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DFS LoL World Championship 2020 Picks for October 18, 2020

LOL DFS Picks from the World's

We almost saw another version of RNG vs G2 from worlds 2018. Top Esports, the pre-tournament favorites, went down early 2-0 to Fnatic. Then stormed back in games three and four to tie up the series 2-2. However, in game five, TES were able to complete the reverse sweep with a heavy lifesteal draft against Fnatic’s low damage composition and advanced to the semi-finals against Suning. 

Today’s free pick is Jankos ($11,000 FD) from G2 Esports. Jankos’ weak group stage has dropped him to the fourth cheapest player to pick from. Although he has struggled so far at worlds 2020, Jankos has always performed well at worlds when it matters. Each of his three worlds appearances he has made the semi-finals or better. Therefore, he has great value as a cheap player with high upside. His second phase group stage performance was much better than the first. He corrected his issues of over-aggression in the early game due to invading without proper vision or coordination and looked much better in his late game decision making.  

Subscribers will additionally see which players to pick for MVP and STAR, whose players strong phase two group stage performances will carry over to the knockout stage, which player whose intelligence in the late game will help them if their team falls behind, and who really is the favorite for this last best-of-five in the quarterfinals.

MVP DFS Picks for October 18, 2020

Ruler ($15,500 FD) was the only non-Damwon player to make the first all-pro team for the LCK summer 2020 season. He has steadily improved each season ever since joining back in the middle of season six when GenG was still Samsung Galaxy. He was apart of their world championship win in 2017 and their struggles in their rebrands from KSV Esports to now GenG. After not even qualifying for the LCK playoffs in either the spring or summer seasons in 2019, Ruler has stepped up becoming the best player on GenG with strong laning phases followed by insane teamfighting through smart positioning and perfectly timed aggression. In the group stage of worlds 2020 he was first in average kills per game, fourth in KDA, fifth in average deaths per game, and sixth in average assists per game. He had a very strong group stage and will continue it to the knockout stage.

STAR DFS Picks for October 18, 2020

G2’s ($8,000 FD) current roster has a record of 12-6 against LCK teams at international competition. They have gained the reputation of “LCK killers” due to their unconventional drafts and pushing the pace of the game to the maximum against the traditionally slow LCK region. G2 are coming into this match as the underdogs against GenG but should really be viewed as the favorites. GenG’s group stage was lackluster considering their 5-1 record. They were thrown a win by TSM after a colossal baron throw and had two very close games against LGD. G2’s fast playstyle often leads to early kills resulting in tower and quick dragon takes. 

Utility (UTIL) DFS Picks for October 18, 2020

Caps ($13,500 FD) has been the best player in western League of Legends since 2017. Although he has a strong opponent in BDD, Caps has gone up against stiffer competition in his career. Just to name a few: Faker, Rookie, Chovy, ShowMaker, Doinb, and his now role-swapped teammate Perkz. His high skill ceiling and champion pool innovation have led him to victories over some of the best mid laners in the world. He manages to perform well in wins and losses and should have a strong showing regardless of the series outcome.

Along with Jankos, Perkz ($14,500 FD) had a much improved second phase of group stage. His Senna and Jhin games were fantastic, and with huanfeng showing that Jhin is a top tier AD carry in the meta in the Suning versus JDG series, G2 should continue to put Perkz on the Senna and Jhin moving into the knockout stage. He is third in average kills and assist among all AD carries at worlds 2020 and should he continue to play a bigger role in G2’s gameplay those numbers will continue to climb.

Clid ($13,000 FD) has had strong performances in all GenG’s games at worlds 2020. Despite some flaws in the early game, his intelligence in the late game with objective control and initiations have helped GenG crawl back into games that they were behind in. He’s had good performances on the two best jungle champions in Graves and Nidalee but has also had additional games on more AP junglers like Gragas and Lilla. Should GenG not fall too far behind in the early game against G2, Clid should help GenG close out games with his smart late game play.

GenG ($8,500 FD) are still the favorites entering this series. They should take a close look at G2’s first phase of group stage where they struggled in the early game against lane dominant champions and early tower dives. 

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