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League of Legends DFS Advice

DFS LoL LCS Summer Split Week 1 Day Picks for June 6, 2021

League of Legends World Championships DFS

Cloud9 has the potential to start the summer split 0-3 with a tough matchup against Team Liquid, who is also sporting a roster change. It’s crazy to think that Cloud9 and Team Liquid felt the need to make roster changes as they were the clear cut top two teams in the LCS. All of TSM, Immortals, and Dignitas have the chance to start 3-0 with wins on Sunday which will greatly help their placements in the standing to work towards worlds.

Here’s a partial lineup of underrated players for FanDuel and DraftKings on June 6

Top Lane  
JungleSvenskeren$8,400 FD, $7,000 DK
Mid LaneInsanity$7,200 FD, $6,800 DK
AD Carry  
SupportSwordArt$7,900 FD, $6,000 DK

Insanity ($7,200 FD, $6,800 DK) flew under the radar the entire spring split. While he was never the flashiest player, he was able to drastically reduce the number of mistakes he made. In Insanity’s rookie year it was clear that he had potential but consistently made game breaking mistakes that made it hard to predict his future in the LCS. Insanity cleaned up his game considerably from 2020 to 2021 and through the first two games of the split looks even better. Insanity faces CLG on Sunday who’s having another slow start and will look to dominate a struggling Pobelter.

SwordArt ($7,900 FD, $6,000 DK) has had a much better start to the summer split than spring. After coming over from world’s finalist Suning in the LPL, SwordArt was expected to make an immediate impact on TSM and were expected to rival Cloud9, Team Liquid, and 100 Thieves. However, it took much longer for SwordArt to gel with TSM and produce quality results. SwordArt has had a much better start to the summer split with a great Rell game against Team Liquid constantly initiating the fights and locking down priority targets.

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After Team Liquid subbed out Alphari for Jenkins after their loss to TSM, Jenkins has now been properly updated into the FanDuel and DraftKings player databases and is available to be selected for Sunday’s matches.

FanDuel Lineup for June 6

MVPJensen$9,800 FD
Top LaneImpact$8,600 FD
JungleSvenskeren$8,400 FD
Mid LaneInsanity$7,200 FD
AD CarryLost$10,000 FD
SupportSwordArt$7,900 FD
TEAMTeam Solo Mid$7,900 FD
Remaining Salary $200

Jensen ($9,800 FD, $9,900 [MVP] DK) has always played second fiddle in mid lane for the LCS. First it was Bjergsen, now it’s Perkz who have consistently overshadowed Jensen’s strong performances split in and split out. Jensen completely smurfed the first two games of the LCS and Perkz seems to have brought his MSI performances back to the LCS. Historically Team Liquid have dominated the best-of-one matches against Cloud9 and are the favorites going into the match looking at recent performances.

Normally I would stay away from the most expensive AD carry option, but Lost’s ($10,000 FD, $8,000 DK) consistent performances and favorable matchup make him the best AD pick or even a possible MVP selection. Stixxay had the second most deaths per game among bot laners in the LCS and Golden Guardians had by far the worst bot duo in spring split. Coming into summer Golden Guardians did make a change at support by adding Chime and moving Newbie to academy, however, Chime has very little competitive experience and could be a weak point for Golden Guardians early on.

Through the first two games of the summer split Team Solo Mid ($7,900 FD, $5,800 DK) looks like the best team out of the gate. They now sit atop the LCS in first place after passing Cloud9 and have a relatively easy matchup against Golden Guardians to hopefully secure a 3-0 start to the split. It was a surprise to see Golden Guardians take down Cloud9 at the start but looked lifeless against Immortals. 

DraftKings Lineup for June 6

MVPPowerOfEvil$11,700 [MVP] DK
Top LaneJenkins$5,800 DK
JungleSvenskeren$7,000 DK
Mid LaneInsanity$6,800 DK
AD CarryLost$8,000 DK
SupportSwordArt$6,000 DK
TEAMImmortals$4,600 DK
Remaining Salary $100

The biggest knock on PowerOfEvil ($8,800 FD, $11,700 [MVP] DK) during the spring split was his inability to play non control mage champions. He busted out the Viego in the first game of the season against Team Liquid and looked great. He had a strong laning phase which was transitioned into great teamfighting with multiple resets to lead TSM to victory. Balancing that out with a strong Viktor game against Evil Geniuses, PowerOfEvil is a strong MVP picks going into TSM’s matchup against Golden Guardians. Ablazeolive looked much more like the spring version of himself against Immortals and will be an area TSM could look to exploit.

Jenkins’ ($7,600 FD, $5,800 DK) first game in the LCS was a success. Fans weren’t exactly sure what to expect when Alphari was suddenly subbed out after a poor first game of the season against TSM, but Jenkins proved his worth by destroying Finn. Finn and CLG got their hands on Gwen, perceived as one of the best champions in the meta right now, and Jenkins made it look like an average champion. Jenkins will have a tough matchup against Cloud9 but the way they have looked after coming back from MSI, plus Jenkins being the third and fourth cheapest top laner can bring a ton of value to your lineup.

Immortals ($7,400 FD, $4,600 DK) looked great in their matches against 100 Thieves and Golden Guardians. Revenge and Xerxe completely dominated their opponents in each game and will look to do the same against CLG. CLG has had a rough start to the split specifically in top and bot lane. Conversely top and bot lane were Immortals’ biggest concerns going into the summer split and have looked great so far in summer.

Let us know about your wins on Twitter (@FantasyDFSX). We love to hear from you. Best of luck and have fun!

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