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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL World Championship 2020 Picks for October 16, 2020

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The first quarterfinal match of worlds between Damwon and DRX just seemed to be a replay of the LCK summer 2020 finals. Damwon made quick work of DRX in a 3-0 sweep and remain as one of the top two teams in the world. DRX’s draft and style switch ups in games two and three weren’t enough to topple Damwon’s mid-late game coordination and teamfighting.

Today’s free pick is Kanavi ($13,500 FD) from JDG. Although Kanavi didn’t have the best group stage performance compared to his LPL summer 2020 season or LPL summer 2020 playoffs, when at his peak he is one of the best junglers in the world. During the group stage Kanavi played a much different style and utilized different champions than his summer season in the LPL. In thirty-nine regular season games, twenty-one of them he played either Lee Sin or Graves. In their nine playoff games, five were played on either Kindred or Nidalee. During the group stage of worlds 2020 Kanavi didn’t play any games on Graves, Lee Sin, Kindred, or Nidalee, statistically his most played and best champions. In JDG’s best-of-five series against Suning, expect them to put Kanavi back on his best champions and more aggressive style.

Subscribers will additionally see which players to pick for STAR and MVP, what player’s high risk high reward playstyle can lead to big points, which mid laner has the favorable matchup, and which underdog picks have great value.

MVP DFS Picks for October 16, 2020

Both Loken ($15,500 FD) and huanfeng ($14,000 FD) are the best statistical players on their team with lowest average deaths per game and high average assists per game. The double points for MVP players also affect deaths, meaning players with high average deaths per game are losing double points. Both Loken and huanfeng have many games on more carry oriented AD carry champions like Ezreal, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune and even Draven. Different than most AD carries who have exclusively played the supportive champions in Senna, Ashe, and Jhin. 

STAR DFS Picks for October 16, 2020

Zoom ($12,500 FD) is a hyper aggressive top laner who always challenges his lane opponent. He plays a high risk high reward playstyle constantly looking for kills on the map but can also result in over extensions and getting picked off in the side lane. Zoom has the highest average kills per game of all top laners at worlds 2020 but is fourth in average deaths per game. Zoom’s high risk high reward playstyle can lead to big or little points.

Yagao ($15,000 FD) has a very favorable matchup against Angel due to their champion pools. In the group stage of worlds 2020, Angel’s most played champion was Syndra with Yagao playing two games of Ekko as a counter pick into Syndra. Suning will be forced to utilize a ban on Yagao’s Ekko if they want Angel on Syndra, or either not play it. Additionally, Yagao has the second most average assists per game of all mid laners at worlds 2020. Should Yagao get his hands on Ekko or one of his roaming champions in Twisted Fate or Galio he will have a strong series.

Utility (UTIL) DFS Picks for October 16, 2020

Of all supports at worlds 2020, LvMao ($9,000 FD) ranks top three in KDA, average kills per game, and average assists per game, being first in average kills per game. Seven out of eighteen deaths for LvMao came from one game and if you eliminate it, he would be top three in average deaths per game as well. He has shown diversity in his champion pool with five unique champions over six games and is more than willing to play different styles to benefit the rest of his team. JDG shouldn’t be worry about support in the draft phase as LvMao can play whatever is needed for the team.

JDG ($9,500 FD) are the favorites against Suning, but Suning ($8,000 FD) has great value as the underdog. Coming into the tournament JDG was viewed as one of the top teams in at worlds, with Suning relatively unknown and wondering if they would even get out of their group. People’s opinion of Suning have gone up after their strong group A performance against world-class G2, a rising Team Liquid due to their play-in tournament, and Machi Esports. Whereas JDG’s up and down performance in group B left some questions. It should be a very close series and if you need a cheaper option, Suning is there with great value if they upset JDG.

SofM ($10,000 FD) rise has been one of the biggest factors for Suning’s success at worlds 2020. He has been masterful on the two best jungle champions in Graves and Nidalee while playing some underused champions in Lee Sin and Jarvan IV. People may have forgotten how good SofM played in the group stage as group A was the first group to conclude. His intelligent pathing along with his aggressive high tempo playstyle led Suning to many of their wins in the group stage. Surprisingly, out of all players in this series he is third cheapest. He will have great value and will be the determining factor if Suning can topple JDG.

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