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DFS LoL MSI Group Stage Day 3 Picks for May 8, 2021


The Istanbul Wildcats put on another exciting game to end day two of MSI. Despite being 0-2 and unlikely to make it out of their group as they face PSG Talon on Saturday, this team seems to be the best out of the wildcard regions. Day two was highlighted by RNG’s continued dominance of Group A and Cloud9’s shocking loss to DetonatioN FocusMe. Cloud9 didn’t give DFM the respect they deserved after draft a very greedy team composition and Blaber griefing at the topside scuttle crab. RNG can secure a spot in the rumble stage with a win over the Unicorns of Love on Saturday and Cloud9 needs to pick up a win against Infinity Esports to have a shot at advancing, while group Group B is still up for grabs.

Here’s a partial lineup of strong picks for May 8 on FanDuel and DraftKings

MVPWei$8,900 FD, $11,400 [MVP] DK
Top Lane  
Mid Lane  
AD CarryDoggo$9,500 FD, $7,400 DK
TEAMMAD Lions$7,700 FD, $5,000 DK

If you had to pick an early favorite for MSI MVP it would be Wei ($8,900 FD, $11,400 [MVP] DK). This new jungle meta of high damage, aggressive junglers fits him to perfection. In RNG’s game against the Unicorns of Love we saw Wei flashing over walls in order to pull off a top lane tower dive. With Hecarim and Udyr much weaker than before it has brought back Olaf, one of Wei’s best champions, for him to dominate on. Plus, the new jungle picks of Rumble, Diana, and Morgana open up RNG to draft some of Xiaohu’s AD carry top laners like they did against UOL.

Doggo ($9,500 FD, $7,400 DK) has great value for Saturday’s matches as he’s only the fifth most expensive AD carry on both FanDuel and DraftKings. PSG Talon looked much better on the second day than the first completely shutting down paiN Gaming’s outdated draft. Doggo had a flawless game going 7/0/3 working well with Kaiwing and River to get a lead in bot lane early in the game. While the bot lane has been the strength of the Istanbul Wildcats, their objectives are clear. Pick an early game champion like Tristana or Samira and hope to snowball. With Kaiwing’s experience on peel/disengage supports, Doggo should survive the early game allowing a smooth transition to the mid/late game.

Excluding the very expensive TEAM options in Damwon and RNG, MAD Lions ($7,700 FD, $5,000 DK) have the easiest matchup on Saturday going up again paiN Gaming. paiN looked outclassed against PSG Talon and were lucky to pick up a win against IW after falling behind almost six thousand gold. Although the MAD Lions versis Istanbul Wildcats game descended into hell, MAD had the lead for the entire game and would have been able to close out sooner if they weren’t getting picked off in bad positions.

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FanDuel Lineup for May 8

MVPWei (RNG)$8,900 FD
Top LaneFudge (C9)$8,300 FD
JungleCanyon (DWG)$8,800 FD
Mid LaneHumanoid (MAD)$9,000 FD
AD CarryDoggo (PSG)$9,500 FD
SupportMing (RNG)$7,800 FD
TEAMMAD Lions$7,700 FD
Remaining Salary $100

It just seems that you should be building your lineups around RNG players. While Damwon are still viewed as the best team in the world, RNG are not too far behind. They play a much quicker and aggressive style resulting in bloodier games which is better for fantasy scoring. Also, while being in the weaker Group A, it gives RNG much more freedom to go for riskier plays that have a huge payoff. Ming ($7,800 FD, $6,000 DK) has quietly put together some of the best statistics at the tournament sitting second in KDA at 21 and second in assists per game at 14. Ming keeps the calm for RNG when they get a little too aggressive and is always there to back up Wei and Xiaohu when they are going on the offensive.

Cloud9 is in a do or die situation on Saturday sitting at the bottom of Group C with a 0-2 record. If they lose to Infinity Esports it will be very difficult to advance as they wouldn’t have control of their own desinty going into the next round robin. Which would include having to take down Damwon. Fudge ($8,300 FD, $6,600 DK) tried his hardest to keep Cloud9 in their game against DetonatioN FocusMe on Jayce. On multiple occasions he killed DFM players on the back end of teamfights allowing Cloud9 to hang on. Ultimately Cloud9 were too far behind and are now desperate for a win against Infinity Esports.

With Wei’s performances it’s easy to forget that Canyon ($8,800 FD, $7,400 DK) has been the best jungler in the world since summer 2020. While Canyon wasn’t this super aggressive jungler that was always making huge plays around the map, he’s always been the most intelligent. With regards to vision control, pathing, and objective control he’s second to none. DetonatioN FocusMe’s jungler Steal seems to be living in the past playing Hecarim and Udyr. While Canyon showed how powerful Morgana and Graves are.

While Humanoid ($9,000 FD, $7,400 DK) has great value that allows you to slot in two RNG players and one Damwon player, he’s still a solid pick. Humanoid has had two great games so far at MSI and with an easy matchup against paiN Gaming he’ll learn from his mistakes against IW and shouldn’t have as many stupid deaths on Saturday. 

DraftKings Lineup for May 8

MVPWei (RNG)$11,400 [MVP] DK
Top LaneArmut (MAD)$6,400 DK
JungleRiver (PSG)$7,000 DK
Mid LaneMaple (PSG)$7,200 DK
AD CarryDoggo (PSG)$7,400 DK
SupportVulcan (C9)$5,600 DK
TEAMMAD Lions$5,000 DK
Remaining Salary $0

Armut ($7,900 FD, $6,400 DK) whipped out his pocket pick Wukong and shutdown StarScreen after a strong early game from the topside of IW. Armut is now at 6-0 on Wukong in 2021 with a career 75% win rate on the champion. Wukong is one of the best bruisers in the game and could be a strong pick into his opponent Robo’s champion pool of bruisers and enchanters.

River ($8,400 FD, $7,000 DK) and Maple ($9,100 FD, $7,200 DK) are other PSG Talon players that have great value and get you right under the stricter salary cap on DraftKings. On FanDuel River and Maple are the fifth and fourth most expensive players in their role respectively. For DraftKings they are fourth and fifth respectively. Both were much improved on day two of MSI with Maple getting back on a high DPS carry and River on the powerful Rumble.

Like Fudge, Vulcan ($7,600 FD, $5,600 DK) needs to continue his consistency if Cloud9 want to move on to the rumble stage. Vulcan had a great Tahm Kench game against Damwon but couldn’t do much from behind as Leona against DFM. Hopefully Cloud9 can get Vulcan on a comfort champion like Alistar or Rell for their crucial game against Infinity Esports as these are his two best champions right now.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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