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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL World Championship 2020 Picks for October 25, 2020

LoL DFS Picks

Damwon took down G2 in convincing fashion in a fairly one sided 3-1 series. Ghost and BeryL played a fantastic series by pressuring Perkz and Mikyx during the laning phase with two versus two kills and mid lane roams. Although Ghost and BeryL play the more supportive roles on Damwon, in the series they became the focus. BeryL was able to punish Mikyx’s over aggression in the laning phase with his Leona and used his advantages in the lane to help push ShowMaker over the edge against Caps. Damwon is advancing to the world final and is the first LCK team to make the finals since 2017. The other semi-final match is between Top Esports and Suning, two teams trending in opposite directions. Before the world championship commenced, Top Esports smashed Suning in the semi-finals of the LPL summer 2020 playoffs and look unbeatable after lifting the LPL trophy. However, Fnatic was able to find chinks in the armor and exposed JackeyLove and yuyanjia during the laning phase. On the flipside, Suning has been on the rise. They have improved over each phase of the tournament and have continued to pass the test against stiffer competition. This rematch between Top Esports and Suning should be much closer.

Today’s free pick is SwordArt ($6,800 DK, $8,500 FD) from Suning. SwordArt has quietly had one of the best performances of all supports at worlds 2020. He is second in KDA and first in average assists per game among all supports at worlds 2020. He complements huanfeng’s calculated aggression with timely Thresh lanterns and Bard magical journeys and makes plays around the map with Tahm Kench abyssal voyages or Bard tempered fates. He is the cheapest player to pick from in this series, so should you need a cheap player, SwordArt is your guy.

Subscribers will additionally see which players to pick for MVP and STAR, which player will bounce back after a rough quarter-finals, what the top laners need to do lead their team past each other, and which player is in a do or die scenario.

The following DFS picks follow the Showdown game style on DraftKings and single game style on FanDuel. MVP players earn 2x points on FanDuel and 1.5x points on DraftKings, and STAR players earn 1.5 points only on FanDuel.

MVP DFS Picks for October 25, 2020

It’s do or die time for knight ($15,900 DK, $14,500 FD). Knight has somewhat coasted by for Top Esports at the world championship off the back of strong performances from 369, Karsa, and JackeyLove. Knight has been touted as one of the best mid laners in the world but hasn’t necessarily put up monster performances at worlds. With mid lane being the largest skill discrepancy in favor of Top Esports, knight must create advantages for himself against Angel’s passive playstyle and limited champion pool.

huanfeng ($16,800 DK, $14,000 FD) might have created one of those iconic League of Legends plays that is engraved in history with his flanking Jhin ultimate from the enemy base against JDG in Suning’s quarter-final match. His utilization of Jhin has shown the rest of the teams at worlds that Jhin is one of the best AD carries in the meta right now. huanfeng had a KDA of 26/4/30 in their 3-1 series victory against JDG with three Jhin games and one Miss Fortune game. He is the only AD carry to have six or more unique champion picks at worlds 2020 and therefore will be difficult to attack in the draft phase.

STAR DFS Picks for October 25, 2020

Although JackeyLove ($11,800 DK, $15,500 FD) was exposed by Rekkless and Hylissang, he is still one of the best AD carries in the world. His over aggression in the laning phase and teamfights is what made the series between Top Esports and Fnatic so close. JackeyLove was constantly getting picked off resulting in many four versus five situation for Top Esports. This would result in them having to give up objectives or take teamfights at a numbers disadvantage. JackeyLove is a world champion and world-class AD carry, should he correct these mistakes we will see the JackeyLove of group stage. One who dominated lane and was top five in least average deaths per game and average assists per game out of all players.

Utility (UTIL) or Flex Picks for October 25, 2020

Karsa ($9,800 DK, $13,000 FD) is who turned the series around for Top Esports after falling behind Fnatic 0-2. Getting him back on his Lee Sin—his most played champion in all of 2020—allowed Karsa to be much more active and aggressive in the early game to help their struggling bot lane. His Nidalee in game four was a thing of beauty bringing Top Esports back into the game after a hectic fight in their blue side jungle. In the three victories that completed the reverse sweep Karsa had a KDA of 17/3/22. When Karsa can dictate the pace of the game in the early game he performs much better and is difficult to slow down.

Along with Karsa, 369’s ($8,600 DK, $12,000 FD) use of Sion was able to stabilize Top Esports from a quick 0-3 exit in the quarter-finals of worlds 2020. Being Top Esports most consistent player, 369 will have to continue that same performance from the last three games of the Fnatic series to give TES a strong start against the surging Suning. 369 had played eight unique champions in eleven games at worlds and should have no problem playing whatever the team needs him to do. Top lane will be very volatile with Bin attempting to push the boundaries with whatever champion he is playing. 369 will have to neutralize Bin with his fantastic tank play, or face Bin head on in carry versus carry.

While Bin ($8,000 DK, $11,000 FD) has a tough task at hand with 369, he has managed to get the better of some of the best top laners at worlds 2020 in Impact, Wunder, and Zoom. Bin has four of the five Gangplank wins at worlds and his use of the champion being able to influence the map while still heavily pressuring his lane has caused previous team’s issues. The only worry of Bin is if he is unable to dominate his lane and create pressure in the top lane, allowing more freedom to the rest of the map, how will Suning adjust and create other advantages in other lanes. Bin will need another huge performance to lead Suning past Top Esports and advance to the finals.

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