to pick for MVP and STAR, which top laner has a difficult task in front of him but won’t slow him down, which mid laner has the better stylistic matchup, and which team will win it all.

The following DFS picks follow the Showdown game style on DraftKings and single game style on FanDuel. MVP players earn 2x points on FanDuel and 1.5x points on DraftKings, and STAR players earn 1.5 points only on FanDuel.

MVP DFS Picks for October 31, 2020

Damwon’s success has been attributed to the solo lane dominance of Nuguri and ShowMaker, however in their semi-final series Ghost ($17,100 DK, $15,500 FD), along with BeryL, led the charge for Damwon against G2. Ghost and BeryL were able to out pressure Perkz and Mikyx throughout the entire laning phase with multiple two versus two kills leading to early dragon control and mid lane roams. Across the four games Ghost had a KDA of 19/7/20 with three unique champions in Caitlyn, Ashe, and Jhin. huanfeng seemed to struggle against JackeyLove and yuyanjia, with Ghost performing at his peak he should have a good series.

STAR DFS Picks for October 31, 2020

ShowMaker ($16,500 DK, $14,500 FD) continues to take down the best mid laners in the world with ease. ShowMaker was able to stop Caps’ hot streak in its tracks with flawless laning and global plays with Twisted Fate, his most played champion at worlds 2020. Angel is Suning’s weakest player and has been the primary reason for Suning’s few losses at worlds. Angel plays a very supportive style for Suning utilizing many passive and roaming mid laners, more focus on his teammates rather than his lane. ShowMaker makes the laning phase for any opponent very difficult. The pressure he exerts in lane followed up by his vision control and wave management makes him almost impossible to kill in the first ten minutes of the game. Twisted Fate is a must ban for Suning against Damwon, should ShowMaker ever get his hands on that champion expect big points.

Utility (UTIL) of Flex Picks for October 31, 2020

Bin ($8,400 DK, $10,500 FD) is the cheapest non-support player to choose from and is arguably Suning’s best performing player. Bin’s worlds performance in 2020 can be compared to TheShy’s performance from his worlds winning 2018 season. Bin has continued to outplay and outperform the some of the best top laners in the world in Impact, Wunder, Zoom, and most recently 369 through aggressive laning and split push champions. His two most played champions are Jax and Gangplank each with four games but also has shown a variety of the same style with Jayce, Wukong, Irelia, and Camille, while also having some games on tanks with Ornn and Volibear. Bin has shown that he can do it all on any champion meaning he won’t be able to be limited in the draft phase. In his final test he takes on Nuguri, but Bin wasn’t slowed down by any of the top laners put in front of him. If Nuguri can’t stop Bin he should be in for another big performance like the semi-final where he had a KDA of 15/4/18.

Damwon ($6,600 DK, $8,500 FD) is still the large favorite over Suning despite Suning’s hot streak at worlds 2020. Damwon’s control of the mid and late game make if very difficult for teams to overcome them if they haven’t acquired a large early game lead. Once the game passes twenty minutes, Damwon’s objective control and teamfighting has been too much for teams to get past. Their only weakness, albeit not exactly a weakness, is in the early game. Only two teams have managed to take a win off Damwon at worlds 2020, G2 and JDG. In both games, their opponents got a massive early game lead and even then, struggled to close out the games against Damwon despite having a five-thousand plus gold lead going into the mid/late game. Suning must dominate Damwon in the early game to have a chance to take the summoners cup, the later the games go, the better for Damwon. 

Along with Ghost, BeryL ($6,400 DK, $9,000 FD) equally performed against G2 in the semi-finals. His Leona completely shut down G2’s bot lane earning multiple two versus two kills in the laning phase, spilling over to early mid lane roams to get ShowMaker ahead of Caps. BeryL also pulled out the Hail of Blades Braum in the final game of the series, turning Braum into an aggressive laning champion as opposed to a passive peeler. BeryL’s mastery of the tank and engage supports is the spark for Damwon’s success in the mid and late game. He can pull the trigger whenever he sees an opening and has his team’s trust to follow up on his plays. Should Damwon’s bot lane have another dominant performance, pairing BeryL with his bot lane duo in Ghost will result in the maximum number of points.

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