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DFS LoL MSI Rumble Stage Day 2 Picks for May 15, 2021

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Day one of the MSI rumble stage was highlighted by some fantastic mid lane matchups. In every single game we saw teams testing the waters with volatile mid lane champions which included: Sylas, Akali, Lucian, Kassadin, Lee Sin, Zed, and even Kindred. Today proved that the meta at MSI hasn’t settled and is still evolving each day.

Here’s a partial lineup of players who found success in previous matches against the teams they are scheduled to face Saturday for FanDuel and DraftKings on May 15

Top LaneFudge (C9)$7,400 FD, $5,800 DK
Mid Lane  
AD CarryGALA (RNG)$10,200 FD, $8,000 DK
SupportMing (RNG)$7,700 FD, $6,000 DK

Fudge ($7,400 FD, $5,800 DK) came up huge for Cloud9 in their second match against Damwon and I like him again for Cloud9’s first match against Damwon in the rumble stage. Damwon lost control of the game against RNG after losing baron and their base quickly got decimated. Against PSG Talon DK got off to a slow start which you could argue would have been snowballed by a better team. Fudge looked as great as you could against RNG after losing both of his top lane towers ten minutes into the game. His teamfighting on Malphite was spectacular, specifically his utilization of his ultimate by waiting for the perfect time to engage when RNG was low on cooldowns.

GALA ($10,200 FD, $8,000 DK) and Ming ($7,700 FD, $6,000 DK) bullied Pentanet in the group stage of MSI. Over the four games against them they had combined score lines of 27/6/34 and 4/8/51 respectively. Pentanet has shown that for them to succeed they must create chaos, GALA and Ming have been the two biggest beneficiaries of Pentanet’s craziness.

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FanDuel is broken up into two sections, early and main. The early slate contains the matches of: RNG vs PGG, C9 vs DK, and PSG vs MAD. The main slate contains the matches of: RNG vs MAD, PSG vs C9, and DK vs PGG. Whereas the DraftKings lineup includes both matches from each team and their points will accrue over both games.

FanDuel Lineup for May 15 – Early

MVPWei (RNG)$8,900 FD
Top LaneFudge (C9)$7,400 FD
JungleElyoya (MAD)$8,500 FD
Mid LaneCryin (RNG)$9,400 FD
AD CarryGALA (RNG)$10,200 FD
SupportMing (RNG)$7,700 FD
TEAMRoyal Never Give Up$7,900 FD
Remaining Salary $0

Elyoya ($8,500 FD, $6,800 DK) ran through both Pentanet and Cloud9 with his Rumble and Udyr. He accrued a score line of 13/4/14 across both games and against MAD Lions two games against PSG Talon in the group stage had a score line of 5/2/26. Although this is Elyoya’s rookie split and first international appearance it doesn’t show. He looks like a veteran on stage and continues to put out strong performances at MSI.

While Cryin ($9,400 FD, $7,800 DK) hasn’t been the flashiest player at MSI in terms of his champion pool he’s the statistically best mid laner. He sits at second in KDA, first in kills per game, and first in assists per game among all MSI mid laners. Cryin has been stellar on the traditional mages plus control mages and doesn’t need to deviate in order for RNG to succeed. 

Royal Never Give Up ($7,900 FD, $5,200 DK) have surpassed Damwon as tournament favorites after taking them down in the first game of the rumble stage. RNG continue to have a perfect record at MSI and have a layup for their first game of the day against Pentanet. Their second game is against the MAD Lions where the winner will remain the only undefeated team in the rumble stage.

FanDuel Lineup for May 15 – Main

MVPCanyon (DK)$8,900 FD
Top LaneXiaohu (RNG)$8,200 FD
JungleWei (RNG)$8,700 FD
Mid LaneShowMaker (DK)$9,400 FD
AD CarryZven (C9)$9,700 FD
SupportMing (RNG)$7,500 FD
TEAMCloud9$7,600 FD
Remaining Salary $0

Damwon have a much needed matchup against Pentanet for their second game of the day. Should they lose to Cloud9 they will be sitting at 1-2 and would be two games behind RNG if they want to secure the first seed of the rumble stage. Canyon ($8,900 FD, $10,500 [MVP] DK) and ShowMaker ($9,400 FD, $7,400 DK) have been Damwon’s one-two punch since the spring of 2020 and are viewed as one of if not the best players in the world at their position. ShowMaker has yet to have a bad performance at MSI so far and the way that him and Canyon play around each other in the early game makes them the best mid-jungle duo in the world.

Xiaohu ($8,200 FD, $7,000 DK) continued his unbeaten streak on Lucian in 2021 improving to 12-0. He prevented Fudge from having any impact on the game for the first 20 minutes with his constant pressure in the top lane. When things started to go wrong for RNG Xiaohu made the decision to commit to the split push and won the game for RNG with a backdoor when Cloud9 went all-in at baron. Xiaohu’s role swap from mid to top lane hasn’t changed his playstyle at all where it’s still pedal to the metal. 

Zven ($9,700 FD, $7,000 DK) had rough day one of MSI against the hyper aggressive bot lanes of RNG and the MAD Lions. Zven struggled to find his footing in both games and never seemed comfortable. Luckily PSG Talon’s bot lane is the most passive left in the rumble stage. Kaiwing hasn’t shown the same aggression that he did in Worlds 2020 or in the PCS in 2021 and Zven should be able to comfortably scale into the late game which is where he’s at his best.

The rumor is that Cloud9 ($7,600 FD, $4,400 DK) began their practice at MSI by losing every single scrim game and going 0-6 against PSG Talon. But we’ve seen the performances that they’ve put up against the two top teams in Damwon and RNG and how PSG Talon struggled against MAD Lions in the group stage. The solo laners for Cloud9 will be the difference in this game with the rest of the matchups relatively even.

DraftKings Lineup for May 15

MVPXiaohu (RNG)$10,500 [MVP] DK
Top LaneFudge (C9)$5,800 DK
JungleWei (RNG)$7,400 DK
Mid LanePerkz (C9)$6,800 DK
AD CarryGALA (RNG)$8,000 DK
SupportMing (RNG)$6,000 DK
TEAMRoyal Never Give Up$5,200 DK
Remaining Salary $300

Perkz’s ($9,000 FD, $6,800 DK) Kindred mid pick didn’t go according to plan after a disastrous fight over the marked scuttle crab resulted in a 0-3 start against MAD Lions. However, his Lee Sin game against RNG was a thing of beauty. He managed to not fall behind in the lane phase and his kick flashes on priority targets were perfect. Perkz will give ShowMaker another tough out and will be the catalyst for another Cloud9 win over Damwon.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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