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DFS LoL LCS Summer Split Week 5 Day 2 Picks for July 3, 2021

LOL DFS Picks from the World's

Saturday’s matches are highlighted by Cloud9 versus Team Liquid, the LCS’s most competitive rivalry since season eight. Team Liquid have yet to announce any further news on Alphari after he rejoined the team on June 27th so Jenkins will continue to start and Armao is still in for Santorin. Other matches on Saturday include TSM versus Immortals, Evil Geniuses versus CLG, Golden Guardians versus Dignitas, and FlyQuest versus 100 Thieves.

Here’s a core lineup of two players with great value for Saturday’s matches on FanDuel and DraftKings for July 3

Top Lane  
JungleSpica$8,600 FD, $6,600 DK
Mid Lane  
AD CarryDanny$8,300 FD, $7,600 DK

While Spica ($8,600 DF, $6,600 DK) did have a rough game against Dignitas, it was difficult to pin it on him as all his lanes were losing. Spica has been TSM’s best performing player in the summer split so far and has been much improved in the early game since spring split. Spica has become much more active in the early game this split ganking for Huni in the top lane early and pairing with PowerOfEvil to make dives happen in side lanes. Look for Spica to punish the weak laning of Revenge or the over aggression of Raes and Destiny in TSM’s match against Immortals.

Danny ($8,300 FD, $7,600 DK) continues to improve each week in the LCS. Fans were worried for Evil Genius by catapulting a player directly from amateur to the LCS (Anyone remember when this happened to Poome?). However, Danny has shown signs of improvement week over week. His mistakes are becoming fewer and his ability to carry in the mid to late game has increased with better positioning and less over aggression. CLG are one of the most volatile teams in the LCS and often have very bloody games, this gives Danny the potential to score big on Saturday and push EG closer to Team Liquid as they are only two wins behind.

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MVP Picks

Over Cloud9’s last four games Blaber ($8,800 FD, $10,500 [MVP] DK) seems to be back to his old self, aggressive and active in the early game with devastating teamfight engages. His last two games on Diana have showcased the strengths of the champion being able to skirmish in the early game around rift herald and dragon while having strong teamfighting her ultimate ability Moonfall. Diana is the perfect champion for Blaber’s playstyle and with a 75% win rate across 12 games it seems like the next top tier jungler in the LCS.

Ssumday ($8,200 FD, $10,200 [MVP] DK) finally feels like he’s at the level of the rest of his team. With 100 Thieves taking over the LCS due to Cloud9 and Team Liquid’s early split substitutions, Ssumday lagged behind the rest of the team in terms of game impact and carry potential. Over the past two weeks Ssumday has looked much like his early form when he joined 100 Thieves, a lane dominant player who can put the whole game on his back which is what he did on Gwen yesterday against Team Liquid. Going up against Licorice on Saturday we could see more of the same. Licorice has the most deaths per game among all starting 50 LCS players and looks like a shell of himself since the Cloud9 days.

Tier One Picks

The 100 Thieves bot lane of Huhi ($7,400 FD, $6,200 DK) and FBI ($10,200 FD, $8,000 DK) have been smashing every single bot lane in the LCS and it hasn’t been close. They’ve solo killed the other top bot lanes in the league in Zven and Vulcan plus Tactical and CoreJJ. They’ve also shown the most flexibility in the draft phase pulling out picks like Ziggs, Vayne, and Lee Sin in the bot lane. Having two great Senna players allows you utilize the champion as a carry and support creating a larger champion pool in bot lane to pair it with unconventional bot lane champions like Lee Sin. FlyQuest has the worst performing bot lane in the league with Johnsun and Dreams. FlyQuest have already shown a willingness to try out their academy bot lane in LCS which doesn’t show a lot of confidence.

Tier Two Picks

Despite still being in last place, Golden Guardians don’t feel like the last place team anymore. Their record of 5-8 in the summer split is better than FlyQuest, CLG, and tied with Dignitas. The addition of Solo ($7,600 FD, $5,200 DK) has given Golden Guardians relevancy in the top lane allowing Golden Guardians to pick up one win every week. Don’t let Dignitas’ win against TSM distract you from the fact that they are 3-8 since the Soligo to Yusui swap. This could finally be the first week of 2021 where Golden Guardians picks up two wins in a week. The other reason for Golden Guardians improved play is Ablazeolive’s ($7,700 FD, $6,200 DK) consistency in the mid lane. Ablazeolive is fourth in the LCS in kills per game and as been the primary carry in Golden Guardians wins. His opponent Yusui has struggled massively since the jungle substitution for Dignitas and could be an easy target for Ablazeolive.

TEAM Picks

As 100 Thieves ($7,900 FD, $ DK) are the top dog in the LCS it makes the most sense to pick them against the worst performing team in the league, FlyQuest. Through 13 games in the summer split 100 Thieves have a record of 11-2 and FlyQuest have a record of 3-10. The results speak for themselves in terms of each team’s performance throughout the split.

If you need a cheaper option to have a little more cash to use on players for your roster, I have confidence in Golden Guardians ($7,300 FD, $4,800 DK) to pick up their first two win week of the season. Their opponents in Dignitas have been one of the worst performing teams in the summer split and with FlyQuest and CLG slumping there is a real chance that Golden Guardians could make playoffs after starting the season off 3-15.


Cloud9 versus Team Liquid is a pivotal match for building your rosters on Saturday. With these two teams so evenly matched in 2021 for overall record (Cloud9 20-11 and Team Liquid 19-12), head to head record (Team Liquid leads 7-6 [including lock-in + playoffs]), and individual strength (same number of all-pros for the spring split) it makes all players involved prices range from fourth to seventh cheapest. Whomever you favor between Cloud9 and Team Liquid, stacking players from that team will not only give you some of the best individual players in the league but will give you more money elsewhere for your lineup.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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