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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL World Championship 2020 Picks for October 17, 2020

DFS League of Legends

These first two best-of-fives have shown the two different styles of the LCK and the LPL. The knockout stage bracket has and will make for some very interesting series with all the LPL teams plus Fnatic on one side with all the LCK teams plus G2 on the other side. The Suning versus JDG series was much faster paced than Damwon versus DRX with plenty of level one fights and early game scraps. Apart from the first game, Suning dominated JDG in the next three games past fifteen minutes. Bin and huanfeng’s teamfighting were flawless and many were surprised with their top level performances as it was their first best-of-five on an international stage. Suning will now play the winner of Top Esports and Fnatic which plays out tomorrow morning.

Today’s free pick is Karsa ($6,800 DK, $13,500 FD) from Top Esports. Since making the transition from the LMS to the LPL three years ago, Karsa has fully embraced the high tempo constant fighting style that the LPL has utilized to become the best region in the world. Karsa had some initial struggles when joining RNG and was consistently being subbed in and out. Since winning the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational, Karsa has remained at the top of the world for the jungle position. Joining Top Esports for the start of the 2020 season has pushed Top Esports from missing out on worlds two years in a row to LPL stardom. At worlds 2020 Karsa has shown proficiency on the two best jungle champions Graves and Nidalee—holding a 4-1 record—and even has one of the only two wins on Gragas. Although Selfmade has been Fnatic’s best performing player, Karsa will give him trouble in their best-of-five series.

Subscribers will additionally see which bot lane duo to pair, which Fnatic player to take in their tough series against TES, which top laner will continue to dominate, who to pick for STAR and MVP, and why G2 shouldn’t be worried as the underdogs.

DraftKings users will select players for the remaining two best-of-five series, TES versus Fnatic and G2 versus Geng with the traditional lineup of one MVP player, one player of each position, and one team. FanDuel users will select players from only the best-of-five occurring on that day but with a different lineup format. You will select one MVP player, one STAR player, and three utility positions. A utility position can be any player from any role and includes team selections.

Top Lane DFS Picks for October 17, 2020

369 ($6,600 DK, $12,500 FD) remains as the best top laner in the tournament with strong laning and champion diversity. He has played six unique champions in Top Esports’ six group stage games at worlds 2020. Many of the champions utilizing a different play style. His opponent Bwipo has stuck to more of a tank/utility role in their games with three Volibear games, one Ornn game, and one Malphite game. Although Bwipo’s playstyle somewhat mirrors 369, Fnatic has chosen to prioritize around jungle and bot lane often leaving Bwipo alone top with minimal resources. If Fnatic choose to leave Bwipo on an island, 369 will be able to assert his dominance in the lane phase and transition that into strong teamfighting. 

Jungle DFS Picks for October 17, 2020

Despite going up against one of the best junglers in the world in Karsa, Selfmade ($6,200 DK, $12,500 FD) proved himself in group C against two tough junglers Peanut and Clid. Since joining Fnatic for the 2020 season after Broxah went to North America to compete in the LCS, he has been their best performing player. His Evelynn is a must ban in the draft phase and should he ever get his hands on it will dominate the game through vision, intelligent pathing, and tricky flanking. He finally seems to be figuring out Graves after getting his first win in 2020 on the champion in the first phase of group stage against GenG. Whether or not Fnatic pulls off the biggest upset of the tournament Selfmade will be at the center of Fnatic’s strategies and game plan.

Mid Lane DFS Picks for October 17, 2020

G2 stumbled in the second phase of group stage losing twice to Suning and finishing as the second seed in group A. Caps ($7,000 DK, N/A FD) still had an amazing performance finishing with a KDA of 16/9/24. Caps is viewed as one of if not the best Western League of Legends player ever, and at his best a top player in the world. His opponent BDD plays a very traditional style of mid lane with heavy control mage utilization. Caps has made a name for himself for finding unique picks to counter the meta champions. Expect G2 to prioritize their drafts around Caps, enabling him to shine.

AD Carry DFS Picks for October 17, 2020

JackeyLove ($7,800 DK, $15,500 FD) seems to be reaching his peak just as the knockout stage is starting like his worlds run in 2018. He became the one of the youngest players ever to win worlds when Invictus Gaming lifted the summoners cup in Incheon, South Korea after dominating Fnatic 3-0. It seems that Top Esports are destined to make the worlds final drawing only LPL teams plus Fnatic on their side of the bracket and won’t have to face an LCK team until the final. JackeyLove should have another strong performance regardless of what champion he is playing, it’s just a matter of how many points he can rack up.

Along with Caps, Perkz ($7,200 DK, N/A FD) also had a great second phase of group stage. He had a KDA of 17/7/24. He has used the utility AD carries in Ashe, Jhin and Senna to great success with strong teamfighting due to his great positioning. Perkz has great value being the second cheapest AD carry has he will have a tough opponent in GenG’s Ruler.

Support DFS Picks for October 17, 2020

Pairing JackeyLove with his support yuyanjia ($5,800 DK, $9,000 FD) makes the most sense. He is first in KDA, average deaths per game, and average assists per game among all starting supports at worlds 2020. He has been phenomenal on the utility supports in Lulu, Lux, and Tahm Kench. Him and JackeyLove pair well together with JackeyLove pushing the boundaries at all times with yuyanjia there to save him at a moment’s notice.

Team DFS Picks for October 17, 2020

Top Esports ($5,600 DK, $8,500 FD) are the clear favorite against Fnatic and barring any crazy draft of playstyle changes should take down Fnatic in a one-sided series. G2 ($4,800 DK, N/A FD)has gained a reputation for being “LCK killers” in 2019 when they won the Mid-Season Invitational and made the finals of the world championship in 2019 by going 3-0 against LCK teams in best-of-five series. G2 are the slight underdogs to GenG, and their groups stage records of 4-3 and 5-1 respectively distract you from G2’s strength against these slow paced Korean teams.

MVP or STAR Picks for October 17, 2020

Like the Damwon series, all Top Esports players can be considered for MVP or STAR. All Top Esports players rank in the top half of all major scoring categories, with most of them being in the top three for their roles at worlds 2020. Additionally, Perkz and Ruler are strong picks with high average kills and assists per game.

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