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DFS LoL MSI Group Stage Day 2 Picks for May 7, 2021

MAD Carzzy

MSI 2021 kicked off with a great game between Damwon and Cloud9. Cloud9 was able to contest Damwon in the early game with Zven getting three kills early on Varus. However, at the first signs of weakness, Damwon pounced on C9 by killing three two times in a row. Once Damwon picked up baron it was a matter of time before they closed out the game. There were some very back and forth games from Infinity Esports and paiN Gaming edging out Detonation FocusMe and the Istanbul Wildcats respectively. Lastly, only one day into MSI Group A already looks decided. With the VCS (Vietnam Championship Series) representative unable to attend MSI, RNG and the Unicorns of Love look to get out of Group A as Pentanet are clearly too far behind them.

Here’s a partial lineup of projected high scorers for May 7 on FanDuel and DraftKings

Top Lane  
Mid LanePerkz$9,200 FD, $7,400 DK
AD CarryCarzzy$9,600 FD, $7,800 DK
SupportKaiser$7,400 FD, $5,400 DK

Although Cloud9 got snowballed hard against Damwon post 20 minutes, Perkz ($9,200 FD, $7,400 DK) put up a great early game performance against ShowMaker, one of the consensus top two players in the world. ShowMaker was on Zoe, historically his best champion, and at points Perkz was ahead in CS even picking up two early kills on BeryL. The game ultimately crumbled around Fudge and Blabler after they were caught out multiple times throughout the game, but Perk’z performance proved he can tango with the worlds best back in the mid lane. 

Fans were nervous for Carzzy ($9,600 FD, $7,800 DK) and Kaiser ($7,400 FD, $5,400 DK) as they were the main reason MAD Lions failed at Worlds 2020 and have still not returned to their peak since the LEC 2020 summer split. Even after starting the game off against PSG Talon at a disadvantage, they managed to take over the game through constant 2v2 kill in the bot lane. Their aggressive bot lane performance gave flashbacks to their summer 2020 performances and if MAD Lions want to have a chance against RNG or Damwon later in the tournament, Carzzy and Kaiser need to keep up the pace.

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FanDuel Lineup for May 7

MVPCanyon (DWG)$8,900 FD
Top LaneKhan (DWG)$8,200 FD
JungleWei (RNG)$8,800 FD
Mid LanePerkz (C9)$9,200 FD
AD CarryCarzzy (MAD)$9,600 FD
SupportKaiser (MAD)$7,400 FD
TEAMCloud9$7,800 FD
Remaining Salary $100

Part of the reason to avoid Damwon players for the first day is they had a tough opponent in Cloud9 and with the huge meta shift before MSI, that can bring chaos in the best-of-one format. But Canyon ($8,900 FD, $11,100 [MVP] DK) completely shut down Blaber past five minutes into the game. Canyon’s jungle Morgana was even counter-picked by Blaber’s Kindred, but it didn’t matter whatsoever. Canyon’s early vision control and pathing resulted in a 30 cs lead at minute eight, which allowed Khan ($8,200 FD, $7,000 DK) to get a solo kill in the enemy jungle after stealing red buff. Khan was the other Damwon player who sailed through laning phase despite being counter-picked. Khan piloted the Gnar perfectly, completely outplaying Fudge in lane and on the chase down near blue buff. Khan’s proficiency on tanks has made him the best top laner in 2021 and will continue to dominate the weaker top laners in Group C.

Wei ($8,800 FD, $7,600 DK) got to debut Rumble jungle, who many pros and analysts believe is the strongest jungle pick in this new meta, after it was banned in the two first games of the day. Wei completely ran over Pentanet from start to finish with aggressive invades (we won’t talk about his flash over the krug’s wall) and multi-man equalizers. This new jungle meta seems to perfectly fit Wei and he could turn into an auto pick for lineups to come.

Cloud9’s ($7,800 FD, $5,200 DK) opponents Detonation FocusMe look like the weakest team after day one of MSI. Everyone questioned DFM’s draft against Infinity Esports after they locked in Hecarim with the last pick as that champion has been nerfed into the ground on the current patch of 11.9. Also, Aria from DFM had a poor performance for his first game on an international stage where it looked like nerves got the best of him. For the first 20 minutes of the game Cloud9 put a decent fight against Damwon. They were able to punish BeryL’s cocky engages and pick up early dragons which gave them a slight gold lead. However, against Damwon they work so well from behind that gold advantages against them don’t affect their gameplay and decision making.

DraftKings Lineup for May 7

MVPXiaohu (RNG)$10,800 [MVP] DK
Top LaneHanabi (PSG)$6,600 DK
JungleRiver (PSG)$6,600 DK
Mid LanePerkz (C9)$7,400 DK
AD CarryCarzzy (MAD)$7,800 DK
SupportKaiser (MAD)$5,400 DK
TEAMCloud9$5,200 DK
Remaining Salary $200

The DraftKings schedule includes RNG versus Pentanet instead of RNG vs Unicorns of Love on FanDuel. We saw how one sided the first matchup between RNG and Pentanet was, so you should take full advantage of the different schedule on DraftKings and pick up whatever RNG players fit the budget for your roster.

Like the whole of RNG, Xiaohu ($8,500 FD, $10,800 [MVP] DK) rolled the LCO’s MVP BioPanther. Pentanet tried to throw RNG for a loop with their unconventional draft in the top side but Xiaohu wasn’t fazed. He had some huge combos with Wei utilizing the Mega Gnar ultimate with the Rumble equalizer to destroy Pentanet in fights. If not for RNG’s laziness after getting so far ahead, it could have been a perfect game.

While PSG Talon had a rough performance against MAD Lions for their first match of MSI. Hanabi ($7,700 FD, $6,600 DK) and River ($8,400 FD, $6,600 DK) weren’t a part of the bot lane debacle that caused the game to snowball out of control. While Hanabi did make the mistake of using his teleport early in the laning phase allowing MAD Lions to make a five man play bot, the majority of the game was played away from him. All he was able to do was push his wave in topside and get tower. River on the other hand, was the only member on PSG Talon that had any effectiveness in teamfights. He had all five of the kills in the game for PSG and was the only teammate dealing any significant damage. PSG Talon have a much easier matchup against paiN Gaming, who were lucky to win against the Istanbul Wildcats after a massive come from behind win.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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